Hey guys! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



Today’s meal menu



spinach / potato salad sandwich / banana / soup / rice / tuna / black coffee /



kimchi / been sprout / rice / meat and tteokbokki / soup / rice cake / stir fried tofu /



kimchi / fruit salada / grilled fish  / deep fried mix vegetable / broccoli and chicken / soup /




Some people might  know, I didn’t  have  many  friend because of my shy and negative character. lol

However now, I wonder why I have many friends here .

Today is Tuesday, most people have a livery conversation about weekend plan.

「Hey Juna , do you have any plan this weekend?」

「Do you go to a bar? If you will , let me go together !」

「I wanna try to go to a club! Could you come with me?」

「Shall we have a party for the student who graduated? 」

It knocks my socks off .

In Japan, there aren’t many people who invite me for hangout .

But here in Baguio, friend’s friend is also my friend.

People who talked me once s also  friend from then.


I hope I could become more sociable person than before.





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day24~group class~




Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!





bread / papaya / salad / stir fried rice / soup /



fresh salad / beansprout / rice / something fried deep / miso soup / front mix / kimchi /



rice / meat and potato / kimchi / spinach / sweet potato / vermicelli soup /




It’s the time to change group class.

Normally student choose 1 speaking group class, 1 listening group class. I also chose them previous classes.

Above them, I felt something uncomfortable in the listening class. Either The teacher and  classmates  was nice. I enjoyed the class every time. However there were a lot of new vocabulary or idiom there. I thought I should better learn speaking and vocabulary and idiom before listening class cause if I could hear about it, I never under stand the sounds mean. I’m sure it can’t make me improve easier .

Then I was considering what subject I should choose. There are speaking class, vocabulary class, grammar class, writing class except listing.

First, in the case of vocally, I always memorized vocabularies by myself,so in my opinion I don’t need some help as far.  That’s why I don’t need to choose this subject.

Second , grammar. Actually I have attended night class it is kinda vocabulary. In the class, I can exactly understand the grammar . Although I don’t have many chance to speak English in the class every time.  Just one class is good enough for grammar . The night class last more several days. So I wanna choose other subject .

I was thinking about writing, too. I write English everyday with too poor English .lol  It would be possible that my english blog turn into awesome. I thought choosing writing class is one of the options . But I checked the detail about the class, it was written how to write business mail….  Oh I might not a business woman… I exchange some message with foreign musicians now and then but I don’t need to use too correct formal English. If I write like that, They will worry about me…lol And It also doesn’t have a chance to speak.

Finally , I ended up choose two speaking class. I’m pretty sure it would be the best way to improve my English skills earlier .




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Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Today, I couldn’t take pictures of meals because the battery died.

Oh , I uploaded new video on youtube for the first time in a while.

Larry Graham’s song, The jam.

I shoot the video when I was in Japan. I think it was September 13th . The reason I remember is that I shoot the video on the day of gig.


By the way, my Vietnamese roommate said to me that she is not good at listening to Japanese English pronunciation , but she can understand my English because according her my pronunciation is clear.


I was really surprised . In fact, I see that when I’m talking  about something longer, some teacher frowns  . It brought my opinion that my pronunciation is terrible.

At first , most teachers corrected my pronunciation every time. But  these days some teacher turned into that they don’t correct so often. Then I thought they realized  that I don’t have a sense of speaking correct pronunciation.  I’m not sure, however maybe I’m getting better….. ? I hope so.




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day 22 ~ good bye Rocky ~




Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




water melon / fresh salad / pancake / stir fried rice / clam chowder /



kimchi / rice / spinach / potato / soup with bean sprout / deep fried chicken /



rice chips / rice / stir fried vegetables / kimchi / seaweed soup / burger / rice vermicelli



Finally, I could come back to dorm!!

There are too much cockroaches in the office building… I saw them everyday . lol Probably they have thought we are already friend…No way.

I’m so happy to come back . But today, my best friend Rocky left here .

I have many memories with her.  She has called on me everyday while I’ve stayed in the office building because of sick.

She said to me 「You are my little sister. So I am always worried about you .」

Thankful my elder sister. I never forget you.

Above them, today , I have to move to another room.

My plan was 6 people room but when I came here , it was full. That’s why I have to change my room now.

I’m really sad to be not room mate with Jenny. She is also take good care about me always …. And I like her cute hip so much….


When I got to new room, I introduced myself simply .


