day18 ~ Why my skin is dark~





Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




bread / rice / sausage /soup / apple / black coffee /



corm / rice / stir fried vegetables / tomato and lettuce / kimchi / deep fried sausage / clam chowder /


tomato and cucumber ,lettuce  / beens sprout soup / rice /  deep fried vegetables / site fried vegetables / deep fried dumpling /








It was the beautiful weather this morning.

Juna「Good morning」
Teacher 「Good morning Juna. Will we have a class outside?」
Juna「Oh exactly it is nice weather. Both is okey.」
Teacher「Okey, let’s go!♪♪」

Sometimes, we have a class at the garden. I kind of like this way cause we can enjoy nice natural view during the class.

Teacher「 It’s too hot! No~~」
Juna 「Cause you are wearing a long sweater now!. It’s just right for me, I like hot places .」
Teacher「Because I don’t want to get sunburn anymore!! Your skin is also dark.」
Juna「Yeah many teacher in BECI told me I look like Filipino .」

Although , I think my skin should be not as dark as people say.

In the break time, I was just looking at the picture of me and Rocky .



Oh…. Compared with Rocky, exactly  dark. lol

A couple of days ago, my friend asked me why my skin is dark.

No reason . I didn’t mean it. I just answered .



「Having dark skin is the best way to hide my body hair.」



She looked be satisfied.♪





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day17~Baguio local restaurant ~




Hey guys!!  I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today’s  meal menu!


fresh vegetables / water melon / stir fried rice / raisin bread / soup / black coffee /



potato and meat / kimchi / cauliflower /  rice with seaweed  / deep fried vegetables / rice dumpling /





Bad news.

I got to know that my love roommate Rocky will go back to her country Korea next Tuesday. Wooow time is frying. I thought I can be with her more.

She was often saying she want to try to eat Filipino foods in the local restaurant near our school.   We don’t have much time to spend together.

So we tried today !!!

A dog and Rocky.♪

Rocky 「Can I have menu?」

Owner「Oh… We have only…..」

They have only these. Very simple.

3 kinds of stir fried meat and vegetables and soup stocked fish.

We enjoyed having dinner at the terrace seats.

The owner told us teachers of BECI(our school) also come to the restaurant often in their lunch break time.

In the terrace seats, we could see the beautiful natural view.

I love here in the Philippine. It’s much different from Tokyo.  It is always crowded with people , we are always busy..


Okey , let’s try to eat Filipino local foods!!






Ohhhh  It’s very yummy!!!! 

It’s not as special as people expect, but I’m sure it is like  mom’s home cooking of Philippines !! I like it!

And the soup tastes sour .  We were very surprised because we expected like the soup of  consomme.


The owner said to us there has pancake and coffee in the morning. It opens at 6 a.m. lol  Early…..

Rocky told me I can come there again anytime, but I will unable to enjoy without her.

She never know how important person she is .







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day16~bed making~



Hey guys !! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




Bred / sunny side up egg / stir fried rice / ra-men / apple / litchi / black coffee /



soup / deep fried potato / spinach / potato / kimchi / rice / stir fried meat and vegetables /



some green vegetables  / rice cake(?) / potato and chicken / rice / miso soup / kimchi /


I am happy to attend all classes today,too♪♪

When I come back from morning class,  my bedroom was cleaned up !!

Actually we don’t have to clean up our room ourself because it’s is one of the service from this school. How’s kind!!   That’s why all students can focus on their study.

I think this school is the best in the Philippines.

I hated to stay at  the room in the office building at first. But I’ve come to like this room. lol

Now it is very comfortable.

I’m sure that I can sleep well tonight….♪♪





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day15 ~revival~




Hey guys!  I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!






Pan cake / papaya / stir fried rice / fresh salad /  clam chowder / black coffee /



deep fried chicken / water melon and pineapple / rice / kimchi / bamboo shoot / spinach / beans sprout /



seaweed soup / stir fried noodle / rice / hamburg / kimchi / deep fried onion / broccoli and some vegetable /


Definitely I hate to be absent from all classes anymore.!!

