Blues session @ shimokitazawa-RPM




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I was a session host at Simokitazawa-RPM.

The member is

Andy Kinlay – Vox / Guitar
Bill Benfield – Guitar
Juna Serita – Vox / Bass
Johnny Walker – Hammond / Piano
Lyle Carr – Drums


I had met Andy and Lyle before, but that was first meeting with guitar Bill and keyboard Joynny!!


To be honest, now I’m kinda sick….. So I was looking for the other bass player who can play blues well instead of me but I couldn’t find .

After all that was good because many nice musicians came to the session  and I really enjoyed !! Of course the host member was funny and awesome ; )!!

I’m proud that I could  play blues with many players ♪

When I was young , I wasn’t interested in blues music at all.  But now, I’m head over heels in blues and many people also think I’m “blues bass player”.   Very interesting, isn’t it? I’ve never expected like that .

(some people told me they think  I’m jazz player, but that’s wrong. I like listen to it but I’m suck at paying

Playing blues is always fun ; ) Thanks everyone for coming to the blues session 😉

Juna Seritaさんの投稿 2018年2月21日(水)


I really appreciate Shoka Okubo’s offering ’cause she let me know how to play blues .  She is my blues master.  If I didn’t meet her, my play style would be totally different….lol

And thanks Andy for inviting me to the jam session as a host member !!!  I really like his passion !!

And thanks all member. I hope I can play with you guys again!!



See ya!




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Federal bar





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

I went to Federal bar for seeing my friend Randy Emata’s performance!!

My friend (maybe I shouldn’t say so…. “my master” would be good!) guitar player Toshi Yanagi introduced him to me last month.

He is such a great keyboard player…!!!! I was really inspired by his performance.


suddenly he beckoned me to the stage .!

I’m so happy that I could play with him!!


It was fun time!!!  How fantastic city Los Angels is…….


I really enjoy this trip ; ) !!




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NAMM show 2018







Hey guys!!  I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I really enjoyed NAMM show 2018!!

First, I performed at D’Angelico guitar booth with Matt Schofield and Tomo Fujita!!

Thanks Matt for inviting me to perform there !! I ‘m so glad that I could play with you guys again!!!

And the following day, I performed at Vemuram booth with Adam Miller!! I really like his guitar tone!!

Then I borrowed basses from Freedom guitar and MAJESTE!!

Both of them are so nice!! Some people were interested in not only pedal,but also bass guitar!!  Because of these great products…♪!!

Thanks Adam !! I hope see you and play again this year in Japan or somewhere!!


And the last day, I and Emi performed at ATV booth. This booth is for electric drums. But there is a person who making bass guitar , so they invited me to demonstrate with Emi.

The jamming with Emi is always fun!! I was just enjoying in spite of that I usually don’t play 5strings bass.

I was interested in 6 strings…. but 5strings is also nice ; ) !!!


Thanks everyone!!!



See you next NAMM!





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guitar center





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today my friend Andro from Australia invited me to go to Guitar Center in West Hollywood.

That was a huge guitar shop… lol

Of course there are many bass guitar,too.


We enjoyed trying.

He recommended that I play the expensive bass guitar.

Uhhhh   It’s nice, but I prefer my fender jazz bass ;  )!

Overtime, I was so hungry .  We ate Tacos♪♪

It may be my first time to eat tacos …?  I like hot testes but it was a little difficult to handle because I put too many things…lol    I like it ♪♪


And after parting , I went to The Study Hollywood by myself for jamming .

Some singers sang songs, but the others were just rapping.

I was so nervous but I sat in .  Everyone was very sweet.

Thanks .

I need to learn more abut LA style jam sessions.




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Baked potato





Hey guys!!  I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today, first I went to a church called INTER NATIONAL CHRISTIAN CENTER because my brother bass player Lin Yuki performed there .


It was a big church , I  hadn’t expected like that.  According to him, this is  Nigerian church . I liked their music so much.

And after taking nap, I went to the Baked Potato to see a Japanese guitar player Toshi Yanagi.

That was Armand Sabal-Lecco’s live show.

I didn’t have much information about him but I was very impressed by him. Feels like he’s just doing his shit !! Badass bass player.

And I shared with a guy who had a seat next to me. He is a guitar player called Polo . Is from Japan but now he lives in LA with artist VISA.

It was so delicious ♡ Thanks Polo!!   but I can’t trust that these are one person’s shere…lol   so big…lol


And I’m so happy that I could meet the awesome guitar player Toshi Yanagi finally !!!

I really liked his bending!!! And he is not only the great guitar player , but also nice guy!!!  Thanks for your kindness!!


And I ran into a dope bass players Robert Trujill from Metallica!


