New video on youtube ; )!




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Today I uploaded new cover video by All Juna Band on my youtube channel ; )!


This song is the legendary blues man Albert King’s song “The Blues Don’t Change“.


First I heard this song, I thought I wanna play this drums !!

It sounds simple , but I felt so much soul .  I was practicing with the original audio , but in fact the timing of snare was difficult for me . If I try to hit the snare a little bit late , always my kick go much more late .lol  ummmm

I’ve learned cool Hi-hat technic also fill phrase that I’ve never played .


but …. you know …. The most difficult point is






I tried to copy the phrase , but …it’ s not complicated and fast . but DIFFICULT

I played again and again and again and ×999999999999999999999999 but I couldn’t done the ending guitar solo . So I fade  out sooner than original …; (


Now I’m mostly practicing drums day by day , but I should add guitar practice too.


Anyway , please leave comment or thumb up  from Here if you like it !!


Thank you : )


See ya!!!



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