Day 10 ~ Go to see a Doctor ~




Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today’s meals



bread / stir fried rice / soup / coffee / banana /


salada / tomato / kimchi / rice / sweet corn / deep fried fish / soup / cucumber / apple /


soup / mixed vegetable and seafood tempura / rice / kimchi / site fried vegetables / fish /



OMG….My left eye’s pain is getting worse …


Usually, the sick  gets better after 2 to 4days. But this time it took much time already….

And I worried many people , so I asked a teacher where the  drug store is.  She taught me that it is near bakery .

When I was about to go out for seeing a doctor , I met my roommate Rocky.

R「Juna ,  are you okey?  I’m really worried about you.」

J「Yea, I’ll go to the drug store  now because it’ll close at 5:30 p.m.」

R「No!! You have to go to see a doctor!! Your left eye is very serious!!! And come on!!  Sit down here!!And incline your neck!!」

She used me an eyedrops.

R「this eyedrops   can wash your eyes. And don’t be afraid. It was made in Japan.♪♪ 」


How’s kind person Rocky….. I have never met the person like her.  And it reminded me that Rocky is a nurse in Korea.

I’m sure she is the  greatest nurse .


After that I went to see a doctor with a teacher by a taxi.

Maybe It took 15 to 20 minutes from the school…?

The hospital was private clinic. So it wasn’t so crowded.

I told to the doctor that I think I have conjunctivitis. He also told me so. And gave me eyedrops  and told me some things.

・Wash my hands often

・Take the eyedrops three times a day

・Sleep much.

And so on…


Maybe My eye’s sick will become better soon. I should take good care of my health….





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day9 ~Which do you choose ? ~




Hey guys! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today’s MEALS!!




papaya  / salada / soup / sunny side up / rice / vienna sausage



rice / spinach  / meat / rice crackers /seaweed soup / sweet potato /



spinach /rice / nikujaga / soup / rice cake (?) / cucumber / kimchi /



I have four classes every morning.

The second class’s teacher is Nhida. She is very smart. When we met each other for the first time, I thought she is kind of a quiet person . But actually, she has a lot of sense of humor and always really kind to me . So I’m looking forward to the class everyday!!

When I think how I can talk about something in English, I speak too poor English every time.

However ,then she can understand what I mean and recommend me a good way to explain .

By the way, we ware talking about some question in the class.  The best question we talked much is this one.

『Juna has chance for a big promotion ,but if you accepts you will have to move to another country for a long time , without your family. What should you do? 』


I answered 「Of cause , I’ll accept because my family always hope that I’ll go far. So I think that I succeed would be happiness of my family .」

Teacher Nhida told me that she’ll never choose the way without her family because she loves them.

Of cause , I love my family ,too. But I couldn’t explain about my real feelings…. I have to studyEnglish harder !

After that ,our topic changed family to “game”.lol

In my opinion, many Japanese male has a wife want to has “game”…What do you think about it?

Most male in Japan like younger women .  I think that’s why Japanese female hates to get another age.

Actually ,I love older men , but good guys have wife  already.

That’s the way it is…….. (;0;)






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day8 ~schedule~



Hey guys! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita.





bread / fresh vegetables / water melon /  stir-fried rice / soup /



spinach / rice / deep‐fried tofu / deep fried chicken / soup / potato seasoned with something / Kinch /



tomato / kimchi / some vegetables / hamburg /pasta / sea weed soup /rice /




I might have another class , but my weekday  life schedule is almost fixed.









12:00~ LUNCH


14:00~ TAKE A NAP




17:40~ DINNER








I considered when I should play the bass guitar. Many students don’t go back to their room until 12:00. In my opinion, early morning is better.♪

And the classes are very difficult for me especially the group class speaking.  Definitely I need to review and prepare between classes. It takes time more than I thought…   But I know, that’s the way it is.

Actually I am really happy everyday . Always busy, always have meals quickly , sometimes I can’t afford to go to washroom,

However it happen something special to me everyday. I’ve been really enjoying school life.

Of cause , there are anythings I can’t do.   But it’s not so big problem.^^

Now , I love this life.





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day7~local bakery ~




Hey guys! I am a bass guitar player  Juna Serita!!




Wow, too many

banana / two slices of French toast /     cereal / and a cup of mango juice /



rice / deep fried chicken / kimchi / some vegetables (I’m not sure about . ) / zucchini soup /

I ate another helping of chicken. ; D



rice / kimchi / soup / boiled egg / fried mashed potato / bean sprouts and spinach  /


My roommate Rocky is very familiar with local shop around here because she love to walk around . She doesn’t take a taxi so often.

