America tour day 8 ~LA~




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!!


Today I cooked for the first time in LA .


This is Taco ,  when I come to the US, I do love to eat Taco!!!

but I gotta save money because this trip will be one and half month so it’s longest trip I’ve ever had in the US. So I should cook as often as possible ; ) not eat out.


Today I went to see Japanese body builder called Masa (Masashi Otani).

He used to be a pro wrestling player but changed his mind and moved to LA and became a professional body builder in LA! lol

The gym he always use has so many equipment . I even didn’t understand some of them how to use it.

After the gym, we went to Korean BBQ all you can eat  .

Masa will have a competition in March , so now he is on   a diet . He can eat only 300 g meats without fat . That’s why he brought weighing scale .

I was wondering why he come to all you can eat in spite of that he can’t eat at all .  according to him,

Masa「I feel really happy if somebody eat a lot.  because I can’t eat . I want somebody to eat instead of me .And also it will be my mental training too. 」

Wow interesting .

From the left side of the picture , Akki(Masa’s friend), me . Masa.


See ya!!!


Juna Serita ” The Princess of Funk “official Music Video 





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Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



In the morning I went to B-CORE Tokyo studio for the first time in a while ‘cause I’d been quite busy .

I took a stretch class and it was wonderful . 

I had felt painful on my ass to back of the thigh for a long time . I always stretch before going to bed but I was not sure how I can stretch on the exact parts ( ass and back of the thigh ) in spite of that I was in many sports club team like karate, Kyudo, baton twirling, basketball,etc.. ( I mean, I thought I already know how to stretch my body much more than other people )

However at the lesson , the way the teacher teach me was incredible!! I exactly stretched THE POINTS . 

I admire her so much . Thanks for the great lesson .

Btw the picture is a machine which can major my stress level . 

According to it , my body isn’t tired AT ALL but my mind ( brain ? ) is stressed out . Lol 

Anyway thanks to my mom . She is the one who made my body strong and healthy . That’s why I can really work hard .




After B-core, I went to Tokyo City Keiba for the performance of TOKYO BRASS STYLE .

We had two stages . 

Today’s set list 

1.21st century girl

2.cutie honey 

3.We will rock you 

1.Astro boy

2.Koi wa mekimeki

3.Odoru ponpokorin

Today’s my costume was blue . 

Last time they gave me a red costume but it was too small for me and I event couldn’t do up the button . ; (

Finally they gave me L size costume ! yey yey ; )



See ya!!




【Juna new video】

【Juna Serita Schedule】

2019.9.16 (Mon)

BLUE MOOD @ Shiodome , Tokyo

Open : 18:30 / Start :19:30

予約3,500円 / 当日4,000円出演

Bass & Vocal : Juna Serita / Guitat & Vocal : Takeaki “ Takoyaki” Fukuoka / Keyboard & Vocal : Hideaki “De-Hi” Sugiura / Drum & Vocal : MiMi / Sax : Harumo Imai


TEL : 03-3549–6010



2019.10.26 @  Yokohama paradise cafe .




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B-core circuit training special





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I woke up at 7 AM and went to the gym “B-core studio Tokyo”. 

I’ve come here twice already but then I took only massages so far .

Today ’s  lesson is exactly WORKOUT !!!

I was actually not sure what kind of workout it is …

Yesterday Akabane-san (the therapist ) told me the program must be really hard for me .



Uhmnnn ………        




 Really ?   





 You know ….   I’m chubby , but I believe  I’m an athletic chubby lady  .  I used to learn Karate (7 years ) / basketball(3 years ) / baton twiling (4 years ) / hip hop dance (now and then ) / Kyudo (about two years ) / etc…

In fact, I still have muscles and I can move a lot . 

So I actually didn’t  take what she said to me so seriously . 

However ,there was information about each program . So I checked it out .


The page explains how hard program it is . Less fire mark means not hard , more relaxed or stretching .  Many fire means HARD !!!!

And today’s my program is “B-core circuit training special ”. So according to the page…..




…….WTF  !?



it was 5 fire . Which means it’s one of the hardest programs ; ( !!!!  

Oh…. okay ….  Now I can imagine  how hard it is .. And she was right . 

Today’s teacher is Kumi-san. She looks very fit !! 

