Tokyo Brass Style “After School Project”




Hey guys!! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today Ayu Kang Trio moved  to Makubetsu and met up with the rest of TOKYO BRASS STYLE member !!

Missing you guys!!!

And then we went to Makubetsu Seiryo High School .

After School Project is the workshop  to enjoy playing music with Tokyo Brass Style.

Today is our practice day but tomorrow actually we’re gonna collaborate 2 songs !

There were 4 bass guitar player and a double bass player .  One of the songs is actually difficult and complicated , but they prepared enough . I’m admired .

I’m  looking forward to playing with the students on the stage tomorrow !!!


See ya!!!!





Juna Serita ” The Princess of Funk “official Music Video 


【Juna Serita Schedule】


2019.10.26 @  Yokohama paradise cafe .

Open 18:30 Start 19:30 2ステージ 途中休憩あり
MC : 予約 3,000円 当日 3,500円 (税込・飲食代別)
Juna Serita (Bass & Vocal)  / 福岡丈明 (Guitar & Vocal)  / 杉浦秀明 (Keyboard & Vocal)  / MiMi (Drums & Vocal)




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