America tour day 12 ~LA~







Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I went to my friend  drummer Manuel ‘s birthday party !!

We had taco, drink , etc  and then had jam at his home studio too !


I’m  kinda surprised he has a great studio like this ! Superb !

We enjoyed jamming till after midnight .

bass : Juna Serita

drums :  Manuel Rangel

keyboard :  Ruslan Sirota

keyboard :  Randy EMATA


One of my favorite bass guitar players Ana Karin was also there ! Do love her groove !

Anyway , HBD Manuel !! Hope you have a great year !

See ya!!


Juna Serita ” The Princess of Funk “official Music Video 





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Juna Serita “The Princess of Funk” EP release show @ BLUE MOOD Tokyo



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a show at Shiodome  BLUE MOOD which is my EP release event !!!

I brought two bass guitars because it’s such a special day , you know.

The venue was packed, I really appreciate that you guys came down today !!

Today’s setlist was half original song / half cover song ,  and also half bass&vocal song / half instrumental song.

I want to know which song you liked most !

at the 2nd set, I changed the cloth .

It’s exactly the same with my CD jacket !!

When my mom saw the CD jacket , she  asked me

” Wow … that is great but did the camera-man say “show your boobs more “?? “ .

I said ” Nope , just  I did “.

I’m kinda sorry because there are many people who hate see my boobs (don’t worry  , it’s not the exact part at all.)too.

I don’t mean to show my body , but I just prefer  sexy costume. That’s my type. That’s  my imagination of STAR , you know … like Lady Gaga, Prince, Beyoncé,etc.

( but when I danced  , I realized  I need a little more cloth …it was a little dangerous .lol)

After the show, many people say some thing good about my all band member !!


Keyboard , De-Hi

Guitar , Takoyaki

Sax , Harumo Imai

Drums , MiMi


As a produser (me ), I’m so glad ! I’m  so proud of the members .

We ‘re gonna have the next gig at Yokohama Paradise cafe on October 26 th .

That’s gonna be greater than today!!


About CD, now I’m thinking of online shopping , shipping ,etc… too. Please wait for a little while if you wanna  have but you can’t afford to come to my show . ; )! I’ll figure out.


See ya!!!


Juna Serita ” The Princess of Funk “official Music Video 


【Juna Serita Schedule】



2019.10.26 @  Yokohama paradise cafe .

Open 18:30 Start 19:30 2ステージ 途中休憩あり
MC : 予約 3,000円 当日 3,500円 (税込・飲食代別)
Juna Serita (Bass & Vocal)  / 福岡丈明 (Guitar & Vocal)  / 杉浦秀明 (Keyboard & Vocal)  / MiMi (Drums & Vocal)




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Hey guys! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a rehearsal of SOFP(SHOKA OKUBO FUNKY PROJECT) .


Guitar&Vocal : Shoka Okubo

Bass: Juna Serita

Drums: Emi Yonekubo


This is my favorite T-shirts ; )! Comfy.  You can’t see it, but it is written “aides” , adidas of fake.  In Japanese ,the meaning of “ai des” is “This is love “.lol


We will have a performance at the US base  28th afternoon  .

We’re gonna performa about 15 songs…? maybe.


At the night(28th) I’ll have a jam session as host member at Okachimachi-jam session : )! That’s J-pop session.  Let’s jam with us ; )!


After the rehearsal , I had a performance at Giga bar Tokyo .

Do you know the song? Dancing’ Queen – ABBA

I’m  shy to show my double chin while I’m playing the bass guitar .  That’s why I set the camera this position to avoid show my  face…. lol


See ya !!


_________Pickup event schedules ________


💖4/30 yolis&Juna session@SOMETHIN’ JAZZ CLUB B2 in Ikebukuro

Host member  Vocal:yolis / Bass: Juna Serita / Drums : Masatoshi Kanazawa/Guitar:Ryan Carter/Keyboard : Nobuhiro Takamoto/

20:00~ 23:00 charge 1,100 yen , 3drink 1,100 yen

💖5/20 Lab.  LIVE@ Fussa Cafe de Noel

💖6/24 yolis & Juna LIVE @Jiyugaoka hiphen




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Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today’s meal menu


smoothy (protein + acai+milk+soy-milk+green juice)/apple/

lunch: cream stew/avocado /almond /


snack :vienna sausage /cheese /cream puff /



Today I went to Shibuya for buying new costume .

First, I couldn’t beat my appetite…  So got in dumpling restaurant .

It is deep fried dumpling , deep fried chicken , and some vegetables …   These were nice but frankly speaking I prefer more natural tastes. (For me it was kinda salty.)

But other menu (baked dumpling and boiled dumpling )was fantastic!!

If I have a opportunity, I ‘ll come here again ; ) !!


overtime, I visited SHIBUYA 109 but there is  no my cup of tea and also expensive…

So I went to FOREVER 24 after 109.

There ware many clothes that I like!!

It’s so elegant !!!! Don’t you think so?

I’m a little worried whether I got fat too much or not…. ; (

Anyhow I can’t wait to wear my new costume ; )!!!!!



