Juna’s BASStream #14〜Tribute 2 Gail Ann Dorsey 〜






Hey guys ! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita !

Yesterday  I had my weekly live streaming called Juna ‘s BASStream !

Today I featured an amazing bass and vocalist , Gail Ann Dorsey ‘s songs !

Her solo album sounds dope !  I do love the bass line she played on the songs , but actually I do love her warm vocal a lot .!!!

Thanks for watching!! Also appreciate for your donation !!


if you missed it , you can watch the archive or back number from my Patreon page ( student or trainer plan )



And today I had a rehearsal of TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI



When we have a rehearsal or gig or whatever , our producer always feeds us nicely !

this lunch box was great !! That is why we love our producer !! (?!)


anyway , we’re gonna have a gig this weekend . And I’ll graduate from TGJ after that gig . I’ll miss them !

It’s gonna be live streaming too , so please check out TGJ ‘s SNS .

See ya !!

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