America tour 29 ~NY~





Hey guys!! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Yesterday my song Hey Boy ! on aired on the radio Out Of The Bassment by CFMU from Canada.  Did you listen to it ; ) ??

They have podcast too.  The other songs were also fantastic actually .

Check it out !



Today I tried to go jam sessions , but it’s actually hard to find the right info here ..; (

Even some web page mention the place has jam session , if I call the bar or something , they say 「It’s canceled today . we have private event .」like that or even the number isn’t exist . lol


I met my neighbor and hang out .

According to him , everybody can rap if they grown up in Brooklyn. ! lol  That’s dope

I live in Brooklyn now. I’ve heard NY is the city never sleep , easy to go anywhere I want , easy to find anything I want .  But seems like mainly the area people mention like that is Manhattan . : (

but he taught me how to get bus , train  , I got unlimited pass , so I can go anywhere I want now !!!


See ya!!





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