My new album “Battle Field” is NOW OUT




Hey guys !!  I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


The title says everything , but my album “Battle Field” is now out everywhere !!!!


click !!


Please find your favorite song♪♪

I love all of them , but I think my most favorite is Childhood and Hunter if I really need to pick up ♪♪



And I’m gonna have ALBUM RELEASE TOUR !!



🔥May 26th Blue Marlin ,Ana Maria , FL

🔥June 4th Ice Company, Apalachicola FL

🔥June 5th Half Shell Dockside, Apalachicola FL

🔥June 11th JackRabbit, Jacksonville FL

🔥August 13th Society Garden , Macon GA

🔥August 14th Smith’s Olde Bar , Atlanta GA

🔥August 15th Smith’s Olde Bar , Atlanta GA

🔥August 16th The Nick , Birmingham AL



I’m still on the booking too , so if you have any venues you want me to play at , please push them to book my band ! Lol


Anyway , I’m sooo excited / nervous at the same time about my new journey.


but u know , life is too short . I don’t  have any time to do things that I don’t  wanna do , anymore . My rest of life needs to be  only for what I wanna do .


I’m a professional musician since when I was a university student . And I was always in bands or worked for artists as a backup musician.

I love it and I really enjoy it , BUT  I also wanna be the artist , I also wanna be the face of the band .

I’m  always hungry and greedy . Once I reached at a point that I had dreamed , things become  normal and I just want something higher and higher . Never be satisfied.


Before I moved to the US , I wrote my “dream “ on the paper which I wished to make it done before I go back to Tokyo ( I’ll go back July 2021)

“ release instrumental album “

“ Go tour with my own band “


I now released my instrumental album ( yey ! ), and I booked the tour which starts from May 26th which is also actually my own  band ‘s very first gig in the US ( with totally new member ) .

So now I’ve been preparing for my  first show May 26 Blue Marlin , Ana Maria FL .

Still needs to buy some equipments for it , I might even need to buy a new car for the future tour since my car is too small and has issues to drive again . Anyway too much works and investment and  so on , but I wanna do whatever I can until the day that I can’t do it or I have enough reason to give up .

I don’t have any kids yet but you know , when I write songs , it’s literally like my baby , it’s my children . So I just love all of them and wanna make them grow , want them to succeed .

Not only me ,  I believe  all creator thinks the same way I think .

Anyway ! Please support my album “Battle Field “ and share it to somebody who might like that type of music!!
And I hope I’ll  be able to come perform to your city in near future ✨✨


See ya !



See ya !




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