Hey guys !! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I feel that I enjoy this weekend too much.


Actually , I had another plan with my Taiwanese friend Pai this Friday . Above all I said it

But when I talked to her about my batch mate farewell party , she allowed to reschedule  our plan  .  I pretty appreciate for her kind. So today we went to eat out instead of Friday .

First , we went to SM mall for buying needs. The thing I want was only umbrella .

And then , we went to a restaurant called CANTO on foot.


Haru(Japanese), Juna(Japanese),   and… oh I forgot his name… I need to ask him later. He is from Korea. Very gentle and smart guy.  And Pai(Taiwanese ).

Japanese friend Haru recommended CANTO to us. It seems that she heard about this restaurant from her roommate. She always takes good care of her health that’s why her body is slim .  Above them , I thought  there would be great protein there  if she says nice!! And Haru looks like a Japanese male bass guitar player「Backy 」.

He was producer of SORAMIMI. Big eye, slim body , how to make smile,,,Her all is similar to him. lol


Anyway, that foods were awesome !

We enjoyed having big stake and fresh strawberry juice , nice beef stew,and so on.  It was  very delicious and I was over the moon. However Pai didn’t like this meat , so I feel sorry for her….



After that,  Pai said she wants to see my bass play. We went to the bar concoction.

The host band was also same with last time. I was really happy they remember me .  The vocalist called my name through the microphone on the stage, and I joined them.

Then I knew the bass guitar player is a multi player! I borrowed his instrument as a result  he played the guitar instead of bass without pick.

I was thinking I would be unable to play with him because we’re  same instrument, but we could ! I was in seventh heaven♪


I had a fun time today, too. Thanks everyone.





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Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Today, I couldn’t take pictures of meals because the battery died.

Oh , I uploaded new video on youtube for the first time in a while.

Larry Graham’s song, The jam.

I shoot the video when I was in Japan. I think it was September 13th . The reason I remember is that I shoot the video on the day of gig.


By the way, my Vietnamese roommate said to me that she is not good at listening to Japanese English pronunciation , but she can understand my English because according her my pronunciation is clear.


I was really surprised . In fact, I see that when I’m talking  about something longer, some teacher frowns  . It brought my opinion that my pronunciation is terrible.

At first , most teachers corrected my pronunciation every time. But  these days some teacher turned into that they don’t correct so often. Then I thought they realized  that I don’t have a sense of speaking correct pronunciation.  I’m not sure, however maybe I’m getting better….. ? I hope so.




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day 22 ~ good bye Rocky ~




Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




water melon / fresh salad / pancake / stir fried rice / clam chowder /



kimchi / rice / spinach / potato / soup with bean sprout / deep fried chicken /



rice chips / rice / stir fried vegetables / kimchi / seaweed soup / burger / rice vermicelli



Finally, I could come back to dorm!!

There are too much cockroaches in the office building… I saw them everyday . lol Probably they have thought we are already friend…No way.

I’m so happy to come back . But today, my best friend Rocky left here .

I have many memories with her.  She has called on me everyday while I’ve stayed in the office building because of sick.

She said to me 「You are my little sister. So I am always worried about you .」

Thankful my elder sister. I never forget you.

Above them, today , I have to move to another room.

My plan was 6 people room but when I came here , it was full. That’s why I have to change my room now.

I’m really sad to be not room mate with Jenny. She is also take good care about me always …. And I like her cute hip so much….


When I got to new room, I introduced myself simply .


Then , a woman asked me

woman「Hey, what’s this??」

Juna「It’s a bass guitar. My instrument.」

woman「Really!?!? Can I borrow this?」

Juna「Oh okey.」

woman「Ahhh  finally I could play the bass guitarrrrr!!!!」

My new roommate, she is Japanese woman.  She seems to be a bass guitar player and she has own band in Okayama, Japan.

It is interesting


Other roommates are Taiwanese , Vietnamese , Chinese, and so on…

Now I haven’t had many conversations with them, but I’m sure they all are very kind and good guys.!

I hope I’ll have good relationship with new roommates.♪





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day21~jam with local musicians~





Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juan Serita!!

I have always considered  where I can play the bass guitar with local musicians.

So when I was in Japan ,I searched on the Internet, then I found some music clubs and sent messages to the owner  .

And then I expect the best music bar is Concoction Baguio.

I invited Rocky because Rocky loves music. Rocky was afraid if the bar is dangerous place. She has heard that some student was stolen their wallet  in other night club and she was worried about my few information. It is open 24 hours and there is the live performance everyday.