At night , I had a meeting with a guitar player Atsushi Shido for gig in April .

According to him, the gig ill be kinda metal music.

I’m looking forward to playing it because usually I don’t have a opportunity to play metal music on the stage. : )


Anyway, I have final gig in 2017 tomorrow .

Have a nice year everyone.




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day80~wearing shorts is taboo in Baguio City ..?~



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




apple / stir fried rice / sausage and egg sandwich / soup / coffee /


sweet corn  salad / vegetables  / kimchi / vermicelli soup / deep fried chicken /


tomato / spinach / potato / coiled chicken / miso-soup / kimchi /


Today I was wearing shorts ’cause my all long pants have gone to laundry .

When I got in the classroom, my writing teacher told me “Please wear long pants!!”

It beat me why teacher said so.  I just asked why I need to do that, and I like shorts.

Then the teacher explained the reason.


「There is saying that

Magsaysay got extended because of tourist wearing pek-pek shorts . 」

First , I didn’t understand what she meant .

According to her, Magsaysay is name of the road in Baguio , Philippines , and  many prostitutes who wearing shorts and sleeveless  stand on the road to catch men .

Nowadays a lot of tourists including me wearing shorts in Baguio  , And majority of  residents  don’t wear it.

That’s why a parson said the line got extended by tourists.


The meaning of “pek-pek”is female genitalia in Tagalog .


Oh I didn’t know about it at all….


We shouldn’t wear shorts in Baguio.  She said in Manila and Cebu are no problem .


Now and then  the difference of culture is difficult …..



See ya!




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I arrived.



Hey guys, I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!

Finally, I arrived a dorm in the Baguio, Philippines.
The flight was not bad.  I was watching movie called dream girls on Netflix. There are many fun songs, I’m gonna try to sing later. I liked.♪
In- flight meal.
Maybe it’s Filipino dish , right?
If I eat rice, I prefer this type to Japanese rice.
It was interesting to look at the view.

I was excited.♪
In the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, I think there isn’t immigration mostly. Very surprised..
And many people in the Philippines  was singing while  And has good voice…lol
I’m really interested in this people .
I ate dinner there.
Sate noodles. It was 150 peso . It made of beef and noodles.
Many Japanese people told me that Filipino foods is not yummy, but I didn’t think so.
I kinda like it! It was a little spicy. Good .
After that, I took a bus to Baguio.  It was too cold… I hate cold place.
A man next to me is wearing same clothes with me…
How can I say like this feelings….
My new life style will start tomorrow.  Good night.

Session host@JAM SESSION in Okachimachi



Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



Recently I’m crush on this clothes.

The top is 1980 yen,the skinny pants is 1980 yen.♪ Very cheap , isn’t it?

When I went back to my hometown, I bought them at the shop called Honeys.

Some women around me said that I shouldn’t buy clothes at Honeys, I should choos higher shop because I’m not child already.(;0;)


By the way, I had a jam session at JAM SESSION in Okachimachi,Tokyo.

The host member

guitar : Naoto Saito / bass : Juna Serita / Drum : Ai Otsuka /

There were many great musicians, thanks for coming!

Oh, I played September (Earth, Wind & Fire) then !! I love this song. I had no chance to play this song recently.  I’m happy♪

We enjoyed  fun sessions for around 5 hours.  I might have good sleep tonight….




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Hey guys! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!


I was wearing kimono because there was my sister’s wedding party in the afternoon !

I could see many people for the first time in a while.

I and Momo chan are the same age. She is my cousin. We used to hangout together when we were young .

And he is Jho kun, her younger brother. He is good at baseball.
I didn’t take photos at all in the wedding, but Momo chan gave me many great photos she took.

My sister said no problem, so I can show them you guys on this blog.

My sister seemed to be really happy. Her husband looked kind. I heard that he is 24years older than her. I also like older man. After all, I and she are sisters.

It was great time. Congratulations Hitomi. She was really beautiful .

And I could enjoy having many delicious foods as cheat day.♪♪ I ate cakes and bread for the first time in a while. Pizza I made yesterday,too.
I have to go back Tokyo tomorrow.
I’ll be busy again.

Many people said that I am cute when I was wearing kimono.

However, I prefer this fashion…… lol




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Sounds like chicken





Hey guys! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I got a movie of day before yesterday’s gig, so I uploaded on instagram! Did you know that?

Juna Serita’s bass play……

I used this pedal !! Nice sound!!

I don’t use pedals so often, but it is very fun! I might use it sometime.


And I had a rehearsal of sounds like chicken at studio PENTA in Gotanda!

The vocalist Chris suggested us to take photo like a publicity shot.

How is it….?

Oh, today’s my fashion…..


T shirt  : 315 yen

short shorts  : 1200 yen

shoes : 500 yen

Really cheap!!!

But I had better chose better fashion if take photo…lol


I’ll perform with the member at Yokosuka on 24th August.

We had a gig last month, too. It was very fun. So I am looking forward to the next gig,too!!

Maybe we’ll play 20~30 songs.



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