Jeff Beck cover live@Akasaka Crawfish




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



Today’s meal menu


tomato/ orange / smoothie (protein+soy milk + a bit of milk + amazake+ acai)


chicken stake don



Today I had Jeff Beck cover gig vol.2 at Akasaka Crawfish!

The member is the same with the last time.

Gt. Isamu Houda

Key . Harunobu Okubo

Ba. Juna Serita

Dr.Daiji Okai


They are Japanese rock legends . I ‘m so happy to perform with them again.

Today’s my setting.

・Fender jazz bass



Simple is best I think…..


We performed around 12 songs. I do love Tal Wilkenfeld , so I listened to her sound again and again. After all her groove is superb. She is my idol.

There were many difficult sounds…. it would be my training…lol

Above all, I’m pleased that I could play the bass with other musicians for the first time in a while.

I was always writing 「Hey guys! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!」, but to be honest, I was afraid whether I can call myself “bassist ” because I didn’t play the bass guitar at all in the term of studies abroad .

Finally I’ve restarted my career as a bass guitar player  : D Hey guys! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


A great guitar player called “Japanese Jeff Beck” was coming there as a audience…….His name is Hiroyuki Otsuki

And He sat in !! I never expected to meet him and perform together!!  I was going bananas!!

That was kick ass.    I had a wonderful night . : D

And thanks for gifts!!!

I’m on a diet but  I’m head over heels in love with sweets….lol   thanks!!

Next schedule(vol.3) is already booked!! March 21.

Would you come to see me ; D?


See ya!





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Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



I was writing music score all day.   When I do it , usually I have too much appetite…..

I thought I ate too much, so I went the gym late night.


I learned how to do it based the video on youtube and it is my first time to do it .

Watching workout video is my cup of tea lately .

The most difficult part  that I have muscle pain by workout is abs. Especially abdomen muscle.

So if you have some favorite workout for building abdomen muscle , let me know!



See ya.







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Saw my friend’s gig






Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


today’s meal menu


banana/ orange / smoothie (whey protein+soy milk + a bit of milk )


natto+egg/curry / tomato / cabbage soup / stir fried pork and vegetables (eggplant / red bell peppers /shiitake mushroom )

dinner(inShimokitazawa  Kurosawa Shokudo)

Deep fried chicken set /





Today I went to see my friend’s gig(guitar player Hideaki Yamakado & bass player Ogan chan) at Simokitazawa Garden.


When I got there ,the band that I don’t know was performing.


Seemed like it is it is very noisy . I expected my ears would be injured , so I was about to get out and wait at the entrance until head liner performance(my friend’s band).

But the drums sounds caught my hart , and also his physical performance caught my eyes perfectly .

The member is guitar & vocal / guitar & vocal / drums . Trio band. There is no bass guitar player.   Although ,one of guitar players were slapping almost all songs. I was wondering why he didn’t choose to play bass guitar instead of guitar.   Little by little I realized. The sounds they want to express need two guitar without question.

They are badass….!  I wanted to them earlier.

Holy shit.

This is their youtube video , but I’m pretty sure you never know their all attraction through only video.  I recommend to see their performance in real life.


Overtime, my friend’s band M.O.E started their performance.

In my opinion, the guitar player Hide is good at rock/ metal/ and so on .. and the bass guitar player Oganchan ‘s cup of tea is blues rock.

However the band performed exact Fusion !!   Sounds toooooo difficult !! lol      Get outta here…..  They are superb.

They had 60 minutes for performance but they played only 6songs since each songs are almost 10minutes…lol

I’m pleased that I could hear their solo section much.   Most songs were instrumental music but the bass player Oganchan sang only one song as a bass & vocalist. It was the best for me!! It beats me that when I hear blues music I feel so good.   I didn’t mean it but perhaps my heart is full of blues music after all because of Shoka Okubo…lol

It was great show. Thanks you guys!



Today’s workout

・3sets of 2min pranking 

・3sets of 20 chest press (18kg) 

・3sets of 15 pulldown (18kg)

・3 sets of 20  inner &outer thigh(23kg)

・3sets of 10 barbell squats(30 kg) 

・2sets of 40 min walking 




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After all fender jazz bass is my best gear.






Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




smoothie (2 spoonfuls of protein + soy milk + a bit of milk+ amaze )/ orange / banana/


liver sick /tomato / kimchi and natto / curry /


cabbage soup / stirred pork and vegetables (red bell pepper / maitake mushroom / eggplant )/to-fu / sushi in wrapped fried in to-fu/



I’m over the moon ’cause I could play my main gear Fender jazz bass finally!!!!


I brought my ESP bass guitar in the Philippines . Of course it is not bad, but never beat this.   I’m keen to sleep with it tonight….. Perhaps everyone doesn’t know how much I was missing it!!


Although I didn’t have enough time to play it today.

I thought I took vacation  until 17th   since I wanted to focus on preparation for my gig, but seems like I did not do it and my English lesson in Japan restarted today.

I’m attending group class ,but fortunately the student was only me. lol

The teacher is  same with before.  He was interested in my experience in the Philippines.

Surely I have many stories to tell him , so we had a livery conversation.