The program started from stretching ,and moved to WORKOUT .

Yes….  it was absolutely hard for me …… ; ( 

But the teacher was also doing the same thing (actually she was doing with harder way than  ours  ) while she teaching .    How great ,isn’t she ?

After I finish one set ,I even couldn’t t afford to talk to somebody . Just tried to make my breath calm ….; (


For just an hour , we could train whole body .  That ‘s the point I am really surprised . 

Nowadays there are many gyms that people can go anytime , and they can workout with “their pace”.

I also have hit the gym like that and  always wished  to have muscle pain on the following day but it’s really hard to corner  myself  .  And it takes time . 

So I realized how fantastic B-core is .  It was just an hour but I’m pretty sure tomorrow I’ll have muscle pains on my whole body .

That’s DOPE….





Well.. I asked a stuff to take photo of me .

When I checked the pic , I noticed  I’m fatter in the pic  than I expected . ; (

I thought like ” man… Is that me ?  It’s not sexy at all!!  I shouldn’t upload this picture on my blog …”  . lol

I’m so fat in the pic, and I wanna hide .

but now I’m pretty sure I can be much sexier than now through B-core .


I have so much confidence that my body will be changed  .

That’s why  I uploaded the embarrassed photo too . lol





After B-core studio Tokyo, I had a bass lesson as a teacher .

The student gave me a slice of cheese cake !!!

wow it’s so yummmmmmy! I’m over the moon♡



At night I had performance at Giga Bar Tokyo .

Today’s member 

vocal : Mayu / Kenny 

guitar : Takeaki “Takoyaki” Fukuoka

keyboard : Harunobu Okubo

bass : Juna Serita

drums : Takeshi Endo 

Today’s set lit was kinda hard rock ! and some funk ; ) !

Actually next month my schedule is too hectic . I can’t come work to Giga frequency  .  I’ll miss Giga member perhaps . 

P.S.   Between B-core to Giga, I had bass lessons as a teacher .   The cheese cake given by a student was really nice ! yumyum ; )!

See ya!!






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Massage ..




Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita !!

This afternoon I went to B-core Tokyo studio for my body making .(‘cause I wanna have hour grass  figure 💋👙)

I arrived there a little bit early so still there  was another customer .

I enjoyed the green tea and snack while waiting for my turn.  Appreciate for their kindness ☆


Well, last time ( first time ) I experienced whole body massage .

It was kinda painful but also comfy . I do love it !

Today , I chose legs and boobs .

When I start dieting , the biggest  point that I gotta be careful is TO NOT LOSE BOOBS _φ( ̄ー ̄ )

You know … everyone has different type , but for me , just skinny with no boobs no butt is not attractive .

So I wanna lose fat on stomach,back , arms, legs . ( Actually thick legs are alright but NOT FAT anyway ) And keep the size of boobs and butt . That’s my target.

According to the therapist called Akabane-san , the fats on my stomach / back / arms can be moved to boobs .

Which means if you are fat or chubby , it’s the best chance to make hot hour grass figure !! You should take the massage first before you go crazy on a diet . ; )

Anyway you can check the gym named “B-core Tokyo Studio “if you are interested in it .




See ya !!


I have an announcement !!






Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I have an big announcement for you guys and ladies !!


Recently I’m getting chubby to be honest….

And I decided to do diet .

( Well, as you know , I’d love to have thick body . So diet doesn’t mean that  I will be skinny , don’t worry. lol )

So I joined B-core !!!

It’s B-core Tokyo Studio produced by Erika Yamaguchi  .

Do you know what B-Core is ?

There are some programs but all of them are focused  on  increasing body heat . That affects our body incredibly .

This is the Trolox Water that I got at the gym .

This is water , but it has a lift but taste . Kinda sweet . I do love it !


Anyway , I’ll report every single time when I hit to the gym !!

I’m so excited to change my body …💖


See ya!!!







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What I wanna do … ?





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita.

I take nice proteins and vegetables for dinner today because I’ve been building body  ; ) !

I do like Mexican food ♪  I was eating a lot during I was in Los Angels, too ; )


I asked a person to check my English original song lyrics for launching  them.(Not soon , tho.)

Actually I don’t write  original songs so often.  The reason is that I’m usually pressed by work. I couldn’t afford to think about it. And also I couldn’t have a confidence as a songwriter when I look at myself with an  objective eye.