Juna「Is there something special near here? 」

Rocky「Oh ,there is a very cheep local bakery. Only 2 PH one peace. Do you wanna try!?」

Juna「Really? Sure, I’d love to try!! When?」

Rocky 「NOW!!!!」

Well , I and Rocky and Japanese friend Yuki went there.

It was very interesting. When I asked a boy working at the bakery whether I can take some  pictures for uploading on my blog, he told me that sure ma’am.  It was very good experience .

very long….


We bought 10 peaces  of bread. Only 20PH !!

It tastes very good.  I think most dishes in the Philippines have a lot of seasonings.

But this is sort of made from nature . A little tastes milk. A little sweet. It’s just right!

If you got tired of the foods seasoned much, I’m sure you’ll love it!!

Yuki was saying she doesn’t have appetite and she will not eat, just look around. However she very liked it and ate 3 peaces . lol


All should try!! Maybe I’ll go there again♪





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day6 ~MAMI~



Hey guys!  I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I went to the Night Market at the night with friends.

Maybe it took between 10 to 15 minutes by taxi.  When I familiar with Baguio city, I wanna try to walk all the way there.


There ware many booths there. All is very cheep. For example, This dish I ate is….

How much do you think about it?

It is only 25 PH ( lesser than  62yen in Japan yen¥)

It is called MAMI. My friend told me it is  Filipinos local food. I thought It is kind of SOKI SOBA .(Okinawa local food)

And there ware many things like bag, cloth , cap , shoes , and so on…

My roommate Rocky asked me something.  Done it.

I just looked around there and didn’t buy something for my self except food. Maybe next time I wanna go there again and buy something. I was interested in some rings,shoes , jeans. Very cheep.

Maybe if my mother or elder sister see that, definitely they will be really surprised.


My mother told me she always read my blog and she get the feelings came to the Philippines.

If it is true, I can’t stop posting my blog….lol





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Day5 ~Hundred Islands~



Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Today is holiday here in the Philippines. So I have no class!   However there is no electronic  power my place every holiday …  If I am at the dorm , I will never be able to charge, conect wifi, you name it.  We have too many preparation  and reviews. Of cause ,we wanna study hard more ,too but  chose to just enjoy vacation.

In the morning, left the school at 4:30 AM  and had breakfast at Jollibee.
The set is 60 PH.
And ride the boat all the way to one of the hundred island.
I felt really good.
With friends on the boat
Japanese , Taiwanese and Vietnamese^^.
Actually, I’m a very shy parson. So I was very afraid if I’ll be friend with someone.
However there are many good people in this school.  Always kind, have a good sense of humor , serious student.
Most people in Japan choose Cebu , but I’m very satisfied with  that I chose this school and Baguio City.
There are many islands.
I thought hundred islands is the island’s name. It was wrong.
There are many islands there , but it depends day by day.
What’s that?
Like Statue of Liberty…..? I’m not sure.
At first island, we played ZIPLINE. It is 250 PH.
Actually , I didn’t wanna try that because scary . But many people pressed me that definitely I should try to do that as a experience .
We went up the mountain for around 15 minutes.  there was really high…. Then I  thought I don’t want to that ,after all…… However There isn’t my options already.
I DID !!!!
Wow, how’s beautiful .  I was screaming and I was really exciting.  If it’s possible, I wanted to play ZIPLINE again!! It was a great experience. It was true that my friends said.!! 
At second island,
The teacher told us to go into the sea from the boat. I didn’t wear swimsuit and actually…. I already forgot how to swim…. I can not swim…
I didn’t want to go into the sea, but teacher said that I should try ,over and over. So I did!!
I was very afraid but I was wearing a life jacket. So I didn’t  die.
The water was not too cold so it felt nice. I was very relaxed in the sea. ♪♪
We swam into the cave. There were many  bats there and they were twittering noisy . The place was dark and weird.
I could see  more dark and weird and really small place the inside. Teacher said GO!! However, definitely I didn’t want to go because scary and I might have conjunctivitis now. So I didn’t want to duck .Above all, it was scary…lol
Most people went to inside already, but I and some friends could not go. They are claustrophobia.
Then a snake showed up in front of us!!!!! lol
I thought need to go for survival.. LIVE OR DIE.
so I DID!!
I closed my eyes and went ahead.

Suddenly it got bright and I heard everyone’s voice. There was a beautiful ocean view stretching out in front of me.


From these experiences, I knew that I was wrong.