I send Japanese manager to see if I can attend class from today.


Juna 「Can I attend class today !?!?」

Manager「How about the condition of your left eye? If it’s perfect, you can attend.  Otherwise, some students would be afraid. Is the congestion getting better?」

「(Photo)This is today’s my eye.」

「How about eye mucus?」

「I removed it this morning already. I think sometimes it come out.」

「Well, if you feel icchi or eye mucus come out , make sure to take care with a handkerchief and wash your hands every time.」


「!!! Thank you !! I’ll going now!!!!!!」

「However If some students or teachers would be  afraid, then I will not let you attend all classes again. lol  Take care! 」


As a result , I could attend all class today!!!!! REALLY HAPPY!!


Actually my eye is still kind of red. Although I can understand it’s getting better little by little.  I think it takes another 3days.


But when I stayed in the office building  alone, the chance to have English conversation with someone is few. So I was very nervous when I have to speech about my opinion in the group speaking class.

I need to undergo rehabilitation .





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day14 ~TOEIC~





Hey guys! I am  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




banana / French toast / breakfast cereal / black coffee /



Ramyun / bean sprouts / zucchini / deep fried meat..?(i’m not sure) / kimchi / rice /



egg and potato / rice / kimchi / broccoli & cauliflower / vermicelli soup / deep fried stick pork /





Do you know the exam called TOEIC??


Many people in Japan try the test for their career .

Although , we can’t use this as our career  in foreign countries. Moreover I am not a office worker .

So I have never tried TOEIC test.


In my opinion, some Japanese students don’t know how to speak well, but they have many vocables .

I considered why they have many vocabularies more than me.

Then I realized they has TOEIC score.

Yesterday, I downloaded some appreciations for English self study.

There are two application for TOEIC practice of them.

I tried the application only vocabulary check test.




The result is 









It is saying  my score is “0“.    lol

Actually, I couldn’t understand what the words mean at all.


Maybe I should try to learn the vocabularies about TOEIC, too because the Japanese people took TORIC test knows these words.


By the way , I wonder I can attend classes tomorrow…?

I paid the lesson cost already. They never give homework  or supplementary lessons despite it is not allowed that I attend all classes.


It’s not fair….. (;_;)  I paid and came here for English studies…


Today also I was studying in the office building until midnight because I hate to drop out.

Then the company stuff asked me what food I want .

Of course , I was really hungry..

So I went to buy something to the lounge with him♪ He is 3 years younger than me .

A couple of days a go, we have lively conversation about some music band.   According to me, he is already like friend.

I was going to buy my foods myself, but he said “president pays”.  Wow, how’s lucky I am♪♪

Oh, however I don’t know who president is.  I wanted to appreciate his kind.  I  remember that some friends was saying the president is very handsome.


When we came back to the office building, I know who the president is.

These days I was always studying or singing alone in the building.  Sometimes a strange taller man talked to me in Japanese or English.    For example, 「how about wifi」、 「元気?」(how are you?)、「お休みなさい」(good night), and so on..   He looked like Korean.

I have ever thought he is just a strange student.   He is the president.

After eating my foods, we ate chicken ,too. lol

When I told him that I misunderstood he is a student, he said that nobody know.

Recently I hated this school because I couldn’t attend ALL classes.  Although, the president gave me good foods and I could enjoy talking.

As a result, I got love this school.♪♪ 


Moreover, I could know about some foreign  culture through the talking.

And according to them, I can speak better than another Japanese student.  It made me have a confidence a little.


In short, I had a good time .♪






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day13~ Awesome Filipinos ~



Hey guys! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

I think… My symptom is getting worse.. My friends also said so.

And Japanese friend Novi invited me to dinner around SM shopping mall if I am okey.  I also wanted to have diner with her because she will leave the dorm  tomorrow.

