Ayu Kang Hokkaido tour day 4






Hey guys!! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

This is the 4th day of Ayu Kang Trio Hokkaido tour !

We had 2sets at a hall in Sunagawa Yu.


I’ve heard we’re gonna perform at mini hall but it ended up to be big one . I don’t know why suddenly it got changed ! lol

Today’s concept is not only Ayu Kang Trio, but also  the collaboration with the local bands !

At the first set, we  collaborated two songs with Kids Jazz.

They most are elementary school students . I’m so inspired they do love to take solos !! ( Well, I’m a kinda shy person. So I really respect their brave .)

The performance went really well. I enjoyed it .

After the collaboration with kids ,Ayu Kang Trio’s solo stage started.  Our original performance plan was 1 hour, but sorry.. We did 1 and half hour!! ; (

We played and talked a lot. ..lol 

At the 2md set , we collaborated with Sunagawa Brass Style!!  We actually collaborated  many songs with them !

We played Tokyo Brass Style’s songs together . I’m really admired they seriously copied TBS’s phrase !! That is great . 

You know , sometimes copying somebody’ s phrase is really complicated and can be annoying . ( In my case , I didn’t copy the previous bass player’s phrase at all… sorry. lol)

but They did great . The collaboration was so cool.

I hope we can play together again someday !

Thanks for coming everyone !!!

Many people joined 2 sets , I was worried whether their asses  feel painful or not ‘cause it took long time.

Please take care !!






TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI ‘s new video is available !

Please check it out and share if you like it !! thanks !!


See ya!!!



Juna Serita ” The Princess of Funk “official Music Video 


【Juna Serita Schedule】


2019.10.26 @  Yokohama paradise cafe .

Open 18:30 Start 19:30 2ステージ 途中休憩あり
MC : 予約 3,000円 当日 3,500円 (税込・飲食代別)
Juna Serita (Bass & Vocal)  / 福岡丈明 (Guitar & Vocal)  / 杉浦秀明 (Keyboard & Vocal)  / MiMi (Drums & Vocal)




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