Then , a woman asked me

woman「Hey, what’s this??」

Juna「It’s a bass guitar. My instrument.」

woman「Really!?!? Can I borrow this?」

Juna「Oh okey.」

woman「Ahhh  finally I could play the bass guitarrrrr!!!!」

My new roommate, she is Japanese woman.  She seems to be a bass guitar player and she has own band in Okayama, Japan.

It is interesting


Other roommates are Taiwanese , Vietnamese , Chinese, and so on…

Now I haven’t had many conversations with them, but I’m sure they all are very kind and good guys.!

I hope I’ll have good relationship with new roommates.♪





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day21~jam with local musicians~





Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juan Serita!!

I have always considered  where I can play the bass guitar with local musicians.

So when I was in Japan ,I searched on the Internet, then I found some music clubs and sent messages to the owner  .

And then I expect the best music bar is Concoction Baguio.

I invited Rocky because Rocky loves music. Rocky was afraid if the bar is dangerous place. She has heard that some student was stolen their wallet  in other night club and she was worried about my few information. It is open 24 hours and there is the live performance everyday.

Anyway It’s been already  2 weeks I came here. I have never had a session with someone. I AM A BASS GUITAR PLAYER JUNA!   I never want to forget it. And I am just interested in Filipino local musicians. Those are  why I was looking for the good music bar here in Baguio, Philippines.

We went there by taxi . The time that we arrived there was  9:20 p.m. But it was crowded with people yet.

And we could see the live performance of local musicians. I didn’t know the songs played by them, I think it is old American hit songs…. maybe.

All musician was great. Especially I respect the bass guitar player. I was really pleased with his reggae music groove  !!  Above them they has too much repertoire and if audience request songs, they can play!.

When the vocalist asked if we have some songs that wanna listen to, I told him that I wanna play with them in a pound voice from our seats .

They asked me weather I can sing, I said to them I WANNA PLAY THE BASS GUITAR!

The band member and audience looked be very surprised and the bass guitar player lend me his instrument. Thankful.!

On the stage , the guitar player or vocalist asked me some question through the microphone  , but I couldn’t understand what they meant because of my poor English skill. lol  Maybe audience also was laughing me…I was really ashamed….I need to study English harder…lol


We played two songs!!




I exactly realised that Filipinos loves music and it reminded the great feeling that I had a live performance for the first time in my life…. I appreciate of the kindness of all people.

Rocky was very surprised . She said to me that she had expected playing the bass guitar is just hobby for me but it was wrong. She always asked me to play the bass guitar front of her.

So I’m so happy to show my performance to her.♪

After the performance, young two mens talked to us and drunk together. Maybe in Japan, it is called “nampa”..? lol

Although , they are our first local friends ! Thanks for the fun time!!

When we ware going back to our dorm, Rocky said

「I’m your big fun!!! Why didn’t you tell me anything!?  I thought bass is just your hobby but you are professional … Ahhh I really don’t want to go back to Korea… I wanted to know the bar earlier…」


Rocky looked be pleased with the bar. I agree with her. Probably I ‘m gonna go to the bar concoction again !!

I had a best night .




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day~20 date with my love roommates~



Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I was really looking forward to this day because I had  a plan to eat out with my love roommates.♪♪

According to Rocky, the restaurant has the best spicy food in Baguio. Jenny also expected I would be unable to eat this spicy  I’m Japanese, but I also like spicy food!

It made of octopus, pork meat , been sprout , ddeokbokki, and much spicy

When I went to Korea for the performance, I ate samgyeopsal    and it was not so spicy. It is the first time I eat real Korean spicy food.

they told me how to common eat chukumi .  At first when I put it into mouth, I thought It’s just right now.  However it was getting soooo spicy little by little. lol  It made me sweaty. I like this.

Finally they ware very surprised that I ate all. Most Japanese guy seems to will have diarrhea after eating. lol But I’m fin. ♪

After that we looked for a pancake restaurant because we love pancake….(*^_^*)

Jenny searched on Internet, but the information was old.

We asked some people around SM mall. It was neighborfood from there. We could find!! Thanks Jenny!!

Actually we ware going to another pancake restaurant , however it was

Although , this choice was right! The pancake was simple and very soft . It was much more wonderful than I expected!!

I’m really happy to eat out with my love roommates . Thanks for the great time.


day19~new teacher~




Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



bread / papaya / fresh salad / stir fried rice / soup / black coffee /


miso soup / sweet potato / kimchi / stir fried vegetables / fresh salad / fried chicken / site fried rice /



curry and rice / bean sprout / kimchi / egg soup / turon /


My one on one speaking class’s teacher seemed to be quit her job… (;0;)

She always had a good attitude and gave kind explanation. When I couldn’t understand , she explained   again and again with other way.

