Rehearsal day





Hey guys!!!  I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a rehearsal for Akane Tajima’s gig!

Recently I don’t play with singer song writer so often actually . So that’s kinda rare..♪

The band will perform day after tomorrow at Shimokitazawa club 251 !

Her all lyrics are fantastic .
She is singing about girl’s feelings. I exactly agree with her lyrics…; (

After the rehearsal we ate udon.

I came back to Japan but I’m really missing American hamburger… And also warm temperature, warm people, etc …


Btw tomorrow I’m gonna be session host at Shimokitazawa RPM.  That’s blues session probably.

I wanna play with many musicians, so I hope you will come !!



See ya





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Baked potato





Hey guys!!  I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today, first I went to a church called INTER NATIONAL CHRISTIAN CENTER because my brother bass player Lin Yuki performed there .


It was a big church , I  hadn’t expected like that.  According to him, this is  Nigerian church . I liked their music so much.

And after taking nap, I went to the Baked Potato to see a Japanese guitar player Toshi Yanagi.

That was Armand Sabal-Lecco’s live show.

I didn’t have much information about him but I was very impressed by him. Feels like he’s just doing his shit !! Badass bass player.

And I shared with a guy who had a seat next to me. He is a guitar player called Polo . Is from Japan but now he lives in LA with artist VISA.

It was so delicious ♡ Thanks Polo!!   but I can’t trust that these are one person’s shere…lol   so big…lol


And I’m so happy that I could meet the awesome guitar player Toshi Yanagi finally !!!

I really liked his bending!!! And he is not only the great guitar player , but also nice guy!!!  Thanks for your kindness!!


And I ran into a dope bass players Robert Trujill from Metallica!


I’d never expected that I can meet him there.


And midnight , I went to Seventy 7th to see Loud as Funk.

I can’t help dancing  cause of their fuckin’ cool groove!!


I might come here every week .

Some musicians sat in .



There are too many nice musicians here…. Fantastic………






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SOFP solo live @SO.Ra day 2


Hey guys!!  I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Today is the final day for music tour. ; ( Time flies.  Without question, this tour is the best that I’ve ever had. !!!  Soooo fine !!!


1 I wanna take a limo

2  Drive my car

3 I pray for world

4 Who did you think I was

5 Baby I like what your doing

7 Deep breath

8 Hard to handle

9 Rollin and tumble

10 I’m yours and I’m hers

11 listen to the music

13 Route 66

14 Hallelujah

15 Soul shine

16 Crocodile tears

17 The jam


18 いやんなった(iyannnatta)

19 Do the funky

Yesterday I sang “I’m ready” and  “Baby I like that your doing” but today I changed “I’m ready” to “Route66”.

It’s the first time in a while that I sang this song. After all I like it ; )

Thank you everyone for coming to our gig!!  I and Shoka will come to Osaka in March again with drummer Makotomo. : )

After the gig , SO.Ra’s boss gave us “butaman”….!!! Wooooooooow    It is also one of Osaka local foods I think.

Thanks Tsuda-san!!

Anyway, I really enjoyed this tour . That was the best that I’ve ever had.   I don’t have a plan to perform with Emi as SHOKA OKUBO FUNKY PROJECT but I can play with her in LA ; )!!!  I can’t wait LA trip ….

See ya!!!






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Happy birthday to me





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


My dad brought crabs to me as present(?)

yeeeehhhhh ; ) !

I don’t have gorgeous osechi ryori but I feel so happy!!

And my mom made pumpkin cake for me instead creamy cake because I’m on a diet.

It’s healthy but natural sweet tastes !!!

Very matches soy latte .

And my fan gave me birthday present at the last gig!!!

woooooooooow it’s very useful!!!   I wanna try it in rehearsal studio with big bass amp sooner !!


And my grandmother gave me money ; ( !    I’m so poor still now in spite of that I’m not a student already…. lol




I took my parents to a omelette and rice restaurant .

I’m so happy that my mom looked fine . However my dad was saying that for him the volume is not good enough at all …

He is quite overweight  , so I ‘m really afraid his health. I want him to take care and I told him it again and again but he has never accepted my suggestion ……


And my elder sister gave me a one-piece dress through my mom .

According to my sis, it is the  same with hers.

I’m looking forward to walking  by her side with the cloth .   ; )!




See ya.





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Yuya Uchida New Year World Rock Festival





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I performed  as SHOKA OKUBO BLUES PROJECT featuring Chihana at Yuya Uchida New Year World Rock Festival in Ginza Hakuhinkan.


After sound check, I went to Soba restaurant with Shoka . In Japan, we usually eat Soba (is kinda noodle)at the end of year. It’s Japanese culture.

However , I ate katudon(deep fried pork on the rice )instead soba because it looked very delicious.   Shaka was wondering why I don’t eat soba…lol

I’m satisfied with it♪♪

Anyway, I’m so happy to perform here again!!

