Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita !!


For a month , my grandmother was hospitalized but finally she came back !!! Yey yey 👩‍❤️‍👩

Meanwhile I lived in her house alone  .  It was relaxing  as usual but I had no person that I can talk to  during I’m at home .

I know it’s normal for people who live by themselves and I used to till two years ago.

I realized how much she means to me .

Anyway I’m  so happy now because she came back and also my parents came to my home again ! Lol

I and my parents, grandma , my aunt and uncle went to eat sushi for lunch !

I especially like to eat ikura/ anago/ but I didn’t take pictures of them .😪  yum yum 😋


see ya !!




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Juna’s session@Ikebukuro-SOMETHIN’ jazz club





Hey guys!! I’m  a bass player Juna Serita!


Today I had a jam session named “Juna’s session” as host member with a drummer Adam MG and keyboard player Koday Taniguchi at Ikebukuro SOMETHIN’ JAZZ CLUB B2.


Before the session I and the drummer Adam had a rehearsal at a studio because we really wanted to perform one very difficult song as host performance. lol

That was so fun !  Thanks my bro Adam!!

We couldn’t beat our appetite for food, so we went to the live music club after having dinner at my love “YAYOI KEN”♪♪♪



Many interesting musicians came to the jam session ! Drums, bass player, keyboard, guitar player,etc..

I’m always inspired that other musicians know many songs for sessions.  And they never forget . awesome……


Anyway thanks for coming !!! Next Juna’s session will take place in Ikebukuro SOMETHING’ JAZZ CLUB B2 on April 24th !!


And also today’s host member (Adam, Koday,Juna)are gonna have a gig at Higashi-Shinjuku circle on March 23rd!!

The band is  kinda fusion, jazz, progressive, and so on….

I’m sure you can enjoy the show! Book your schedule, please ♪



See ya!





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Rehearsal day





Hey guys!!!  I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a rehearsal for Akane Tajima’s gig!

Recently I don’t play with singer song writer so often actually . So that’s kinda rare..♪

The band will perform day after tomorrow at Shimokitazawa club 251 !

Her all lyrics are fantastic .
She is singing about girl’s feelings. I exactly agree with her lyrics…; (

After the rehearsal we ate udon.

I came back to Japan but I’m really missing American hamburger… And also warm temperature, warm people, etc …


Btw tomorrow I’m gonna be session host at Shimokitazawa RPM.  That’s blues session probably.

I wanna play with many musicians, so I hope you will come !!



See ya





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day54~bass day~



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Today’s meal menu


two peaces of bread / watermelon / stir fried rice tastes kimchi / soup / fresh vegetables / a cup of black coffee /


kimchi / cauliflower/ okra and pumpkin / sweet potato / beans sprout soup / deep fried chicken /


spring rolled banana / spinach / kimchi / stir fried minced beef /


Today 11/11 is called “bass day”right?  I don’t know whether it is global or not, but it is already common among bass guitar players in Japan : D


So I uploaded my new video on youtube , it is my favorite bass guitar player ‘s song Pow – Larry Grahm !!


Larry Graham is one of my favorite bass guitar players .  All of other my favorite players are  effected by LarryGraham .  Therefore I think he is a living legend ! ; D

His song is not so complicated ;however it is not a walk in the park to groove like him.


I need to learn more : D






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My favorite Smoothie lately



Hey guys! I am  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!


I’m big on this smoothie lately.

I always drink a cup of smoothie every morning.

It is made from

water / soy milk / amazake sweet drink made from fermented rice / powder for green soup / protein powder tastes cocoa / asai powder /

Most people misunderstand that powder for green soup is so nasty. However it tastes like green tea.

And it is mixed with amasake and protein tastes cocoa, so it will be sweet. This smoothie tastes like sweet green tea au lait. Very yummy,but very good for the health and dieting.

A fan gave me this asai powder as a present.

Asai is a super food.

It has many polyphenol,calcium,dietary fiber, and vitamin, amino acid.

I am happy to eat this, THANKS!!


And this is my usual lunch.

cabbage,broccoli, natto(ermented soybeans) and kimchi, fried salmon.

Probably many people eat much foods in lunch time, but I always eat much dinner more than lunch.

When I have dinner myself, I always have it at around 6 O’clock . However usually I go to bed at 3 A.M.  I have long time from dinner to go to bed. I will hungry then….  That’s why I eat much foods in dinner.

I don’t want to be stressed out.♪♪

Much stress is enemy of dieting!




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Mother’s home cooking




Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Now I’m staying parent’s home in Ishikawa prefecture.

Actually, I was very looking forward to my mother’s home cooking.(*^0^*)

I ate three meals she cooked today.


7:00 A.M.


It’s made of soy milk / yogurt / sweet non-alcoholic rice male beverage,amazake / a fruit called apple mango /

I had never heard the fruit name “apple mango”. My mother told me that it was sold cheeper in a super market , that’s why she tried to buy.

The smoothie was really nice. She seems to be big on amazake because it helps regulate her bowel movements.

She has been drinking it for one year.


1:00 P.M.

Flounder marinated with rice wine and salad.

Salada is broccolo,tomato,cucumber ,cabbage,boiled beans,boiled egg.

The  flounder was in my father’s company. It has plenty fat and really delicious.

Thanks my father. I can’t believe that I used to eat delicious fish like this until 18years old almost every day.


18:30  grilled sun dried black ricfish seasoned with rice wine

This one was also in my father’s company. It was very healthy , I’m sure that it makes my body better! And my mother made miso soup with wake kind of seaweed,tofu.

And broccoli,tomato,cucumber ,cabbage,kimchi ,edamame.


I am happy to eat my mother’s home cooking.

How many time I wonder if I can eat her dish. Cause I don’t go back home so often.





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