Anyway It’s been already  2 weeks I came here. I have never had a session with someone. I AM A BASS GUITAR PLAYER JUNA!   I never want to forget it. And I am just interested in Filipino local musicians. Those are  why I was looking for the good music bar here in Baguio, Philippines.

We went there by taxi . The time that we arrived there was  9:20 p.m. But it was crowded with people yet.

And we could see the live performance of local musicians. I didn’t know the songs played by them, I think it is old American hit songs…. maybe.

All musician was great. Especially I respect the bass guitar player. I was really pleased with his reggae music groove  !!  Above them they has too much repertoire and if audience request songs, they can play!.

When the vocalist asked if we have some songs that wanna listen to, I told him that I wanna play with them in a pound voice from our seats .

They asked me weather I can sing, I said to them I WANNA PLAY THE BASS GUITAR!

The band member and audience looked be very surprised and the bass guitar player lend me his instrument. Thankful.!

On the stage , the guitar player or vocalist asked me some question through the microphone  , but I couldn’t understand what they meant because of my poor English skill. lol  Maybe audience also was laughing me…I was really ashamed….I need to study English harder…lol


We played two songs!!




I exactly realised that Filipinos loves music and it reminded the great feeling that I had a live performance for the first time in my life…. I appreciate of the kindness of all people.

Rocky was very surprised . She said to me that she had expected playing the bass guitar is just hobby for me but it was wrong. She always asked me to play the bass guitar front of her.

So I’m so happy to show my performance to her.♪

After the performance, young two mens talked to us and drunk together. Maybe in Japan, it is called “nampa”..? lol

Although , they are our first local friends ! Thanks for the fun time!!

When we ware going back to our dorm, Rocky said

「I’m your big fun!!! Why didn’t you tell me anything!?  I thought bass is just your hobby but you are professional … Ahhh I really don’t want to go back to Korea… I wanted to know the bar earlier…」


Rocky looked be pleased with the bar. I agree with her. Probably I ‘m gonna go to the bar concoction again !!

I had a best night .




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day19~new teacher~




Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



bread / papaya / fresh salad / stir fried rice / soup / black coffee /


miso soup / sweet potato / kimchi / stir fried vegetables / fresh salad / fried chicken / site fried rice /



curry and rice / bean sprout / kimchi / egg soup / turon /


My one on one speaking class’s teacher seemed to be quit her job… (;0;)

She always had a good attitude and gave kind explanation. When I couldn’t understand , she explained   again and again with other way.

So I really liked her.  What a shame…


Therefore now I’ve been learning English from new teacher.

She looks young and beautiful. We have a lively conversation with girls talk frequency. lol  Her class is very interesting.


One day.


teacher「Juna , please bring your guitar! Friday!!」


I brought it and teached how to play the guitar in the class.

I’m sure she has a lot of talented to play the bass guitar.

She could remember how to play the bass guitar in 1 hours. Already she can play the song called isn’t she lovely by stevie wonder. I think I am a good bass instructor while.♪

She looked very fun.  When I look at her, I was also very fun.  And I could learned how to teach playing the bass guitar in English.



Jeff Beck tribute band@crawfish,Akasaka



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

I had a gig of Jeff Beck tribute band at crawfish in Akasaka, Tokyo.


I just came here crawfish last Sunday to see friend’s gig. I kind of like crawfish cause audience can take a seat and eat some foods.

The band member

Gt. Isamu Houda

Key. Harunobu Okubo

Ba. Juna Serita 

Dr. Daiji Okai

I am so happy to perform with them. They are Japanese ROCK legends.




1. Beck’s Bolero

2. Savoy

3. Hurricane

4. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat Brush With The Blues

5. A day in the Life


6. Where Were You

7. Big Block

8. Cause We’re Ended as Lovers

9. You Never Know

10. Sling Shot

11(encore) Blue Wind 〜Rond〜 Blue wind

12(encore) I’m going down (with the guest guitar player Makoto Takahashi)

The guitar player Isamu had a great performance as “Isa Beck”.

Of cause , I also did my best as “Juna Wilenfeld”.♪♪

However I don’t reach her feet still now… She is my idol.

Actually , JEFF BECK Night vol.2 will be presented on the 15th December!!

Crawfish’s manager decided it today!
I’ll come back to Japan on the 10th December. So it will be the first gig after study abroad in the Philippines.☆
I wanna play Red boots and scatterbrain next time.♪♪

By the way I have to clean up my room because my mother and elder sister are going to come my place tomorrow evening.
But…. I’m sleepy already………….,,,,,,,
Good night.