Teacher「Is there any difference between Japan and foreign countries?」

Juna「Uhh  maybe there are many differences ….  but the things I was really surprised is  most foreigners think Japanese women are bitch . The reason is that they thought so from Japanese adult videos . Of course I told them “No” because it is just business.  The process is  depends on the person. : ( 」

Teacher 「Ahh,  I think not bitch.  Some people think just “EASY”.」

Juna「Oh.. I see. 」



I don’t wanna be easy…. lol


We had talked  for an hour without pause.

To be honest, I was always nervous when talk to him before  because I couldn’t understand what he said sometimes and also I couldn’t express what I want to say  .  However today, I almost  understood what he said . And even if I couldn’t understand, I can ask him in English and he will explain in other word.

And the reason I picked up the conversation topic on the blog in spite of the fact that we also had other topics  is that I don’t mean to like dirty topic, but I was just happy that now  I can debate like this private topic in English. : D hehe

He was very surprised at my improvement .

After the class, the stuff recommended that I transfer two levels higher class.


It sounds like very difficult…..


I ‘ll just bite the bullet .




see ya



Today’ s workout

・3sets of 30 squats

・3sets of 15 bulgarian squats

・3sets of 40 back kicks





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Japan is awesome



Hey  guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I came back to Japan .   Studies abroad in the Philippines will be my unforgettable memory.


Although , I realized that Japan is very good environment for living.

I’m sorry to say but compared with Philippines ,now I’m so comfortable in Japan.

For instance ,


・I don’t need to bring  toilet papers to wash room.(It is usually available)

・I don’t need be worried whether it can flush or not.

・I don’t need to be worried about toilet’s cleanliness .

・I can take a shower with hot water anytime. And also strong.

・I can drink soy milk which doesn’t have sugar .(It is difficult to find out pure soy milk in the Philippines.)


Yes, especially food.  To drink soy milk for breakfast is my cup of tea!

I really missed this food style….

I feel happy that I can choose my meal by myself.


Anyway I need to workout more. lol



See ya.






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Have I improved….?





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Actually I’m afraid whether I could improve or not .

I can’t say about it exactly , but I have a result of test .  It may be clue, right? :)


I’ve studied  in IELTS course for 6 weeks.

First,my enroll exam result was


Listening: 3.0

Reading: 3.0

Writing: 3.5

Speaking: 4.0

Overall band: 3.5


And the final exam result…

Listening: 4.5 (1.5↑)

Reading: 4.5(1.5↑)

Writing: 5.0(1.5↑)

Speaking: 5 (1.0↑)

Overall Band: 5 (1.5↑)










Nothing special …. : (   So of course  I can’t be satisfied .


I wanna take part in official exam in near future ; ) ♪


Break a leg♪





TODAY’S workout

3sets of 2 min pranking 

3sets of 1min side pranking





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The last day in the Philippines for studying abroad



Hey guys! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

TODAY’S meal menu


pineapple / potato / kimchi / rice porridge /


bean sprout /  some Taiwanese foods (made by Taiwanese student. isn’t it incredible !? I’m a big fan of his cooking!!JMy classmate James!!)/ rice / kimchi


spinach / boiled pork / Korean pan cake / soup / kimchi /


Finally today I left the school at the night .

I’m happy to eat dinner with my close friends Estor ,Sera,Yuki.

When I came in front of gate , Estor had prepared a taxi. How sweet you are … ♡

And we went to the bus station together. The time I spent with her was so short , but she is one of my important friends.Thanks.

I got it in the bus.


My Japanese life is coming soon : )






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day82~I’m STUPID ; ( ~





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I left this international school.

Many friends told me they will miss me.  I can’t believe why I have so many friends now.  I’m so lucky that I could get to know you guys ; ) !!


And also I already got my diploma , but I just wanted to say good by and give letters to my teachers . So I went each classes.

They gave some present and letter …. I’ve never expected that….

I don’t wanna read it otherwise  I  will be keen to stay here longer  …lol

I’m going bananas !! Those will be my treasures .  ; ( !!!

And also we enjoyed final volleyball game and pizza party.

I’m pretty sure I’m always laughing here because of you guys.


And I got some pictures taken with my sweet roommates.

They all are so kind to me all the time even though I walk in our room without clothes after taking shower. : D

And also they accept that I practice playing the bass guitar and singing at the balcony . Actually I’m often afraid whether I’m noisy or not.  Sorry, and Thank you!!

She is my Vietnamese batch-mate Sarah  .

She really knows my act well. To get a terrible diarrhea one term  a month , being so tired after changed course everyday . Above them she often told me her opinion as an advice . I ‘m so grad to be cared by you .  I’m gonna miss your shining smile so much…..


Thanks for good memories …!!!!


When I leave here, many friends came to the front of gate to say “good bye” to me.   Time flies truly .

I’ll never forget you all ; ( !!!


And then  my close friend Pai saw me off the bus station.   I said to her that go ahead please ’cause I’ll feel so lonely if I stay with her anymore.  After I got in the bus, she went.





Thanks  my friends everything.  


 I’ll never forget you all  .





























