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Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I was practicing drums !!

it’s so much fun !! And release stress !! yeeeeeeey !!! I hope my neighbor  will not claim ..! (I’m trying to play only while general people are working tho for avoid noise problem .)

Hehe, sounds terrible! lol  but it’s okay, I know it will be better surely if I practice !!!

I think generally becoming professional takes 2 years .  My first job  as a backup musician (bassist ) also took two years after I started playing the bass guitar . Which means , possibly I can be professional drummer to if I really work on it!



Well, I can’t focus because I have other things that I gotta work on too but at least I wanna get on the certain level as a drummer too ; ) !!

Maybe this years target is show up on a stage as a drummer !?!?!? I don’t know yet .lol



I was practicing keyboard too after midnight .

This is actually not practice , but recording . lol

I’m recording a cover song . My favorite artist ^^

Trying to do everything all by myself again . lol

Drums , guitar , bass ,vocal, keyboard ….


Tomorrow I might record guitar . I haven’t copied  the phrase yet tho.  Figuring  out the cords (also the position ) by year is kinda difficult ….! but when I found it , it’s so exciting ; ) !



See ya!!!


Juna Serita new single  “KAFUNSHO “official Music Video 



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