Jimmy Kimmel Live





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I went to see JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE in Hollywood with Emi!!

Thanks Toshi-san for inviting us!!

Everything was so exciting . There are too many things that I don’t know in the world.

The dope vocalist Amy Keys !! She is soo sexy!!!


So …. I couldn’t introduce myself “sexy bass player” in front of her…lol

It was fantastic time.


I didn’t know how the house band is performing while shooting TV show.  It was very interesting.

And I couldn’t believe that Japanese guitar player is playing here.  Awesome Toshi Yanagi !!!



And I and Emi went to the Rainbow at night because my friend told me jam session takes place there.

I sat in!!  This session was completely free-style.  I got new friends ,too.






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NAMM show 2018







Hey guys!!  I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I really enjoyed NAMM show 2018!!

First, I performed at D’Angelico guitar booth with Matt Schofield and Tomo Fujita!!

Thanks Matt for inviting me to perform there !! I ‘m so glad that I could play with you guys again!!!

And the following day, I performed at Vemuram booth with Adam Miller!! I really like his guitar tone!!

Then I borrowed basses from Freedom guitar and MAJESTE!!

Both of them are so nice!! Some people were interested in not only pedal,but also bass guitar!!  Because of these great products…♪!!

Thanks Adam !! I hope see you and play again this year in Japan or somewhere!!


And the last day, I and Emi performed at ATV booth. This booth is for electric drums. But there is a person who making bass guitar , so they invited me to demonstrate with Emi.

The jamming with Emi is always fun!! I was just enjoying in spite of that I usually don’t play 5strings bass.


I was interested in 6 strings…. but 5strings is also nice ; ) !!!


Thanks everyone!!!



See you next NAMM!





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Performed at Back Stage.



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a performance at Back Stage in Culver City, Los Angels !

Thanks Toshi Yanagi for inviting me to perform there!!!

Actually it’s my first time to meet the other band member except Toshi.  However everyone was very sweet!!

I really appreciate .

Before performance, I was a little nervous because it is my first time to perform in LA.  But I really enjoyed it.


Thanks all member

Vo.King Chris

Gt. Tosh Yanagi


Dr. Jonathan


I wanna perform with you guys again ; ) !!


See ya!





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Studio jam


Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Today was also superb for me!!

I went to  a studio in Hollywood for jamming.  I went there with Uber, but I lost after getting out the car…. lol

A person who walking on the road told me how to get to the studio. Thanks man! He saved me.

When I arrived there , the jam is already started . There are many fantastic players in the room … I was wondering why I’m here…lol

He is one of the greatest bass players called Will Rob.

I just met him today. When he played my fender jazz bass, the sound was totally different…!!!!!! Oh my goodness… I really like his groove.!!

I had some sessions , but I have only a video.



The member is

Bass: Juna Serita

Drums: Josh  JBake Baker

Guitar: Mike Lis

Drums: Payge Cooper


It was really nice meeting.

I could exactly understand that I need to learn music more….; (



Thanks everyone !!!



See ya ; ) !!




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Singer night




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


The shared house that I live in LA  is so nice.   There are many kinds of people .

The best funny guy from India often recommend it to me . lol

It is not so special… but I feel that I want a little more. lol


Today I went to a night club in Hollywood  to see live performance. It it called Singer Night.



I really enjoyed that.



Sorry my camera seems drunk … That’s why the video is shaking ..


The sounds are very good both yesterday and today because I could hear all instruments . I feel it is not usual in Japan actually ….  The priority is totally different.  Surely I can understand the reason,too.

To be honest I prefer here .


See ya.




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SOFP@Nagoya Osu ell. SIZE





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



SHOKA OKUBO FUNKY PROJECT tour started today at Nagoya ell.SIZE in Aichi!


After sound check , we went to our favorite coffee for killing time.

I ordered grilled chicken and avocado .

It was yummy and healthy : )



We performed 9 songs includes anchor .



