America tour day 2 Anaheim




Hey guys!! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


This is today’s my breakfast !

Salada, Yoghurt, banana .  I put only salt on the salad . I thought it’s gonna be alright but it wasn’t . lol  I’m gonna buy dressing later .


Today I’m totally off  for practicing ….


I took this …

and then head to 24 fitness nearby !!


I might eat a lot of high calorie foods through this trip  so I should move !!


I still have muscle pain on my ass , so I worked on my abs and back today .

I keep working out while being in the US.

I hope people will notice the difference when I come back to Japan! lol



My lunch ; )





See ya!!



Juna Serita ” The Princess of Funk “official Music Video 





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B-core circuit training special





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I woke up at 7 AM and went to the gym “B-core studio Tokyo”. 

I’ve come here twice already but then I took only massages so far .

Today ’s  lesson is exactly WORKOUT !!!

I was actually not sure what kind of workout it is …

Yesterday Akabane-san (the therapist ) told me the program must be really hard for me .



Uhmnnn ………        




 Really ?   





 You know ….   I’m chubby , but I believe  I’m an athletic chubby lady  .  I used to learn Karate (7 years ) / basketball(3 years ) / baton twiling (4 years ) / hip hop dance (now and then ) / Kyudo (about two years ) / etc…

In fact, I still have muscles and I can move a lot . 

So I actually didn’t  take what she said to me so seriously . 

However ,there was information about each program . So I checked it out .


The page explains how hard program it is . Less fire mark means not hard , more relaxed or stretching .  Many fire means HARD !!!!

And today’s my program is “B-core circuit training special ”. So according to the page…..




…….WTF  !?



it was 5 fire . Which means it’s one of the hardest programs ; ( !!!!  

Oh…. okay ….  Now I can imagine  how hard it is .. And she was right . 

Today’s teacher is Kumi-san. She looks very fit !! 

The program started from stretching ,and moved to WORKOUT .

Yes….  it was absolutely hard for me …… ; ( 

But the teacher was also doing the same thing (actually she was doing with harder way than  ours  ) while she teaching .    How great ,isn’t she ?

After I finish one set ,I even couldn’t t afford to talk to somebody . Just tried to make my breath calm ….; (


For just an hour , we could train whole body .  That ‘s the point I am really surprised . 

Nowadays there are many gyms that people can go anytime , and they can workout with “their pace”.

I also have hit the gym like that and  always wished  to have muscle pain on the following day but it’s really hard to corner  myself  .  And it takes time . 

So I realized how fantastic B-core is .  It was just an hour but I’m pretty sure tomorrow I’ll have muscle pains on my whole body .

That’s DOPE….





Well.. I asked a stuff to take photo of me .

When I checked the pic , I noticed  I’m fatter in the pic  than I expected . ; (

I thought like ” man… Is that me ?  It’s not sexy at all!!  I shouldn’t upload this picture on my blog …”  . lol

I’m so fat in the pic, and I wanna hide .

but now I’m pretty sure I can be much sexier than now through B-core .


I have so much confidence that my body will be changed  .

That’s why  I uploaded the embarrassed photo too . lol





After B-core studio Tokyo, I had a bass lesson as a teacher .

The student gave me a slice of cheese cake !!!

wow it’s so yummmmmmy! I’m over the moon♡



At night I had performance at Giga Bar Tokyo .

Today’s member 

vocal : Mayu / Kenny 

guitar : Takeaki “Takoyaki” Fukuoka

keyboard : Harunobu Okubo

bass : Juna Serita

drums : Takeshi Endo 

Today’s set lit was kinda hard rock ! and some funk ; ) !

Actually next month my schedule is too hectic . I can’t come work to Giga frequency  .  I’ll miss Giga member perhaps . 

P.S.   Between B-core to Giga, I had bass lessons as a teacher .   The cheese cake given by a student was really nice ! yumyum ; )!

See ya!!






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Massage ..




Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita !!

This afternoon I went to B-core Tokyo studio for my body making .(‘cause I wanna have hour grass  figure 💋👙)

I arrived there a little bit early so still there  was another customer .

I enjoyed the green tea and snack while waiting for my turn.  Appreciate for their kindness ☆


Well, last time ( first time ) I experienced whole body massage .

It was kinda painful but also comfy . I do love it !

Today , I chose legs and boobs .

When I start dieting , the biggest  point that I gotta be careful is TO NOT LOSE BOOBS _φ( ̄ー ̄ )

You know … everyone has different type , but for me , just skinny with no boobs no butt is not attractive .

So I wanna lose fat on stomach,back , arms, legs . ( Actually thick legs are alright but NOT FAT anyway ) And keep the size of boobs and butt . That’s my target.

According to the therapist called Akabane-san , the fats on my stomach / back / arms can be moved to boobs .

Which means if you are fat or chubby , it’s the best chance to make hot hour grass figure !! You should take the massage first before you go crazy on a diet . ; )

Anyway you can check the gym named “B-core Tokyo Studio “if you are interested in it .




See ya !!







Hey guys !! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I went to the gym for the first time in a while. 

I trained my lower body. I was there only for 1 hour.

I hope I’ll get muscle pain tomorrow or day after tomorrow .



At night , I had a performance at Giga bar Tokyo .

I always take videos for checking how I was playing .

Today’s all videos look weird .. I can’t see that well .  I have no ideas why it happened tho..

I still have a lot of songs that I need to prepare. uhhh it’s so hard….I often think I wanna sleep all day without any pressure  ….

but I know , after I finished them , my performance will be better than now ; )  I’ll just go ahead .



See ya!!



_________Pickup event schedules ________


💖5/20 Lab.  @ Fussa Cafe de Noel


💖6/23 yolis & Juna  @Jiyugaoka hiphen


💖Juna Serita Band @ 下北沢RPM




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Hey guys!! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

I have muscle pains on my lower body from yesterday.  That’s such a good thing because my working-out has affected  my body !

So, today I focused on  my upper body . Arms , breast , upper back, etc…

I hope I’ll have muscle pain on my upper body tomorrow ; )







I have a big news for you guys actually …!!!!!!!!!!!


I guess no-one expects that…





I ‘ve borrowed 5 strings bass guitar from my bass-mate today …!!!!!!!!!

I already have some gigs that I wanna use it.

Recently my cup of tea about music is changing , that’s also one of the reasons that I got interested in  5 strings bass guitar.  I  want lower sound .


I can’t wait to use it, so excited ♡




See ya!



_________Pickup event schedules ________


💖4/24 Juna’ s session @SOMETHIN’ JAZZ CLUB B2 in Ikebukuro

Host member  Bass: Juna Serita /Keyboard: 谷口宏大 /Drums:Adam MG /

20:00~ 23:00 charge 1,100 yen , 3drink 1,100 yen


💖4/30 yolis&Juna session@SOMETHIN’ JAZZ CLUB B2 in Ikebukuro

Host member  Vocal:yolis / Bass: Juna Serita / Drums : Masatoshi Kanazawa/

20:00~ 23:00 charge 1,100 yen , 3drink 1,100 yen


💖5/20 Lab.  LIVE@ Fussa Cafe de Noel


💖6月24日 yolis & Juna LIVE @Jiyugaoka hiphen





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