Juna and The Sauce @ Shimokitazawa RPM




Hey guy!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!!


Today I had a show of my own project “Juna and The Sauce ” with a jazz band called Gosaki Rikako Trio at Shimokitazawa RPM!

I played only my original songs . Both vocal song and instrumental song.

I’m gonna release my album in September . So now I’ve been making some more songs . I’m so excited with it.


Juna and The Sauce’s next  gig haven’t been fixed yet but I think it’ll be in June .

Thanks for coming everyone, See you  soon .♪




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TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI after Motion Blue@ 渋谷Terraplane

4月5日(金)19時開場 19時半ごろ開演
当日 3500円+1ドリンク





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Juna and The Sauce @ Shinjuku I Music Bar





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a gig of my own band called Juna and The Sauce at Shinjuku I MUSIC BAR.

This is the event of bass guitar players.


I performed 5 songs .

Actually it’s my first time to meet this  backup musicians!

The owner of the bar introduced them to me; )!!

I sent songs and chart just a week ago, but they did really great. I really appreciate.


1 The Princess of Funk

2 The Tiny Voice

3 Good morning heartache

4 Hanter

5 Lovin’ music

Except 3rd song, these are my original song ; ) !

Thanks for coming everyone !!

I’m so glad people say something good about my original song 😉

Because you know, it’s like my children. I made them. They are pretty . And I wanna proud of them.


At the encore , the 3 bass guitar players played together with chicken.

That was fun ; )


I hope I’m gonna have my own gig often this year .


See ya!!!

Juna and The Sauce ~Juna Serita Birthday Live ~@Ikebukuro Absolute Blue



Hey guys!! I’m  a bass & vocalist Juna Serita!!

Today I had my birthday gig at Ikebukuro Absolute Blue !!

It was actually my dream to have a birthday gig as a bass&vocalist  with my favorite musicians ,and at my favorite venue !!!!

The reason I didn’t do it until this year is, like….. “Nobody comes to my birthday gig..” ” I have only few original songs ….most songs are cover is nonsense..”  lol Sorry, probably I’m so negative person more than people think . lol

I just didn’t have confidence for myself.


But , The show went very well ; )!!!!!

Many people came there , the venue got packed and over capacity. I feel sorry to the people who couldn’t have seats… Sorry about that.

1st set

1.The princes of funk(My original song)

2.Lovin’ music (My original song )

3.spark (My original song )

4.The Tiny Voice (My original song)

5.Baby I like what  your doing to me (cover)



2nd set 

7. Good Morning Heartache (cover)

8.Hunter (My original song)

9.I’ m ready (cover )

10.Put your hands up (Ryan’s original song )

11.Run for cover (cover )


12 . encore: What’s hip  (cover )

Thanks for coming everyone !!!! It got unforgettable memory .

Today’s member

Thanks for great performance !

Many fans gave me birthday gifts…. Thanks a lot.. I can’t appreciate enough.

Actually , now I and my vocal master are planning to release my solo album this year !!!

I’m so excited about it, and can’t wait !!

This year’s my target is , get people to recognize that I’m not only a bass guitar player , but also vocalist !

See ya !!!


Juna Serita Band first show @ Shimokitazawa RPM



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had my band Juna Serita Band’s  first show in Shimokitazawa RPM !!


Bass & Vocal : Juna Serita

Guitar : Ryan Carter

Drums : Kenny Mosley


My many fans came there, appreciate !! The ticket was sold out.

A fan who couldn’t come because of the health sent me a big cute bouquet of pink roses!! whaaaaaa!!

Thanks ♡♡

Everybody knows me but I wanted to let you guys know how great my member is too; ) !!

Guitar Ryan Carter

Drums Kenny Mosley

And me ,Bass & Vocal Juna Serita ; )

set list:

There are lots solo parts for each members ; )!!

About e, I played bass solo almost every songs .lol


1. The Princess of Funk

2. Spark

3. Lovin’ Music

4. Baby I like what your doing to me

5. I’m ready

6. Dishonest man


7. Tiny Voice

8. Ace of Aces

9. Get the funk out ma face

10. No Tears Left to Cry

11. Ghetto Queen

12. Hallucigenia

アンコール: Superstation


We performed both cover songs and my original songs.

I played one song without any members , I felt so nervous but many people told me the song is great especially lyrics !  I’m so happy to hear that ; ) !!yey

On encore song superstition , my guest vocal yolis and  my guitar friend Isamu Hoda  sat in !!

I just played with Hoda -san day before yesterday as Jeff Beck Tribute Band ; )! We’re doing it once in three month ; )


Anyway thanks for coming everyone !!!!

How was it? Did you enjoy ?

It was our band ‘s start point, we’re gonna go far from here !!


Oh I wrote on this blog before, but we’re talking about the band name. Juna Serita Band is too normal , nothing special .

So, from today , the band name is


” Juna and The Sauce  “!!


Isn’t it cool ; )!?


A fan said to me “how about 「 Juna and beard guys 」 ? “. lol  That make sense .lol but sometimes the guitar player Ryan shaves his beard .lol I shouldn’t take the name .lol

I’m really looking forward to Juna and The Sauce ‘s next gig !!

See ya ; )!!


_________Pickup event schedules ________


6/23 yolis & Juna  @Jiyugaoka hiphen


7/1 Juna Serita Band @ 下北沢RPM





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