1 Do the funky

2 People say

3 I wanna take a limo

4 I pray for world peace

5 Halleluja

6 Who did you think I was

7 Crocodile Tears

8 The jam

9(anchor) No one to run with





Some SORAMIMIst who live in Nagoya also came there.  I’m so happy that I could see them again even though girls band SORAMIMI stopped.

And Thanks for great presents!!


I didn’t feel nervous so much this time . The performance with Shoka and Emi was very fine.

We really enjoyed after-party , too.  I and Shoka will come to Nagoya on March 14th with a drummer Makotomo.

Please book your schedule now ; ) !!

See ya!




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Bass battle with my hero Jino




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today , I went to  Mobius Yotsuya for jam session.  One of the host members Kazui invited me . I have met him only once but he was very impressive  because of his cool bass playing. I realized soon that he loves Marcus Miller from his phrase. ; )

He is Kenji “Jino” Hino’s disciple . I was really looking forward to seeing Jino, too.(He is also the host member.)

It’s been about 1 year since I took his lesson in Ikebukuro  .   I’m a big fan of his fantastic groove.


When I arrived there , it was already full of people and the session was a blast!!


On my tern, I performed with Jino.


Slap bass battle Juna VS Jino……. !?!?



ohhhhhhh  He beat me…  ; (  lol    Then I felt nervous and was sweating .

I wanna beat him someday….. ; (!!!

Anyhow I’m so happy that I could see his bass play for the first time in a while.


I need to practice more by the time I battle him next……!!



See ya ; )








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Have I improved….?





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Actually I’m afraid whether I could improve or not .

I can’t say about it exactly , but I have a result of test .  It may be clue, right? :)


I’ve studied  in IELTS course for 6 weeks.

First,my enroll exam result was


Listening: 3.0

Reading: 3.0

Writing: 3.5

Speaking: 4.0

Overall band: 3.5


And the final exam result…

Listening: 4.5 (1.5↑)

Reading: 4.5(1.5↑)

Writing: 5.0(1.5↑)

Speaking: 5 (1.0↑)

Overall Band: 5 (1.5↑)










Nothing special …. : (   So of course  I can’t be satisfied .


I wanna take part in official exam in near future ; ) ♪


Break a leg♪





TODAY’S workout

3sets of 2 min pranking 

3sets of 1min side pranking





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day82~I’m STUPID ; ( ~





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I left this international school.

Many friends told me they will miss me.  I can’t believe why I have so many friends now.  I’m so lucky that I could get to know you guys ; ) !!


And also I already got my diploma , but I just wanted to say good by and give letters to my teachers . So I went each classes.

They gave some present and letter …. I’ve never expected that….

I don’t wanna read it otherwise  I  will be keen to stay here longer  …lol

I’m going bananas !! Those will be my treasures .  ; ( !!!

And also we enjoyed final volleyball game and pizza party.

I’m pretty sure I’m always laughing here because of you guys.


And I got some pictures taken with my sweet roommates.

They all are so kind to me all the time even though I walk in our room without clothes after taking shower. : D

And also they accept that I practice playing the bass guitar and singing at the balcony . Actually I’m often afraid whether I’m noisy or not.  Sorry, and Thank you!!

She is my Vietnamese batch-mate Sarah  .

She really knows my act well. To get a terrible diarrhea one term  a month , being so tired after changed course everyday . Above them she often told me her opinion as an advice . I ‘m so grad to be cared by you .  I’m gonna miss your shining smile so much…..


Thanks for good memories …!!!!


When I leave here, many friends came to the front of gate to say “good bye” to me.   Time flies truly .

I’ll never forget you all ; ( !!!


And then  my close friend Pai saw me off the bus station.   I said to her that go ahead please ’cause I’ll feel so lonely if I stay with her anymore.  After I got in the bus, she went.





Thanks  my friends everything.  


 I’ll never forget you all  .





























