Juna’s BASStream #16~Tribute 2 Larry Graham~







Hi guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



Today I had weekly live streaming called Juna’s BASStream #16 !

Today I featured one of my bass heroes, Larry Graham !!

His slap is funky as hell !!

I played 5 songs of his , and 4 of 5 songs were slap songs .

I’m pretty sure the people who follow me love Larry Graham

It was so much fun to practice his songs .

Thanks for watching Today’s BASStream , also appreciate for your donation too 🙏

Well, as I said through today’s live streaming, I’m gonna take break of Juna’s BASStream.


I have no shows , no live streaming ….  maybe you will even wonder whether I’m still alive or not .lol


You can check how I’m doing through my patreon page .  Also you can check today’s Juna’s BASStream’s back number or archive (student or trainer plan).


See ya!!



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