Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



I was actually preparing for a while, but finally , I’ ve done ! I think !


I always wanted to have kind of my “fan club “, but also needed to concern many things like what I can give them for return , what platform I will use , whether I have many fan in the first place   , etc….


But I think now I’m ready to announce this !


I created my patreon page !!




So far there are 3 patron options  (might be added some more option , but not soon.)




Starter  ($3 per month )

・Early ticket access

・Welcome video

・Daily blog access

・Youtube video preview


Student ($10 per month )

・Early ticket access

・Welcome video

・Daily blog access

・Get information earlier than world

・Youtube video preview

・Two EP free download

・Access to Juna’s stream archive (starts #4~) (available weekly )


Trainer ($30 per month )

・Early ticket access

・Welcome video

・Daily blog access

・Youtube video preview

・Two EP free download (Sakuramichi, The Princess of Funk)

・The Princess of Funk minus one track (guitar , keyboard , drums, bass, main vocal each )

・Access to Juna’s stream back number  (starts #4 ~ )

・Access to Private video (one video monthly )



I considered about  the price and return again and again . And also frequency .  And then decided this one.




It’s gonna be more private , so I’m excited that I can share more deep things with you guys there !



The main reason I started Patreon is,   I wanna make my own band  more active ,also even bigger.  Recording  new songs , making music video.. have shows , go on tours etc…..but through this pandemic , it became even much more tough  economically … But I wanna make it because after this Corona situation ended , I wanna go on tour with my new records . I also wanna come  to the country that I’ve never been for shows .

Thanks for reading anyway .

If you  are interested in my journey  , please check out my Patreon account !!


See ya!!



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