JUNA’s BASStream #3 ~Funk Train !!~



Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had my third live streaming called JUNA’s BASStream !!

Today’s theme is “Funk Train!!” so I played all funk song♪

I always love to learn new stuff (I mean, new is , the thing I don’t know ), so I mixed my familiar songs , also some songs I got knew recently .

Thanks for joining !!

Today , 533 peeps joined ?

Yeeey hop you guys enjoyed it !!


Also really appreciate for the  donation . Thank you for supporting me.

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On this stream I talked about a live video , and I promised that I’m gonna post on my blog later .

This is the greatest live show (video) I’ve ever seen !! I fall in love at first sight !!

Not only funkiest music , but also really entertaining . The goal I wanna have is kind of like this show.


Anyway , this term , nobody can have shows …; (

So  I just get my chops up meanwhile.


I’m thinking about next live streaming theme and title !  Always makes me excited to think about this project .


I’ll let you know when it gets decided !



Actually today ,  well, since yesterday I was practicing whole time . My brain is totally sleeping , my arms are hurts now ..

So I take rest. And see you next week with smile  ^^♪


See ya!!!

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