Then,  a woman was sitting on my seat.



Juna「Excuse me..? Is it your seat….? because my number is 2C .」

Filipino「I’m also 2 C

Juna & Filipino「???? why????」

Filipino「I’ll look for stuff and ask.」

Juna「Okey I should go with you.」


We found the stuff at  front of the door . Then there were some people who I know . Surprisingly they ware my school’s friends in addition, one of them also had a number “2C”….. lol

Seems like triple booking…  Exactly our all seat was 2C and the departure was  7 PM…..



Suddenly the stuff said to me




「Is it yours?  It is 9th.   Tomorrow  tomorrow.  Today is 8th .」
































Are you kidding me……!?









Yes, he was right.

I had perfectly misunderstood that today is 9th .


Therefore, I took a taxi and came back to the school……. Of course, the security guard was wondering why I came back…

I’m so embarrassed !!! ; (


I already told my many friends “GOOD BYE” and they saw me off in front of the gate!!

And  I LEFT  !!!

However I’m still in the school …… it’s too weird ….  my gush what a stupid woman I am .…. ; (   ; (  ; (   Which means I’ll stay here tonight , too.

I don’t wanna see my friends anymore . lol







Just now my friend Pai sent a message to me “I forgot take your ID card!!”.

She was asking me that she want my school ID card when I leave here as a memory.



Juna「Don’t worry.  See you soon.」


Pei 「・・・・・・・」


Pei「Yes… see you soon.」






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day81~graduation ceremony ~



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




papaya/boiled egg / sausage /bread / stir fried rice / soup / a cup of coffee /


kimchi  / broccoli  and cauliflower / stir fried pork / spinach / bean sprout soup /


kimchi  / stir fried pork / stir fried  vegetables  /  dumpling /


Today I had a graduation ceremony in the school.

There are many teachers that I love here.


My night group speaking class’s teacher and classmate!!

We everyday have debate each topic. The teacher is so smart ’cause she always can read what I want say . So when I’m not sure how to express my opinion in English she helps me kindly . Without question , she is an expert!!



My reading teacher Teacher Weng !!

She is a very attractive woman . First I couldn’t find out the correct answer at all in the class.  Even though, it was 1 out of 10, she always tells me 「Uhn…… It’s okey!  not zero !!! 」. lol  Above all, the inside of her room smells so good!!


My group night class (vocabulary ? maybe) Teacher Nap

I have never seen that he blinks ….  In my case I usually blink 5 times in 10 seconds . So I do respect him !!! And his handouts are very useful .


And my 1 on 1 listening  teacher .

Oh but her class just started 3 days ago actually …  I’m sorry to say but I don’t know her name … However , I think this is destiny ’cause we have a lot in common . Especially ,she is much more familiar with black music than me. And her character is also quite unique . That is why I’m into her so much the fact that I’ve just met her.

And my 1 on 1 writing teacher .

She is like my elder sister , but when I called her “sister”, she said 「No! I’m not your sister!!」.lol  I feel lonely …  She is sometimes so hard on me especially when I have some mistakes in my sentences and my writing is too beautiful . Although , it is also one of her charms I think. Today she shared her coffee and pieces of cookies for me . In fact she is kind of  gentle!!

And from the back, teacher Maggie (my 1 on 1 speaking teacher), Juna , and … sorry I don’t know this teacher’s name but today we had a lively conversation  with girls’ talk ; D

The first impression on meeting of teacher Maggie is that she is a good dancer . To be honest I didn’t know how to close to her at first because she looked quite funny , and also very  popular person among either teachers or students.  I’m kind of shy and not outgoing.  So for me, she is like an alien . but now I can talk everything to her .  Something deep,  serious, dirty , and so on … lol  She is not only my teacher ,but also great friend!!


And I changed cause semi-sparta  to IELTS 6 weeks ago. I loved all semi-sparta  teacher ,too. !!!!



I’ll never forget you guys : D




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day80~wearing shorts is taboo in Baguio City ..?~



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




apple / stir fried rice / sausage and egg sandwich / soup / coffee /


sweet corn  salad / vegetables  / kimchi / vermicelli soup / deep fried chicken /


tomato / spinach / potato / coiled chicken / miso-soup / kimchi /


Today I was wearing shorts ’cause my all long pants have gone to laundry .

When I got in the classroom, my writing teacher told me “Please wear long pants!!”

It beat me why teacher said so.  I just asked why I need to do that, and I like shorts.

Then the teacher explained the reason.


「There is saying that

Magsaysay got extended because of tourist wearing pek-pek shorts . 」

First , I didn’t understand what she meant .

According to her, Magsaysay is name of the road in Baguio , Philippines , and  many prostitutes who wearing shorts and sleeveless  stand on the road to catch men .

Nowadays a lot of tourists including me wearing shorts in Baguio  , And majority of  residents  don’t wear it.

That’s why a parson said the line got extended by tourists.


The meaning of “pek-pek”is female genitalia in Tagalog .


Oh I didn’t know about it at all….


We shouldn’t wear shorts in Baguio.  She said in Manila and Cebu are no problem .


Now and then  the difference of culture is difficult …..



See ya!




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