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Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



I posted a video on my youtube channel for the first time in a while.


大切な君へ(live) – Juna Serita


This is not bass video lol but a video from my last solo live show . My original song vocal me and piano DE-HI : )


I’m still not good enough at singing , but I like singing ,so I’m just singing lol

Anyway ,I’m missing his beautiful piano so much !!


See ya




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Reggae-Jazz Live Show@Gajoen Tokyo



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a concert at the chapel in Gajoen Tokyo.



Vocal: Monique Dehaney

Keyboard : Haruka Kanata

Guitar:Hayato Akutsu

Sax: Michael Roberts

Bass: Juna Serita

Drums: Shuji Matsui


One day , the sax player Mike texted me like ” Guess we are playing together on Friday lol”.

I couldn’t understand what he says  because I’ll have a show but I couldn’t see his name on the flyer and he didn’t come to the rehearsal .

So I was confused whether I got double booking or not…lol

According to him, he was  invited to play together “just now” when we were chatting .(Probably it was beginning of the week )

I’m so happy that I could play with this dope sax player again ♪

Today’s setlist

1 Summer time 

2 Caught up in the Rapture

3 Is this love?

4 My boy lolipop

5 What a wonderful world 

encore:Feel like makin’ love


Monique makes audience to dance !! She is the great entertainer without question . And Haruka leads the performance always . I really enjoyed .30 minutes was too short for us tho ; )!

A girl talked to me after the performance  , and she seemed interested in my instruments.

Juna 「Do you wanna try ?」

A girl 「I can’t !! but I wanna play the trumpet…♡」

While pointing Mike’s saxophone …

How cute she is♡♡



And at the night we went to a live bar for disco night !! I do love dancing ♡ yey yey ♡



See ya!!




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