Juna Serita “The Princess of Funk” EP release show @ BLUE MOOD Tokyo



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a show at Shiodome  BLUE MOOD which is my EP release event !!!

I brought two bass guitars because it’s such a special day , you know.

The venue was packed, I really appreciate that you guys came down today !!

Today’s setlist was half original song / half cover song ,  and also half bass&vocal song / half instrumental song.

I want to know which song you liked most !

at the 2nd set, I changed the cloth .

It’s exactly the same with my CD jacket !!

When my mom saw the CD jacket , she  asked me

” Wow … that is great but did the camera-man say “show your boobs more “?? “ .

I said ” Nope , just  I did “.

I’m kinda sorry because there are many people who hate see my boobs (don’t worry  , it’s not the exact part at all.)too.

I don’t mean to show my body , but I just prefer  sexy costume. That’s my type. That’s  my imagination of STAR , you know … like Lady Gaga, Prince, Beyoncé,etc.

( but when I danced  , I realized  I need a little more cloth …it was a little dangerous .lol)

After the show, many people say some thing good about my all band member !!


Keyboard , De-Hi

Guitar , Takoyaki

Sax , Harumo Imai

Drums , MiMi


As a produser (me ), I’m so glad ! I’m  so proud of the members .

We ‘re gonna have the next gig at Yokohama Paradise cafe on October 26 th .

That’s gonna be greater than today!!


About CD, now I’m thinking of online shopping , shipping ,etc… too. Please wait for a little while if you wanna  have but you can’t afford to come to my show . ; )! I’ll figure out.


See ya!!!


Juna Serita ” The Princess of Funk “official Music Video 


【Juna Serita Schedule】



2019.10.26 @  Yokohama paradise cafe .

Open 18:30 Start 19:30 2ステージ 途中休憩あり
MC : 予約 3,000円 当日 3,500円 (税込・飲食代別)
Juna Serita (Bass & Vocal)  / 福岡丈明 (Guitar & Vocal)  / 杉浦秀明 (Keyboard & Vocal)  / MiMi (Drums & Vocal)




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I became a endorser of Sadowsky .




Hey guy!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I’m happy to announce about this .

I became a endorser of Sadowsky !

One day, Okada International which is Japanese distributor of Sadowsky  was looking for a endorser for their new bass model called SLAP MASTER .

The bass guitar is focused on slapping , so they were looking for such a great slapper .

And I really appreciate for the great opportunity . And really thanks to Kayo-san who introduced me to them and showed some of my videos to them . She is also great bass guitar player .

To be honest, I was a little surprised because I like slapping as much as finger picking but   I didn’t mean I’m good at slapping , I didn’t know .

However if they think I’m a great slapper , it makes me  motivated a lot to slap !!

Well …  you know I was looking for something special on my bass play and always wondering what my strength is .

Feels like now I kinda understand that must  be slapping through  this SLAP MASTER . : ) !!!

So I’m so excited to build my career with this gear !!!

I recorded my solo album with this bass guitar too.

Please look forward to listening to it … ; )



See ya!!!!




【Juna Serita Schedule】

2019.9.16 (Mon)

BLUE MOOD @ Shiodome , Tokyo

Open : 18:30 / Start :19:30

予約3,500円 / 当日4,000円出演

Bass & Vocal : Juna Serita / Guitat & Vocal : Takeaki “ Takoyaki” Fukuoka / Keyboard & Vocal : Hideaki “De-Hi” Sugiura / Drum & Vocal : MiMi / Sax : Harumo Imai


TEL : 03-3549–6010



2019.10.26 @  Yokohama paradise cafe .




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Takaraduka university & MAJUMO gig



Hey guys!! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Today I had a performance at Takaraduka university in Shinjuku  with this member .

We played together at MINI’s party last week ; )  I’m happy that we could play again.

The vocalist Ryosuke Itamiya is also a teacher of the university . He teach about Rock Music Theory and today’s show is one of the classes .

His class is very unique.  The students who can take his class is so lucky ! I can say so.

We played many Christmas songs and also his original song.

The time schedule was tight , we couldn’t afford to sound-check but I think the performance was quite nice !