I thought hospital is near there. So I decided go to hospital before meeting friends each other at SM.

First, I went to SM by taxi. After that I walked to a emergency hospital.


Actually I wasn’t sure where the hospital is. lol

Last time , I was with a teacher and she told the driver that we wanted to go to see a doctor.  And then, I was really sleepy . That’s why I couldn’t remember how to get to the hospital. Now, I am alone.

So I asked many people how to get to the  hospital. It was farer than I expected. Maybe it took around 20 minutes….?

It is emergency hospital, so I have heard that it is not so crowded. However there were many people in the hospital.

Some stuff asked me if I understand Tagalog  language .But I said NO. So we talked about my symptom in English each other.

The wait time at hospital was very long… And A parson was done a hart massage front of me… I was very surprised and couldn’t think about anything…

A middle age Filipino man next to me talked to me.  He made me a little relaxed .  I like older men after all. Thanks.

Finally, the doctor said

・Usually, conjunctivitis takes 1 week in the Philippines.

・last doctor said I have to take the eyedrops three times a day, but this doctor said I have to once in every 2 hours on first day. From next day, four times a day. So now, I have to take it four times a day.

・Just keep watch my  left eye another 5 days.

・Then If I’m not getting better, come to see  again.

After that when I asked the doctor where I pay, she said that no I don’t need to pay because she didn’t do anything to me.

Oh…. Thanks doctor…. When I went to dental clinic in Japan, they didn’t anything to me but I had to pay …

The Philippines is kindest country.

However … I forget how to back to SM   Then it was already dark.. Some stranger talked to me but I ignored and ran away. I am sure that I am also stranger   

I asked a young parson how to get to SM mall. The man came with me  to SM!! How’s kind…. I think this is not common in my country . Thanks young man! He told me he is 27 years old. very young but very organized parson.

Actually I couldn’t have dinner with friends because it took too much time in the hospital. So I ate dinner by myself at the food coat in SM.

It was around 150 PH .    It means around 370yen.


After that we met again and enjoyed drinking♪ I drunk beer tastes apple . Usually I don’t drink beer, only whisky and soda.

The beer tasted like juice. I kind of like it.

I was very happy to had a great time with friends. Probably I’m really gonna miss Novi. I was with her for just 2weeks, but I like her so much! She always helped me when I got some problems. She is like our mother and sister!

I bought some fruit for my love roommates and come back to dorm♪




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day12~ Greatest roommates  ~




Hey guys! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Many dogs and  domestic fowls start chatting from early morning. Around it’s 30 past four…lol

My place is near their place.  They made me tired..


I’m really afraid to attend all classes because if I get many vocabularies , I might get forget easier because I can’t talk with anyone… It’s not my day…


I’m not sure weather a side effect of eyedrops  . I feel sun and all light are toooooo bright. I can never open my left eye. Of course phone and PC’s screen , too.


So I couldn’t do anything… I was just sleeping in my room like a prison …


Then , my roommates had visited me.

We didn’t take pictures together before I moved to another room.

Enn(Taiwan), Rocky (Korea) , Juna (Japanese) , Jenny(Korea)

I really love you guys. I’m so happy to be with you guys for a while.

All is  very busy ,but they came to me..

Thankful , my friends. You guys are my treasure.







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Day11 ~ PRISON ~


Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



Today’s meals.



bread / salad /soup / stir fried rice / apple / black coffee /


boiled onion / spinach / beaf and banana / pan cake(?) / rice / kimchi / soup /


ddeokbokki(stir-fried rice cake,)/ kimchi / boiled egg/ rice / spinach / miso soup / mixed vegetable and seafood tempura /



After the dinner , Japanese manager called and  stopped me.

「Actually , we have to put you in quarantine because a student complained to the boss that let you don’t attend all classes and go anywhere because she hate to  get sick like you and absent from classes. So now, please go and get your things to your room for moving to another room.」



No way………


I talked to my roommate Rocky and Enn.