I have many things that I feel scary.   However , anyway I always should CHALLENGE . If I don’t challenge, it would be just boring.  life is also same.   I should  try anytime,anywhere!


After that, We enjoyed BBQ party♪♪

banana / crab / shrimp / meat / litchi /vegetables / etc..♪♪

I loved here in the Philippines more today.



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Day 4 ~correct ….?~



Hey guys!! I am a  bass guitar player Juna Serita!!





bread / rice / papaya(?) / soup / sunny side up egg / coffee



rice / potato (When I saw it, I expected it is egg.) , tofu, kimchi ,  fried vegetables and banana / soup /



tempra(deep-fried fish and vegetables in a light batter) / kimchi / soup / fish seasoned something / rice / vegetables /





What do you think about the picture??

I am from Japan.  Usually, when the answer is correct , we use ◯ .  And wrong answer is check mark 〆.  So when I saw this, I thought my all answer is wrong. lol  Cultural difference.

According to the teacher, Japanese, Chine, Korea and Taiwanese are same.  I didn’t know that at all. Thanks teacher to tell me.


I was studying at the lounge until midnight with my roommate Rocky.

She is a nurse in Korea. She is always very hard on herself and  was studying until late night yesterday,too. However she gets up early every morning.

When I told her that she need sleep more, she told me  she doesn’t need sleep and should study hard more and more.

I respect.  I also need to study harder .





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Day3 ~ my writing teacher~




Hey guys! I am a bass guitar  player Juna Serita!!


Today’s meal menu!!



bread / apple / salad / minced beef (maybe) /rice / soup /


sarada / candied sweet potato / soup / kimchi  / deep fried food / rice /

sweet salad / potato and meat tastes curry / green something   like pancake..? / rice / soup / kimchi / and more
Some friends said that today’s meal is better than yesterday!!   Exactly.♪
 Well , I talk about my writing teacher.
She is the same age with me!  When we talked about our birthday. I knew that.
 I told her we are the same age, but she said that she is older than me 9 months, We are’nt the same age at all!!
She is never laugh , I can’t know her feelings..   She always look annoyed.
When I had some new vocabularies , I asked that I want to us dictionary just moment . She said “NO!!!!!”.lol  However she explained the meanings in faster English.  I could understand . Thanks teacher….
She is not kind to me, but I’m very interested in her.   Maybe I liked.♪





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day2 ~my roommate~



Hey guys! I am a bass guitar  player Juna Serita!!


Today’s dishes !!



kinds of bread /water mellon / rice/ vienna sausage/soup/black coffee/


This is bibimbap(mixed rice)!! It is Korean rice dish. I liked it! Many students looked very satisfied.   And banana , seaweed  soup.


tomato/kimchi/rice/some vegetables/meat, carrot and potato / soup of Japanese white radish with something.


So today, the classes have started, but new student doesn’t have textbooks . So we got know each other and just free talked.


Oh, I misunderstood the time when I got up this morning,too. I  was going to get up at 6:30 a.m. But I got up 5:30.. Getting up early is a good thing, but too

However I didnt feel sleepy at all cause the teachers have a very strong personality .


After the all class, my roommates Rocky and Jenny invented me to go to the lounge to eat spicy foods. Of cause I went .

They said that they can’t  find many spicy foods easy in the school.  These are Korean products.

It looked so spicy, I was a little afraid ,but not too spicy. It was good for me.♪  It’s okey while biting , but I felt so spicy after deglutition. It’s very interesting!


They told me that they have more spicy foods.

I can’t wait to try!

Rocky and Jenny.   They are very beautiful,right?★

We have still just barely gotten to know each other but I like them so much already!! I am really lucky to be a roommate with nice persons like them.


Day 1

Hey guys! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!
Study abroad in the Philippines  day 1.
I woke up at around 6:30 , but I misunderstood that it’s 7:30 because I haven’t correct my watch. There is an hour time difference.
I went eat breakfast quickly. So roommates ware surprised.
Today’s manu
Anyway, I had many exam today. Writing, reading, speaking
In my opinion, writing and speaking were nice. However listening and reading were too difficult to me… I knew my English level with the exam…  Grummer was so-so. If I have more time, I could write all answer but it was not good enough.
After that ,there was some orientations .  All teachers ware so kind. I can’t wait the classes.
At the night,   We went shopping.
It was big.  Living in the Baguio ,Philippines is not so problems.
I bought papers and snacks and an umbrella .
The class is going to start tomorrow.  Maybe.
I must wake up early tomorrow ,too.  So I’m gonna go to the bed now.
Good night.