Thanks everyone !

This is the member and some people who helped to make this stage.

Have a nice year !!



And at night, I had a gig of the trio band MAJUMO in Yushima.

Guitar: Makoto Takahashi

Bass : Juna Serita

Drums : Momoko Aoki


We played Makoto’s original songs and also some cover songs.

The 1st set was our gig but the 2nd set was jam session !! Everyone can join in .

We enjoyed blues session . I know I like blues ,but today I was feeling  something special.

Actually I was thinking about different things, kinda negative  stuff …lol   While we’re jamming with blues.

Then I noticed my timing  , tone, phrase , they were great !!!!

I normally focus on the performance but I realized I feel nervous too much always , I shouldn’t face to it , just play it . And then it’s gonna be cool…..

That should be not easy tho….lol

But anyway, I learned today is , when I play blues,  some blues feeling exactly helps my bass performance . That how music is . Not just saying…


Thanks for coming everyone !!


See ya!!!







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Hey guys!! I’ m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had talk & LIVE show at the event called PrsnT in BLUE MOOD Shiodome.

I first met the guy who organizes PrsnT at NAMM show 2018 .

Thanks for involving me today!

The other guests are business men, but they are so funny !!

When they were talking , I could enjoy as one of the audience ; )


I also talked for a while. I was so happy that my theme song was so funky !!! Appreciate for their sweetness 💗


I played my two original songs with the house band member.

Set List

1. Spark

2. Hunter


The second song, hunter is actually brand new. I wrote it last week, and I sent the audio and score to the member last week . So it’s my first time to play the song  with people   in public .

They did really great !! In fact many people  talked to me   the song was really cool like that after the show. Thanks ; )

I think I’m gonna play this song at my birthday gig on January 13th too ; )

In my opinion it’s coolest song I’ve ever written . So I want you to come and listen to it!!!


See ya ; )!!







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Rie a.k.a. Suzaku birthday @Yotsuya Outbreak




Hey guys!!      I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!! 

Today I had a performance for a badass guitar player Rie a.k.a. Suzaku!! This is her birthday gig . 

I performed as the member of her instrumental band. 


1 Southern Wind 

2 Bird Island 

3 Sunrise 

4 Seven Seas 

5 Seaside Avenue 

6 King of the sun

7 Ocean Breeze 

8 Across the Sky

I’ve played with Rie since I was 20 years old.

Then I wasn’t  ready for as her bass guitar player I think..

Her songs were just too difficult for me ; ( lol!!

I’m still working on it but I can say now I’m much better than then. I could learn a lot as a bass guitar player from her songs. Really appreciate for it.

And  I’m so glad that I am kinda her first-call now. ; )

I’m gonna perform with Rie next month too. I have to get better than today !!


Bye .




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Lab. vs AYAKI @ Shibuya Terraplane



Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!! 

Today I had three bass lessons from the morning .

Recently I’m getting feel comfortable to teach my students . 

At first , I needed to be kinda nervous every time .. That means I have a responsibility for  my work, so that’s not bad . However it made  me stressed out too. Therefore I always got so drained after lessons .  

But now , I just teach my students what they want at the moment . I ended up to not prepare too much for it . Then I’m enjoying to solve problems together . Not give them all of my knowledge, but I’m  always trying to guide them to good ways for their bass playing . ; ) 

I teach how to play the bass guitar as job since I was 19 years old ( or 20 ? I forgot ) but I can say , now I’m a much better teacher than before without question : ) .



And after lessons , I had a gig with the piano trio band Lab.at Shibuya Terraplane .  It’s my favorite bar , the owner is pervert .lol 

Another act is AYAKI trio .

I have seen his performance when I was university student . He was performing for a bass guitar player who is my bass master , Tetsuo Sakurai( from CASIOPEA ). 

So I was so excited to see his playing again !! The drummer is awesome , I’ve seen him recently at a show too .  And the bass guitar player , I hadn’t known him but he is also badass !! He was playing both dabble bass and bass guitar incredibly.


About Lab. ‘s performance , we played 6 songs .