However ,  I reconsidered  what  I really wanna do is .

Frankly speaking, I wanted  to be a bass hero like my idols . Not only as a backup-musician , but also working as a solo artist.

So I ‘m gonna make original songs more . It must be my high  priority …..


I have tooooooo much desire , that’s why I have too much on my plate…….


Time flies always .


See ya!!



_________Pickup event schedules ________


💖4/24 Juna’ s session @SOMETHIN’ JAZZ CLUB B2 in Ikebukuro

Host member  Bass: Juna Serita /Keyboard: 谷口宏大 /Drums:Adam MG /

20:00~ 23:00 charge 1,100 yen , 3drink 1,100 yen


💖4/30 yolis&Juna session@SOMETHIN’ JAZZ CLUB B2 in Ikebukuro

Host member  Vocal:yolis / Bass: Juna Serita / Drums : Masatoshi Kanazawa/

20:00~ 23:00 charge 1,100 yen , 3drink 1,100 yen


💖5/20 Lab.  LIVE@ Fussa Cafe de Noel


💖6月24日 yolis & Juna LIVE @Jiyugaoka hiphen





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workout day




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today’s meal menu


smoothie (protein + soy milk / a little bit of yogurt / acas)/orange/

natto& kimchi / pork / liver / eggplant and tofu/tomato/


fish / kimchi / tomato  / miso soup /


I ate the fish given by my fan as a gift last gig for dinner. Usually I don’t eat expensive fish at home ‘cause I can’t afford to buy it by myself. So I feel very happy.  Thanks for everything.

Today was my day off so I could focus on my training.



Today’s workout menu


★3sets of 10 barbell squats (30 kg)

★3sets of 10 bulgarian squat (3kg×2)

★4sets of 15 leg press (54kg)

★3sets of 15 inner / outer / thigh (27kg)

★3 sets of 15angled leg press (67kg)



I’m sure I’ll be able to feel the result of my workout in my ass and legs !!

This menu was very hard for me …. I can’t close my legs after that….. lol


I wanna make a good body as soon as possible…. ♡

See ya!!







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KAHORI & Juna Serita@Strawberry fiels ,Komazawa




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today’s meal menu


orange / smoothie (protein + soy milk + acai +  a bit of milk + amazake)


tomato / stir fried pork, bean sprout ,and egg/ natto with kimchi /


sake / fried tofu & eggplant / pumpkin soup /




Today I had a gig in Komazawa strawberry fields with singer song writer called Kahori.

Both we performed there as solo player.


It was the first time in a while that I perform alone.

Not only I used some backing track but also I performed just bass & vocal.

I was so nervous… maybe you could see it…lol


Today’s set list


1 Spark

2 Get the funk out ma face

3 Listen tiny voice inside my heart (original )

4 Isn’t she lovely

5 Power

6 Dishonest man(original)

7 Run for cover


The reason I chose  Isn’t she lovely is that when I was in the Philippines I taught a teacher to how to play the bass guitar using that. That’s why it is my memorial song ; D!!


And I wanted to challenge one more thing from my English studies. So I translated my original song’s lyrics  into Japanese to English.

This is Japanese lyrics video, but today I sang in English.

You don’t know everything about me   

It’s hard time to wait for you in the dark room alone 

You don’t know everything about me

Never be able to say something bad about what you do


I hate to be used to prepending not to know you

I want to  hold your hand and walk by your side 

According to the men who have to get back for their treasure 

it sounds selfish I do not mean it


You are everything you are    You are everything you are

Hold me tightly break me so  as not to be stuck on such you again 

Oh head over heels in love  Oh head over heels in love

My heart is full of you all the time  I can’t breath I can’t breath 

because of you


You might be angry with me 

that I have lost my pierce inside of the car

You might be angry with me 

I am realizing you want no-one to know that I’m his toy


How should I do to get his attention oh my

How should I do to be with the guy forever 

sleep and forget all of things sunrises  world would change 

I can find out you  then  would you love me? 