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SOFP@Zher the ZOO Yoyogi



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I had a gig of SHOKA OKUBO BLUES PROJECT at Zher the ZOO in Yoyogi, Tokyo today.

However the flier said SHOKA OKUBO FUNKY PROJECT…..I didn’t know that , but we might changed the band

Exactly, Emi’s drum play is so funky!! I love it.
Many fan came there, thanks.

I wanted many people to watch the gig cause the band called SHOKA OKUBO FUNKY PROJECT is so cool. I can say that with confidence!


I also sang two songs as a main vocalist today.

Great photos!
My manager MIKIMAMA also came there. I told her I have diarrhea today, too. So she brought the medicine for me… I really appreciate her kind.


I’m really gonna miss Shoka and Emi.

They are band member and close friend. I am looking forward to playing with them again when I came back to Japan.


By the way, I have a gig with Japanese legend musicians day after tomorrow.

It’s Jeff Beck tribute band.  It’ll be the last gig for me before study abroad.

Please come.☆





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UI@Suijo ongakudo in Ueno




Hey guys! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!


I had a gig with a clarinet player UI and a pianist Michiyo Yamaguchi at Yagai suijo ongakudo in Ueno, Tokyo today.
It was really beautiful day . Maybe I got a little sunburnt.


The event is the festival called SUMMER TONIC 2017.

We performed 4 songs there.

1. Feel like making love

2. Miyako no aki

3. Night view

4. Shikisai no blues

Just 4 songs, but there was bass solo every song.  Two cover song and two original song. These are kinda jazz.

Actually , I’m not so good at jazz. However I think I could better performed.✨

Thanks for coming.☆

We enjoyed eating while break time.



After the gig, I went to Akasaka CRAWFISH to see my friend’s gig.

The leader&vocalist Richard invited me, but it is the first time I meet   We knew each other on Facebook.

And I know other musicians. They are great .

The gig was really cool. I loved it .

The bass guitar player was Yusuke Morita. I’m a big fan of him!! I was looking forward to seeing his play. I have seen him at a jam session. Then I was really impressed by him.

When the break time, He talked to me .

『 Hey, you are Juna,right? I often watch your videos of playing the bass guitar and workout on instagram.!』

Lol ..  I didn’t know that he know me. Really happy♪♪ workout always makes me happy♪♪

I had a great day. !!






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Juan’s session @ SOMETHIN jazz club in Ikebukuro




Hey guys! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

I had a rehearsal of SHOKA OKUBO BLUES PROJECT in the afternoon.

I don’t know why we are left side…

Maybe we’ll perform new cover song. I also might sing a little.(^0^)

Please manage your schedule for coming to the gig!! lol


After that, there was “Juna ‘s session ” at SOMETHIN’ Jazz club B2 in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

I am a host and leader at the session.

Guitar player Ko couldn’t finish recording before the jam session, so he couldn’t come.  However a great keyboard player Ryutaro Kano got be a host instead . Really thanks. He is still 21 year old, but has many phrase and ideas with keyboard.

It was great session. !!


And my friend Suren came there from Los Angels .

He is a mandolin player . I knew him each other at NAMM 2017.  I was happy to met him again.

I wanna go to NAMM 2018,too. But I’m not sure weather I can make it…





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session host @Nishiogikubo w.jaz



Hey guys! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!



I was a session host with the member at w.jaz in Nishiogikubo,Tokyo.

Keyboard: Yuri Edo

Drums : Masayo Nakahata

Bass: Juna Serita


Actually I had a teeth pain in the afternoon, it was a hard time. However when I was playing the bass guitar at the session, I forgot that I have the pain.

Probably I should keep playing the bass all day…

The jam was so fun! I miss you guys ’cause I won’t be able to see you guys for a while.

Oh, suddenly a vocalist talked to me in English there.  I’m sure that he is good at English , He always sing English songs and posts the comment in English on my SNS . I couldn’t response so quickly. I was  However It was a good practice for me, thanks. He is always smart and has a good sense of humor. My good friend.♪


And fan gave me foods , protein , cute T shirts  as presents.

This is very popular sandwich among women. I’ve never eaten this, but I have just heard and watched about it .

It was difficult to eat elegantly because it’s so big. But very healthy and delicious!! I liked it.

And T shirt and protein!!

I heard that the protein is the most delicious  as far as he knows. When I came back to home, I tried! Exactly, it was fantastic!! I was very impressed.  I’ll treasure it.

I don’t have the photo of T shirts, but the shop name is…




Am I park・・・・・!?


Anyway, I’ll wear this while study abroad !







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