I’d never expected that I can meet him there.


And midnight , I went to Seventy 7th to see Loud as Funk.

I can’t help dancing  cause of their fuckin’ cool groove!!


I might come here every week .

Some musicians sat in .



There are too many nice musicians here…. Fantastic………






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session host@w.jaz Nishiogikubo





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



Today I had a rehearsal of SHOKA OKUBO FUNKY PROJECT(Gt.Vo Shoka Okubo / Ba.Cho. Juna Serita / Dr.Cho.Emi Yonekubo) for tour.


I’m so happy to play with my woman Emi for the first time in a while!


Emi and Shoka are not only band member , but also friends ; ) !!

The rehearsal  was quite funny .  Definitely our tour will be great ! So you all should come ; )



After that , I had a jam session in Nishiogikubo w.jaz as  host member with Dr.Masayo Nakahata and Key.Yuri Edo.

Many instrument players came there, thanks!

I did enjoy jamming . And Masayo told me my groove is improving…!  yeeeey

I wanna let people feel so good with my groove more and more.


See ya!





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Session Host @ Okachimachi Jam Session



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a rehearsal with Gt&Vo Shoka Okubo / Dr Makotomo Sonohara / Gt&Vo Chihana.

It’s been a long time to see Shoka and Makotomo!!! I really missed them, so  I was going bananas.  Shaka Okubo Blues Project (Shoka+Makotomo+Juna)will have a concert featuring Chihana at Ginza Hakuhinkann for Yuya Uchida New Year World Rock Festival .

We’ll perform three songs together .  I need to consider which costume I will  wear because my body size probably changed…I’m “growing up”…. ; (

After the rehearsal, I was a session host with a guitar player Naoto Saito and a drummer Yuto Sasaoka at Okachimahi Jam Session .

Many musicians came there , thanks a million !

I played the drums only a song,too….. lol

It was terrible… I realized that I don’t have a sense of drumming….lol

These days  I was usually alone. I kind of like it but today I really enjoyed being with people and laughing well.


I feel happy that I can work as a musician even though I hadn’t been in Japan for several months .

I really appreciate it.


See ya.




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Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




banana / raisin bread / banana soup /


kimchi / stir fried bean sprout and vegetable / fresh vegetable / cream sauce pasta / soup /


kimchi / potato / spinach /meatballs/


Today also I was looking for the bar which has live band .  I arrived on session road around 7 : 30. My favorite bar concoction usually starts performance at 9 PM maybe , so until then I ended up looking for another bar in down town .

The taxi driver recommended a dance club called Alberto’s to me. Over time I found out . I’m sure the it is an long established club ’cause the first letter “A” was lost. lol


Juna「What kind of bar here is?」

guard 「Live disco. 50PH entrance fee. 」

「Ah okey,  is it possible to join the live band?」


「It’s impossible?」

「Ye..Yeah.. sorry ma’am 」

What a shame. It couldn’t be helped..


After that ,  band sounds caught my years .  I realized the place has a good equipment . The song I heard  on the road was Le freak by chic.

When I arrived at the place, I asked to security  guard .

「Excuse me,  is it possible to join the performance?」

「Maybe …. 11 PM. I ‘ll ask the band . Let me know your number . 」

「I see. Thanks. Now it is too early , so I ‘ll be back here around 11 PM.」

「Okey , anyway text me then if you want to join .」

「K~ see you later.」


I thought I can afford to go to Concoction before PADI’S POINT. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough money, so I ended up going there on foot.

When I asked some people how to get to the bar concoction , many people said to me just take a taxi because it is not located within walking distance .

Then, I thought they just don’t like walking . I do like walking ,so it must be not so far for me.



However ..




It was true.  ; (

I am so sorry that I doubt them.  If I’m familiar with around here, it would be no problem.  Still ,I don’t know well here in Baguio, so I felt it was so far. And a little scared ‘ cause the lights on the way ware only few… : (

Finally, I reached there. The atmosphere was kind of different with usual since they were playing hardcore….lol

It was full of young people. Probably the band is very popular . I thought the seat is unavailable .


Therefore I gave up and went back to PADI’S POINT.


The band was performing some American hit songs . Such as Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars .

All of a sudden, the vocalist said ” Japanese ○×△☆♯♭●□~~”through the microphone.  I couldn’t catch what he said, but I thought it is the time to join them  since there was no Japanese except me there.

I went up to the stage, and waited  .

I felt awkward ‘ cause I was sitting on the chair on the stage. lol

The good things for me was that  I could watch their performance at close range!

Surprisingly , They all are singers ,in addition to instrument players. Above them, the voices ware fantastic!!!  So I couldn’t helped being surprised every time that the vocalist changed.

