Gen Hoshino




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Am I getting chubby because of this quarantine time ? umnnn not sure

but I do eat sweets . lol


yum ; )!!



In Japan, it’s getting trend to collab with an artist called Gen Hoshino.

He wrote a song for this quarantine time. The lyrics is like ” let’s play together from each home . ”  He is not only a nice singer song writer , but also actor .

I think in the US , people do everything like actor , model, singer , something like that but in Japan it’s not normal . model is model . singer is singer mainly .

So I respect Gen Hoshino ‘s style!

I also did collaboration , put my bass guitar and beat box !!

I hope you like it ; )



See ya!!1



Juna Serita new single  “KAFUNSHO “official Music Video 



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