So I really liked her.  What a shame…


Therefore now I’ve been learning English from new teacher.

She looks young and beautiful. We have a lively conversation with girls talk frequency. lol  Her class is very interesting.


One day.


teacher「Juna , please bring your guitar! Friday!!」


I brought it and teached how to play the guitar in the class.

I’m sure she has a lot of talented to play the bass guitar.

She could remember how to play the bass guitar in 1 hours. Already she can play the song called isn’t she lovely by stevie wonder. I think I am a good bass instructor while.♪

She looked very fun.  When I look at her, I was also very fun.  And I could learned how to teach playing the bass guitar in English.



day18 ~ Why my skin is dark~





Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




bread / rice / sausage /soup / apple / black coffee /



corm / rice / stir fried vegetables / tomato and lettuce / kimchi / deep fried sausage / clam chowder /


tomato and cucumber ,lettuce  / beens sprout soup / rice /  deep fried vegetables / site fried vegetables / deep fried dumpling /








It was the beautiful weather this morning.

Juna「Good morning」
Teacher 「Good morning Juna. Will we have a class outside?」
Juna「Oh exactly it is nice weather. Both is okey.」
Teacher「Okey, let’s go!♪♪」

Sometimes, we have a class at the garden. I kind of like this way cause we can enjoy nice natural view during the class.

Teacher「 It’s too hot! No~~」
Juna 「Cause you are wearing a long sweater now!. It’s just right for me, I like hot places .」
Teacher「Because I don’t want to get sunburn anymore!! Your skin is also dark.」
Juna「Yeah many teacher in BECI told me I look like Filipino .」

Although , I think my skin should be not as dark as people say.

In the break time, I was just looking at the picture of me and Rocky .



Oh…. Compared with Rocky, exactly  dark. lol

A couple of days ago, my friend asked me why my skin is dark.

No reason . I didn’t mean it. I just answered .



「Having dark skin is the best way to hide my body hair.」



She looked be satisfied.♪





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day17~Baguio local restaurant ~




Hey guys!!  I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today’s  meal menu!


fresh vegetables / water melon / stir fried rice / raisin bread / soup / black coffee /



potato and meat / kimchi / cauliflower /  rice with seaweed  / deep fried vegetables / rice dumpling /





Bad news.

I got to know that my love roommate Rocky will go back to her country Korea next Tuesday. Wooow time is frying. I thought I can be with her more.

She was often saying she want to try to eat Filipino foods in the local restaurant near our school.   We don’t have much time to spend together.

So we tried today !!!

A dog and Rocky.♪

Rocky 「Can I have menu?」

Owner「Oh… We have only…..」

They have only these. Very simple.

3 kinds of stir fried meat and vegetables and soup stocked fish.

We enjoyed having dinner at the terrace seats.

The owner told us teachers of BECI(our school) also come to the restaurant often in their lunch break time.

In the terrace seats, we could see the beautiful natural view.

I love here in the Philippine. It’s much different from Tokyo.  It is always crowded with people , we are always busy..


Okey , let’s try to eat Filipino local foods!!






Ohhhh  It’s very yummy!!!! 

It’s not as special as people expect, but I’m sure it is like  mom’s home cooking of Philippines !! I like it!

And the soup tastes sour .  We were very surprised because we expected like the soup of  consomme.


The owner said to us there has pancake and coffee in the morning. It opens at 6 a.m. lol  Early…..

Rocky told me I can come there again anytime, but I will unable to enjoy without her.

She never know how important person she is .







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day16~bed making~



Hey guys !! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




Bred / sunny side up egg / stir fried rice / ra-men / apple / litchi / black coffee /



soup / deep fried potato / spinach / potato / kimchi / rice / stir fried meat and vegetables /



some green vegetables  / rice cake(?) / potato and chicken / rice / miso soup / kimchi /


I am happy to attend all classes today,too♪♪

When I come back from morning class,  my bedroom was cleaned up !!

Actually we don’t have to clean up our room ourself because it’s is one of the service from this school. How’s kind!!   That’s why all students can focus on their study.

I think this school is the best in the Philippines.

I hated to stay at  the room in the office building at first. But I’ve come to like this room. lol

Now it is very comfortable.

I’m sure that I can sleep well tonight….♪♪





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