Juna ‘s Kitchen




Hey guys!! I’m a chef of my home , Juna Serita!!

In Japan , many  event got canceled because of corona . So now I have more time to be at home. cooking is kinda my hobby (sometimes feels pain in the ass but when I have time basically I wanna cook for saving money , also for health ).

My recent cooking after coming back from the US.


Stake bowl (tomato, purple onion , cabbage , stake , rice ) and seaweed soup


half rare egg udon(Japanese nuudle ) with seaweed, stake and salada (tomato , cabbage , purple onion )


salada(tomato, cabbage , purple onion , tuna), chicken cooked with mayonnaise and noodle soup , canned mackerel , rice

sea weed soup , salad (cabbage , purple onion , tuna) , egg with sausage , tomato, tomato spaghetti .

I maybe like cooking more than eating .  well , you know  I kinda feel like the same way with guy’s feeling after sex when I’ve done cooking.   While I’m cooking , I’m pretty excited . My brain and mind is kinda high .  but when I finish, makes me feel like I came back to the real life …   Of course I do love to eat tho : )




BTW The strings company called “ Pitbull strings “ that I recently got endorsement, updated their website and my picture is also on it !


Please check it out !

And I’m really excited because this month I have tons of recording with this strings ! You will see how it sounds




See ya!!!



Juna Serita ” The Princess of Funk “official Music Video 





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jam session @ Tokyo Club in Hongo






Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Today’s Juna ‘s Kitchen : ) !!

Recently I’ve been working really hard because I gotta save more money for making my own CD.  My schedules are hectic by work and making body and learning .  but I think when I’m especially busy , I especially need to take care of my health . That’s why I’ve been cooking by myself .




At night I had a jam session as a host member .

It’s the session that we play jazz standard with any feel except swig.  Unique .

My buddy vocalist Andrew also came out !

I do love the MY FUNNY VALENTINE that he sang today . It was amazing.

And I have a happy news for you guys !!

One of my students debut as a bass guitar player at the jam session !!!

For him,it’s the first time to  join a  jam session .

I’m so proud of him . He played very well with professional musicians.


I’m glad to see my student’s improving .


See ya!!!



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Juna’s Kitchen



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I was feeling … Recently I always cook same stuff…. Not variety at all…..


So today I cooked pasta.

stir fry tuna, green onion , green pepper , spinach with salt ,pepper , sesame oil .

put boiled  pasta in it and put soy source .


done !!

It’s pasta but still healthy . you can take vegetable  , you can take protein from tuna. I’ve been trying to gain weight for having big ass but also trying to stay healthy .


See ya!!






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Thursday Live !! @ Ropponngi La Vie en Rose






Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I actually moved to new room which is in central Tokyo . It’s expensive but I though now I really need more time for music  than money . If I got more time to practice I’ll be able to earn more . So it’s kinda investment in my opinion .

Anyway as I said , the rent is way too expensive for me . Then I ended up to cook every meal at home for saving money .(And also for my health )


Today’s Juna’s Kitchen !!


・1/2 tomato

・sunny lettuce (one leaf or half )


・a slice of bread 


・olive oil


・melty cheese 



① put olive oil and mayonnaise on the bread

(I’m trying to be healthy but if I say about the taste, you should put  mayonnaise a little more.)

②Put sunny lettuce and tomato and sausage !

③Put cheese on it and rap and pop it in the microwave ♪

④If you see the cheese is melted , it’s done !!! (soon )

yeeeeeey   I and my mom call it “pizza toast ” .

When I lived in my parents house , my mom often cooked it for me.


And …I heated    rest of sausage and mixed egg (I was actually gonna put everything on the bread but it was  too much lol ).




You can cook today’s my meal within 10 minutes . Please try when you have no time ; )






Today I had a gig named Thursday LIVE!! at Roppongi La Vie en Rose.

This event is session gig . all female musicians .  And if you’re musician and know someone each other  , you  can sit in with some standard song ; )

I’ve performed at the event for about 3months . However , unfortunately we can’t continue this event anymore here this is because the building will be broken down .  I’m sad but I really appreciate for involving me to the event .

We played tons of songs today too. Thanks for coming see our performance everyone  !! The venue got packed and I feel sorry to the people who couldn’t have seat ..; (

I hope the event Thursday LIVE!! can take place somewhere else : )

See ya!!!

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 Juna and The Sauce @下北沢RPM

Sunday Afternoon Show

~ Juna and The Sauce & ごさきりかこtrio 〜

予約3,500yen / 当日4,000 yen

12:30 open 13:00 start


TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI after Motion Blue@ 渋谷Terraplane

4月5日(金)19時開場 19時半ごろ開演
当日 3500円+1ドリンク





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