After that, I borrowed the bass guitar from him .↑♪♪

Thank you for your kindness ; ) !!


the vocalist「Juna? Where is your friend??」

Juna「No… I ‘m alone.」

「Why !? lol  Your boyfriend is in Japan!?」

「There is no my boyfriend anywhere.  ; (」

Over time, our jamming started.



The bass guitar player was a 5 strings player . lol

Unfortunately , I have never had a 5 strings bass guitar. It confused me so much.  ; (

Still, the bass guitar player guided me … How  kind person you are.. Thanks a million.

And then, he asked me “Can you play solo?” about my ears when I was playing the bass guitar.

“m, maybe….”.

“Don’t worry, just a little ! try!!”

I couldn’t play solo as I want to…  ; ( I’m so embarrassed .

Anyway, I just focused on my play then.

The audience got hot little by little.!!  Finally,  I was relieved when I saw their satisfied faces .

And,  I and the guitar player had a good conversation in bass&guitar. ; D   He was amazing !!

I got more curious about Filipinos musicians.  I hope I could stay longer, but time fries. In particular , I wanted to visit Manila and Cebu for music,too.


I had a great time : ) Thanks everyone.

I look so happy.  lol







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day21~jam with local musicians~





Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juan Serita!!

I have always considered  where I can play the bass guitar with local musicians.

So when I was in Japan ,I searched on the Internet, then I found some music clubs and sent messages to the owner  .

And then I expect the best music bar is Concoction Baguio.

I invited Rocky because Rocky loves music. Rocky was afraid if the bar is dangerous place. She has heard that some student was stolen their wallet  in other night club and she was worried about my few information. It is open 24 hours and there is the live performance everyday.

Anyway It’s been already  2 weeks I came here. I have never had a session with someone. I AM A BASS GUITAR PLAYER JUNA!   I never want to forget it. And I am just interested in Filipino local musicians. Those are  why I was looking for the good music bar here in Baguio, Philippines.

We went there by taxi . The time that we arrived there was  9:20 p.m. But it was crowded with people yet.

And we could see the live performance of local musicians. I didn’t know the songs played by them, I think it is old American hit songs…. maybe.

All musician was great. Especially I respect the bass guitar player. I was really pleased with his reggae music groove  !!  Above them they has too much repertoire and if audience request songs, they can play!.

When the vocalist asked if we have some songs that wanna listen to, I told him that I wanna play with them in a pound voice from our seats .

They asked me weather I can sing, I said to them I WANNA PLAY THE BASS GUITAR!

The band member and audience looked be very surprised and the bass guitar player lend me his instrument. Thankful.!

On the stage , the guitar player or vocalist asked me some question through the microphone  , but I couldn’t understand what they meant because of my poor English skill. lol  Maybe audience also was laughing me…I was really ashamed….I need to study English harder…lol


We played two songs!!




I exactly realised that Filipinos loves music and it reminded the great feeling that I had a live performance for the first time in my life…. I appreciate of the kindness of all people.

Rocky was very surprised . She said to me that she had expected playing the bass guitar is just hobby for me but it was wrong. She always asked me to play the bass guitar front of her.

So I’m so happy to show my performance to her.♪

After the performance, young two mens talked to us and drunk together. Maybe in Japan, it is called “nampa”..? lol

Although , they are our first local friends ! Thanks for the fun time!!

When we ware going back to our dorm, Rocky said

「I’m your big fun!!! Why didn’t you tell me anything!?  I thought bass is just your hobby but you are professional … Ahhh I really don’t want to go back to Korea… I wanted to know the bar earlier…」


Rocky looked be pleased with the bar. I agree with her. Probably I ‘m gonna go to the bar concoction again !!

I had a best night .




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Juan’s session @ SOMETHIN jazz club in Ikebukuro




Hey guys! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

I had a rehearsal of SHOKA OKUBO BLUES PROJECT in the afternoon.

I don’t know why we are left side…

Maybe we’ll perform new cover song. I also might sing a little.(^0^)

Please manage your schedule for coming to the gig!! lol


After that, there was “Juna ‘s session ” at SOMETHIN’ Jazz club B2 in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

I am a host and leader at the session.

Guitar player Ko couldn’t finish recording before the jam session, so he couldn’t come.  However a great keyboard player Ryutaro Kano got be a host instead . Really thanks. He is still 21 year old, but has many phrase and ideas with keyboard.

It was great session. !!


And my friend Suren came there from Los Angels .

He is a mandolin player . I knew him each other at NAMM 2017.  I was happy to met him again.

I wanna go to NAMM 2018,too. But I’m not sure weather I can make it…





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