Perhaps majority of people must be  so busy today but thanks a million for choosing to come to the gig!!

Today’s member

Gt.Vo Shoa Okubo & Chihana

Ba.Cho Juna Serita

Dr.  Makotomo Sonohara

It was fun time. I really enjoyed the performance.

If you couldn’t see it , you can check on TV on January 7th. ; )

SHOKA OKUBO FUNKY PROJECT’s drummer Emi Yonekubo came to see us ; )!

I was really missing Emi !!!!! She is one of my few friends…!!  Shaka , Juna and Emi will go on tour  in January . I’m looking forward to performing with Emi again.


All acts were awesome. Especially I’m really inspired by Naoto Takenaka’s performance .

In my opinion , he is very famous as an actor . Today he was not only singer , but also entertainer !!!  And he smells pretty good actually….♪


Thanks Mr. Rock’n Roller Yuya Uchida for inviting us.

I wanna perform next year, too…♪

Happy new year you all!!

See ya.






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Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today’s meal menu


smoothy (protein + acai+milk+soy-milk+green juice)/apple/

lunch: cream stew/avocado /almond /


snack :vienna sausage /cheese /cream puff /



Today I went to Shibuya for buying new costume .

First, I couldn’t beat my appetite…  So got in dumpling restaurant .

It is deep fried dumpling , deep fried chicken , and some vegetables …   These were nice but frankly speaking I prefer more natural tastes. (For me it was kinda salty.)

But other menu (baked dumpling and boiled dumpling )was fantastic!!

If I have a opportunity, I ‘ll come here again ; ) !!


overtime, I visited SHIBUYA 109 but there is  no my cup of tea and also expensive…

So I went to FOREVER 24 after 109.

There ware many clothes that I like!!

It’s so elegant !!!! Don’t you think so?

I’m a little worried whether I got fat too much or not…. ; (

Anyhow I can’t wait to wear my new costume ; )!!!!!



At night , I had a meeting with a guitar player Atsushi Shido for gig in April .

According to him, the gig ill be kinda metal music.

I’m looking forward to playing it because usually I don’t have a opportunity to play metal music on the stage. : )


Anyway, I have final gig in 2017 tomorrow .

Have a nice year everyone.




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Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



I was writing music score all day.   When I do it , usually I have too much appetite…..

I thought I ate too much, so I went the gym late night.


I learned how to do it based the video on youtube and it is my first time to do it .

Watching workout video is my cup of tea lately .

The most difficult part  that I have muscle pain by workout is abs. Especially abdomen muscle.

So if you have some favorite workout for building abdomen muscle , let me know!



See ya.







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After all fender jazz bass is my best gear.






Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




smoothie (2 spoonfuls of protein + soy milk + a bit of milk+ amaze )/ orange / banana/


liver sick /tomato / kimchi and natto / curry /


cabbage soup / stirred pork and vegetables (red bell pepper / maitake mushroom / eggplant )/to-fu / sushi in wrapped fried in to-fu/



I’m over the moon ’cause I could play my main gear Fender jazz bass finally!!!!



Juna Seritaさんの投稿 2017年12月11日(月)


I brought my ESP bass guitar in the Philippines . Of course it is not bad, but never beat this.   I’m keen to sleep with it tonight….. Perhaps everyone doesn’t know how much I was missing it!!


Although I didn’t have enough time to play it today.

I thought I took vacation  until 17th   since I wanted to focus on preparation for my gig, but seems like I did not do it and my English lesson in Japan restarted today.

I’m attending group class ,but fortunately the student was only me. lol

The teacher is  same with before.  He was interested in my experience in the Philippines.

Surely I have many stories to tell him , so we had a livery conversation.


Teacher「Is there any difference between Japan and foreign countries?」

Juna「Uhh  maybe there are many differences ….  but the things I was really surprised is  most foreigners think Japanese women are bitch . The reason is that they thought so from Japanese adult videos . Of course I told them “No” because it is just business.  The process is  depends on the person. : ( 」

Teacher 「Ahh,  I think not bitch.  Some people think just “EASY”.」

Juna「Oh.. I see. 」



I don’t wanna be easy…. lol


We had talked  for an hour without pause.

To be honest, I was always nervous when talk to him before  because I couldn’t understand what he said sometimes and also I couldn’t express what I want to say  .  However today, I almost  understood what he said . And even if I couldn’t understand, I can ask him in English and he will explain in other word.

And the reason I picked up the conversation topic on the blog in spite of the fact that we also had other topics  is that I don’t mean to like dirty topic, but I was just happy that now  I can debate like this private topic in English. : D hehe

He was very surprised at my improvement .

After the class, the stuff recommended that I transfer two levels higher class.


It sounds like very difficult…..


I ‘ll just bite the bullet .




see ya



Today’ s workout

・3sets of 30 squats

・3sets of 15 bulgarian squats

・3sets of 40 back kicks





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day82~I’m STUPID ; ( ~





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I left this international school.

