The last day in the Philippines for studying abroad



Hey guys! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

TODAY’S meal menu


pineapple / potato / kimchi / rice porridge /


bean sprout /  some Taiwanese foods (made by Taiwanese student. isn’t it incredible !? I’m a big fan of his cooking!!JMy classmate James!!)/ rice / kimchi


spinach / boiled pork / Korean pan cake / soup / kimchi /


Finally today I left the school at the night .

I’m happy to eat dinner with my close friends Estor ,Sera,Yuki.

When I came in front of gate , Estor had prepared a taxi. How sweet you are … ♡

And we went to the bus station together. The time I spent with her was so short , but she is one of my important friends.Thanks.

I got it in the bus.


My Japanese life is coming soon : )






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day 35 ~ate out lunch ~



Hey guys!! I ‘m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I went to eat out for lunch with my batch mate Yuki(form Japan), Saki(from Japan) and Lilian(from Vietnam ) today.

This is  a Korean food restaurant. It seems that Yuki and Saki have come here before.

Actually , I worked out at the gym of dormitory for the first time in a while before going out. So I need much proteins today for building my body!!

We ordered two plates of samgyeopsal ,but unfortunately they were out of samgyeopsal. We ordered other kinds of meat and some dishes .

I enjoyed having good protein.♪♪ I’m very satisfied with most foods !

However only this miso soup was too salty .. We all couldn’t have this enough. If we drink all of this , it ‘ll bring about something bad for our health….lol

After eating, we went to buy bus ticket for long vacation in the Philippines.


I could buy one way ticket without problem, but there wasn’t the ticket from Manila airport (Ninoy Aquino International Airport)to Baguio on the day I’ll be back . So I bought the bus ticket that it departs from other place where is a little far from airport.

The crew of ticket shop told me I need take a taxi to the place.

When I arrived in Manila on the first day of studying abroad, it was crowded with strange taxi drivers . They talked to tourists  random and persistently.  According to my mother, my elder brother(He also went to Manila for 2 weeks to study abroad.) also stuck his chin out in taxi. Above them , I don’t have a good impression about taking a taxi in Manila . I’m anxious about it..


However, there is such a proverb in Japan.



“ Let lovely girl(or boy) take a journey . “ 

(translated into Japanese to English straightly .)


I know I’m not special…lol  But I’m pretty sure having many experiences makes our personality improve.  Some danger would be good for me. ; )





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I arrived.



Hey guys, I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!

Finally, I arrived a dorm in the Baguio, Philippines.
The flight was not bad.  I was watching movie called dream girls on Netflix. There are many fun songs, I’m gonna try to sing later. I liked.♪
In- flight meal.
Maybe it’s Filipino dish , right?
If I eat rice, I prefer this type to Japanese rice.
It was interesting to look at the view.

I was excited.♪
In the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, I think there isn’t immigration mostly. Very surprised..
And many people in the Philippines  was singing while  And has good voice…lol
I’m really interested in this people .
I ate dinner there.
Sate noodles. It was 150 peso . It made of beef and noodles.
Many Japanese people told me that Filipino foods is not yummy, but I didn’t think so.
I kinda like it! It was a little spicy. Good .
After that, I took a bus to Baguio.  It was too cold… I hate cold place.
A man next to me is wearing same clothes with me…
How can I say like this feelings….
My new life style will start tomorrow.  Good night.