Both was very surprised .

Rocky suggested to take  pictures together before I move to another room.

However , roommate Jenny has not been in the room yet. So we were about to wait for her.

But I know that I am virus.  I was really sorry for being in the room I just keep standing on the floor .

And then Rocky said.

「Why !? Juna ! !  Sit down ! !   This is your room, right !?」 


How’s nice person you are…     Thanks.

Jenny didn’t come back to the room in a while, so I left the room because manager was waiting.

I also wanted to see Jenny before moving but it couldn’t helped ….




The manager「Here! Take a good rest!!!」 






Oh… looks like a prison cell ….. lol 



At the night, there is no people but I saw cockroaches more than 4 in the building already….  I have to stay here until my eye’s red color has gone away.

And I’m hoping that there are no ghosts….


I really miss my roommates and friends…




Good night.




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Day 10 ~ Go to see a Doctor ~




Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today’s meals



bread / stir fried rice / soup / coffee / banana /


salada / tomato / kimchi / rice / sweet corn / deep fried fish / soup / cucumber / apple /


soup / mixed vegetable and seafood tempura / rice / kimchi / site fried vegetables / fish /



OMG….My left eye’s pain is getting worse …


Usually, the sick  gets better after 2 to 4days. But this time it took much time already….

And I worried many people , so I asked a teacher where the  drug store is.  She taught me that it is near bakery .

When I was about to go out for seeing a doctor , I met my roommate Rocky.

R「Juna ,  are you okey?  I’m really worried about you.」

J「Yea, I’ll go to the drug store  now because it’ll close at 5:30 p.m.」

R「No!! You have to go to see a doctor!! Your left eye is very serious!!! And come on!!  Sit down here!!And incline your neck!!」

She used me an eyedrops.

R「this eyedrops   can wash your eyes. And don’t be afraid. It was made in Japan.♪♪ 」


How’s kind person Rocky….. I have never met the person like her.  And it reminded me that Rocky is a nurse in Korea.

I’m sure she is the  greatest nurse .


After that I went to see a doctor with a teacher by a taxi.

Maybe It took 15 to 20 minutes from the school…?

The hospital was private clinic. So it wasn’t so crowded.

I told to the doctor that I think I have conjunctivitis. He also told me so. And gave me eyedrops  and told me some things.

・Wash my hands often

・Take the eyedrops three times a day

・Sleep much.

And so on…


Maybe My eye’s sick will become better soon. I should take good care of my health….





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day9 ~Which do you choose ? ~




Hey guys! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today’s MEALS!!




papaya  / salada / soup / sunny side up / rice / vienna sausage



rice / spinach  / meat / rice crackers /seaweed soup / sweet potato /



spinach /rice / nikujaga / soup / rice cake (?) / cucumber / kimchi /



I have four classes every morning.

The second class’s teacher is Nhida. She is very smart. When we met each other for the first time, I thought she is kind of a quiet person . But actually, she has a lot of sense of humor and always really kind to me . So I’m looking forward to the class everyday!!

When I think how I can talk about something in English, I speak too poor English every time.

However ,then she can understand what I mean and recommend me a good way to explain .

By the way, we ware talking about some question in the class.  The best question we talked much is this one.

『Juna has chance for a big promotion ,but if you accepts you will have to move to another country for a long time , without your family. What should you do? 』


I answered 「Of cause , I’ll accept because my family always hope that I’ll go far. So I think that I succeed would be happiness of my family .」

Teacher Nhida told me that she’ll never choose the way without her family because she loves them.

Of cause , I love my family ,too. But I couldn’t explain about my real feelings…. I have to studyEnglish harder !

After that ,our topic changed family to “game”.lol

In my opinion, many Japanese male has a wife want to has “game”…What do you think about it?

Most male in Japan like younger women .  I think that’s why Japanese female hates to get another age.

Actually ,I love older men , but good guys have wife  already.

That’s the way it is…….. (;0;)






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