Many friends told me they will miss me.  I can’t believe why I have so many friends now.  I’m so lucky that I could get to know you guys ; ) !!


And also I already got my diploma , but I just wanted to say good by and give letters to my teachers . So I went each classes.

They gave some present and letter …. I’ve never expected that….

I don’t wanna read it otherwise  I  will be keen to stay here longer  …lol

I’m going bananas !! Those will be my treasures .  ; ( !!!

And also we enjoyed final volleyball game and pizza party.

I’m pretty sure I’m always laughing here because of you guys.


And I got some pictures taken with my sweet roommates.

They all are so kind to me all the time even though I walk in our room without clothes after taking shower. : D

And also they accept that I practice playing the bass guitar and singing at the balcony . Actually I’m often afraid whether I’m noisy or not.  Sorry, and Thank you!!

She is my Vietnamese batch-mate Sarah  .

She really knows my act well. To get a terrible diarrhea one term  a month , being so tired after changed course everyday . Above them she often told me her opinion as an advice . I ‘m so grad to be cared by you .  I’m gonna miss your shining smile so much…..


Thanks for good memories …!!!!


When I leave here, many friends came to the front of gate to say “good bye” to me.   Time flies truly .

I’ll never forget you all ; ( !!!


And then  my close friend Pai saw me off the bus station.   I said to her that go ahead please ’cause I’ll feel so lonely if I stay with her anymore.  After I got in the bus, she went.





Thanks  my friends everything.  


 I’ll never forget you all  .





























Then,  a woman was sitting on my seat.



Juna「Excuse me..? Is it your seat….? because my number is 2C .」

Filipino「I’m also 2 C

Juna & Filipino「???? why????」

Filipino「I’ll look for stuff and ask.」

Juna「Okey I should go with you.」


We found the stuff at  front of the door . Then there were some people who I know . Surprisingly they ware my school’s friends in addition, one of them also had a number “2C”….. lol

Seems like triple booking…  Exactly our all seat was 2C and the departure was  7 PM…..



Suddenly the stuff said to me




「Is it yours?  It is 9th.   Tomorrow  tomorrow.  Today is 8th .」
































Are you kidding me……!?









Yes, he was right.

I had perfectly misunderstood that today is 9th .


Therefore, I took a taxi and came back to the school……. Of course, the security guard was wondering why I came back…

I’m so embarrassed !!! ; (


I already told my many friends “GOOD BYE” and they saw me off in front of the gate!!

And  I LEFT  !!!

However I’m still in the school …… it’s too weird ….  my gush what a stupid woman I am .…. ; (   ; (  ; (   Which means I’ll stay here tonight , too.

I don’t wanna see my friends anymore . lol







Just now my friend Pai sent a message to me “I forgot take your ID card!!”.

She was asking me that she want my school ID card when I leave here as a memory.



Juna「Don’t worry.  See you soon.」


Pei 「・・・・・・・」


Pei「Yes… see you soon.」






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day78~booked !!~




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




cabbage / papaya / rice porridge / pan cake /


spinach  / kimchi / deep fried to-fu / bean sprout soup / deep fried chicken /


watermelon / hamburger / stir fried vegetable and meat / seaweed soup / rice vermicelli /


Today I was looking for the room I’ll stay when I’ll be in Los Angeles .

First, I found a quite cheap dormitory near by downtown.

Which has wifi,breakfast, and so on .. but there is no laundry …  So  I was considering this and another one.

And I consulted my mother,too.   She said that I should choose a higher grade hotel  ’cause safety is most important. Above all ,she will be worried if I will choose it.

I told her that my budget is not enough at all, so  I can’t afford to spend money for accommodation  .

Then she asked me whether I know the fact that this dormitory is mixed-gender room , and she thinks  probably  there would be some guys who apply for doing “something” in the mixed-gender room.


To be honest, I overlooked the information ….lol   I’m so embarrassed : D

Of course , I shouldn’t choose it even if the male roommate is my close friend.  I don’t wanna be pregnant still now… : (

All men are always “wolf” even though I’m not an attractive woman  .   : )



And the other accommodation doesn’t say anything about the  bedroom set-up .  So I sent a message to the owner.

Juna「Hello I’ m Japanese 23 years old female Juna. How are you? The reason I go to LA is for NAMM show and I wanna look around LA’s music scene for my music learning . Your house is very clean in spite of the fact that very cheap . But I have one uneasiness . I couldn’t see the photo of the bed room . How is it??」

Owner 「Hi Juna. Don’t worry . We are brand-new house . We have room for girl.


The owner gave me response quickly . It helped me. Therefore I booked this owner’s room.

I told about it to my mother ,too.   Maybe she is relieved a little…?

Anyway, I can’t wait LA trip!!!


See you in LA or NAMM ; D






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