Juna’s BASStream #5 ~Tribute 2 Stevie~




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



Today I had a live streaming called Juna ‘s BASStream !!

This is number 5,  Tribute 2 Stevie Wonder !   So I played only Stevie Wonder’s song !!


I actually tried a new thing . I always used live audio, but today I used great quality backing track from Bobby’s Backing Track

This webside has variety of backing track . Mostly minus one vocal, but also you can find minus one bass too ! You can use this backing track for your practicing , youtube cover video,  even your shows.   It’s recorded by professional musicians .  The price depends on the song  , some songs might be expensive , but I think worth it .

I gotta say sorry that I could not play well the unison riff of SW’s funkiest song “Do I Do”


I feel I’m really weak .  I feel terrible that I couldnt play good enough this song  .

if once I had something like mistake or mistone or something , I just go worth and worth . My hands start shaking and  feels like my body is caught . : (

but you know it’s also real ability . If I wanna be better bass player , I gotta beat myself …


and Thanks for the donation too !   Thanks for supporting me .

I’ll try my best to be better .



I’m gonna upload today’s BASStream on my patreon too , but now some problem happened . It might be really late .. I’ll let u  know anyway .


My next live streaming is , the same time , next week !!



See ya!!



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