Then,  a woman was sitting on my seat.



Juna「Excuse me..? Is it your seat….? because my number is 2C .」

Filipino「I’m also 2 C

Juna & Filipino「???? why????」

Filipino「I’ll look for stuff and ask.」

Juna「Okey I should go with you.」


We found the stuff at  front of the door . Then there were some people who I know . Surprisingly they ware my school’s friends in addition, one of them also had a number “2C”….. lol

Seems like triple booking…  Exactly our all seat was 2C and the departure was  7 PM…..



Suddenly the stuff said to me




「Is it yours?  It is 9th.   Tomorrow  tomorrow.  Today is 8th .」
































Are you kidding me……!?









Yes, he was right.

I had perfectly misunderstood that today is 9th .


Therefore, I took a taxi and came back to the school……. Of course, the security guard was wondering why I came back…

I’m so embarrassed !!! ; (


I already told my many friends “GOOD BYE” and they saw me off in front of the gate!!

And  I LEFT  !!!

However I’m still in the school …… it’s too weird ….  my gush what a stupid woman I am .…. ; (   ; (  ; (   Which means I’ll stay here tonight , too.

I don’t wanna see my friends anymore . lol







Just now my friend Pai sent a message to me “I forgot take your ID card!!”.

She was asking me that she want my school ID card when I leave here as a memory.



Juna「Don’t worry.  See you soon.」


Pei 「・・・・・・・」


Pei「Yes… see you soon.」






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day81~graduation ceremony ~



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




papaya/boiled egg / sausage /bread / stir fried rice / soup / a cup of coffee /


kimchi  / broccoli  and cauliflower / stir fried pork / spinach / bean sprout soup /


kimchi  / stir fried pork / stir fried  vegetables  /  dumpling /


Today I had a graduation ceremony in the school.

There are many teachers that I love here.


My night group speaking class’s teacher and classmate!!

We everyday have debate each topic. The teacher is so smart ’cause she always can read what I want say . So when I’m not sure how to express my opinion in English she helps me kindly . Without question , she is an expert!!



My reading teacher Teacher Weng !!

She is a very attractive woman . First I couldn’t find out the correct answer at all in the class.  Even though, it was 1 out of 10, she always tells me 「Uhn…… It’s okey!  not zero !!! 」. lol  Above all, the inside of her room smells so good!!


My group night class (vocabulary ? maybe) Teacher Nap

I have never seen that he blinks ….  In my case I usually blink 5 times in 10 seconds . So I do respect him !!! And his handouts are very useful .


And my 1 on 1 listening  teacher .

Oh but her class just started 3 days ago actually …  I’m sorry to say but I don’t know her name … However , I think this is destiny ’cause we have a lot in common . Especially ,she is much more familiar with black music than me. And her character is also quite unique . That is why I’m into her so much the fact that I’ve just met her.

And my 1 on 1 writing teacher .

She is like my elder sister , but when I called her “sister”, she said 「No! I’m not your sister!!」.lol  I feel lonely …  She is sometimes so hard on me especially when I have some mistakes in my sentences and my writing is too beautiful . Although , it is also one of her charms I think. Today she shared her coffee and pieces of cookies for me . In fact she is kind of  gentle!!

And from the back, teacher Maggie (my 1 on 1 speaking teacher), Juna , and … sorry I don’t know this teacher’s name but today we had a lively conversation  with girls’ talk ; D

The first impression on meeting of teacher Maggie is that she is a good dancer . To be honest I didn’t know how to close to her at first because she looked quite funny , and also very  popular person among either teachers or students.  I’m kind of shy and not outgoing.  So for me, she is like an alien . but now I can talk everything to her .  Something deep,  serious, dirty , and so on … lol  She is not only my teacher ,but also great friend!!


And I changed cause semi-sparta  to IELTS 6 weeks ago. I loved all semi-sparta  teacher ,too. !!!!



I’ll never forget you guys : D




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