This time for sure


You are everything you are     You are everything you are

Hold me tightly brea me so as not to be stuck on such you again

Oh cannot get out his arms  Oh cannot get out his arms 

I was going to say Good Bye that is why I came to see him to the same place


Sharing some skins is only the way to see him 

but true and false are not easy to tell apart 

I’m fed up with your excuses  my words are may gonna hurt you 

Please shut my mouth with your kiss 

Just laugh it off as per usual 

because you are dishonest man


You are everything you are   You are everything you are

Hold me tightly break me so  as not to be stuck on such you again

Why don’t you always call my name?

Why don’t you say to me I  love you

Should I just wait for that you will do farewell to me?


You are everything you are  You are everything you are

Hold me tightly break me so as not to be stuck on such you again

Oh head over heels  in love  Oh head over heels in love

My heart is full of you all the time  

I can’t breath   I can’t breath because of you

Seeing you  seeing your face 

I am pleased , I am pleased with just only for that


You don’t know everything about me

The small comment you say as joke confusing me so deep

You don’t know everything about me

I am just waiting for you to come and spoon me again


I’m so done with type it. lol    Is it long…..?  In fact this song is over 7 minutes .


Another act Kahori’s stage was fantastic!!

She is only 18 years old… I’m pretty sure she’ll go far in the future : )!

And we had a session as encore .

・Konnyawa karasawagi

・Johnny B good

・Sweet home Chicago

・I’m ready

The guest drummer was Desire. I met her 1 year ago. Since then I was keen to play with her . So I am so happy today!

Desire is not only a great drummer,but also superb singer . I do love her voice.


My next gig is maybe December 31st as Shoka Okubo Blues Project.

Oh it reminds me. The following day January 1st is my birthday : D!!


I’m gonna list up some things that I want on the blog later  ♪♪ as a birthday present….  : D

Please check it  : )




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Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



I was writing music score all day.   When I do it , usually I have too much appetite…..

I thought I ate too much, so I went the gym late night.


I learned how to do it based the video on youtube and it is my first time to do it .

Watching workout video is my cup of tea lately .

The most difficult part  that I have muscle pain by workout is abs. Especially abdomen muscle.

So if you have some favorite workout for building abdomen muscle , let me know!



See ya.







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Saw my friend’s gig






Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


today’s meal menu


banana/ orange / smoothie (whey protein+soy milk + a bit of milk )


natto+egg/curry / tomato / cabbage soup / stir fried pork and vegetables (eggplant / red bell peppers /shiitake mushroom )

dinner(inShimokitazawa  Kurosawa Shokudo)

Deep fried chicken set /





Today I went to see my friend’s gig(guitar player Hideaki Yamakado & bass player Ogan chan) at Simokitazawa Garden.


When I got there ,the band that I don’t know was performing.


Seemed like it is it is very noisy . I expected my ears would be injured , so I was about to get out and wait at the entrance until head liner performance(my friend’s band).

But the drums sounds caught my hart , and also his physical performance caught my eyes perfectly .

The member is guitar & vocal / guitar & vocal / drums . Trio band. There is no bass guitar player.   Although ,one of guitar players were slapping almost all songs. I was wondering why he didn’t choose to play bass guitar instead of guitar.   Little by little I realized. The sounds they want to express need two guitar without question.

They are badass….!  I wanted to them earlier.

Holy shit.

This is their youtube video , but I’m pretty sure you never know their all attraction through only video.  I recommend to see their performance in real life.


Overtime, my friend’s band M.O.E started their performance.

In my opinion, the guitar player Hide is good at rock/ metal/ and so on .. and the bass guitar player Oganchan ‘s cup of tea is blues rock.

However the band performed exact Fusion !!   Sounds toooooo difficult !! lol      Get outta here…..  They are superb.

They had 60 minutes for performance but they played only 6songs since each songs are almost 10minutes…lol

I’m pleased that I could hear their solo section much.   Most songs were instrumental music but the bass player Oganchan sang only one song as a bass & vocalist. It was the best for me!! It beats me that when I hear blues music I feel so good.   I didn’t mean it but perhaps my heart is full of blues music after all because of Shoka Okubo…lol

It was great show. Thanks you guys!



Today’s workout

・3sets of 2min pranking 

・3sets of 20 chest press (18kg) 

・3sets of 15 pulldown (18kg)

・3 sets of 20  inner &outer thigh(23kg)

・3sets of 10 barbell squats(30 kg) 

・2sets of 40 min walking 




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