1 Origin 

2 Cambria 

3 Cenozoic 

4 Los of Hetero 

5 Genetic Drift 

6 Natural Selection 

I know 6 sounds like few , but each song has over ten minutes … lol 

We had a good conversation with instruments .

Lab.and AYAKI are planning to have a gig together constantly ; ) That’s gonna be nice !

Thanks for coming everyone today. ♪



See ya!!





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Shooting & jam




Hey guys !! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita !!

Today I had a shooting for a music video from the morning ; )

Recently my hair had been kinda messed up but today it was so beautiful , appreciate for the skill of the hair makeup artist !  She is amazing .


The shooting went pretty well .

I think it was  biggest studio  I’ve ever been for MV shootings  .

I liked the high-ceilinged room ; )

Actually most difficult thing for me was …

I almost forgot the bass solo part I played  at the recording … lol

That was kinda improvisation.. so I copied my phrase for the shooting .😂

Hopefully my acting will fit the audio .. !!lol

With the member , Drummer Yuriko Seki& Keyboardist Emi Kanazashi .



At night I was hosting jam session with a drummer Masayo “Zen”Nakahata ; )

We all enjoyed both drinking and jamming .

Thanks for coming everyone ! See ya !!!






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Tokyo Brass Style @ Kasugai technical high school



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Lunch ; ) yum yum

Today, Tokyo Brass Style had a performance for high school students . We visited Kasugai mechanical high school in Aichi prefecture ; )!

They seemed really excited !! We are so glad to see their smile ; )

Set list 

1.Makafushigi Adventure 

2.Chara Hetchara 

3.Carrying You

4.Lupam the Ⅲ

5.Kokoro E

6.A Morning of the Slag Ravine


8.A Cruel Angel’s Thesis

9.Message of Rouge 

10.My neighbor Totoro

11. Odoru Pompokolin

Thanks everyone.

Hopefully we can come back here again someday ; ) !!


I think most songs that I need to memorize is done.

See ya!!



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Lab. @ club CACTUS




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a gig with piano trio band called Lab. at club CACTUS in Nogisaka,Tokyo.

The another act is 300 kg. I’ve heard 300 kg is amount of their weight ,but according to the guitar player Tsuruta-san, the amount is over 300 kg ,most likely 350 kg. lol That’s awesome !! And I like Tsuruta-san’s talk on the stage too; )!

Lab. had been working on recording , so we didn’t have a gig for a while . It’s been a long time.

I can say we’re getting better, but there is still a lot of room for improvement . We all think so. ; )

About 300kg ‘s performance , they are great !!

I was really interested in the band but I didn’t have a chance to come and see their show. So lucky for me .

I exactly realized the bass player Makino-san can play finger picking very fast. And also he has enough stamina for that. He is badass…

The drummer Hiroki Murakami, I played with him several times when I was university student ; ) ! I’m so happy that I saw him for the first time in a while .  And actually we’re gonna have a plan to perform together at the end of month :) I’m excited about it ♪


Lab. will have one more gig this month which is on November 24th.  The venue is my favorite bar ♪

If you’re free, book your schedule please ; )


See ya!!




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Tokyo Brass Style @Horonobe day 2



Hey guys!! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Tokyo Brass Style concert in Horonobe, Hokkaido Day 2  !

Yesterday the 1st set was big band style (sit on a chair and use music charts ), but today’s both 1st and 2nd set are Tokyo Brass Style’s style ; )!!

Set list


1 Makafushigi Adventure

2 Chara-Hecchara

3 Ginga Tetudo 999

4 Teiokukagekidan Sakura

5 Lupam Ⅲ

6 Lum no Love Song

7. Guns’n Roses



1 Adnpanman no thema

2 Sorairo Days

3 When The Bell Tolls

4 Jinsei No Merry‐go‐round

5 Koi wa Mekimeki

6 Rouge No Dengon

Encore : Odoru Ponpokorin

At the 2nd set,  Tokyo Brass Style and brass band of Horonobe junior high school performed 2songs together as the one band . The students did great , I’m proud of you guys!!

Today there was a long bass solo section too ; )

I ‘m actually really glad that I joined the band.

Because of the funny member!!!

See ya!





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