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Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


The band I’m in called ” TOKYO BRASS STYLE ” uploaded a new video on youtube !!  It’s  our concert in Kitami, Hokkaido!

I’ve heard the song called Gun’s & Roses is pretty famous overseas . Is it ? ( IDK)

It’s anime baccano song. Anyway check it out and put some comment/share please if you like it ; ) !


Today I had a performance at Giga Bar Tokyo !

The boss had hair cut !! Cute !!


Today’s member is

Vocal : Mayu / Kenny

guitar : Takoyaki

keyboard : Harunobu Okubo

bass :Juna Serita

drums : Yuki Hatano


I sang two songs today as a bass&vocalist  .

Appreciate for the good opportunities . I need it.

And I do love to play “Mama knows me best “”Move Over ” with the vocalist Mayu.  Hey voice is very attractive .


See ya!!




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