Ayu Kang Trio Hokkaido tour day 1



Hey guys !  I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita !!


Now the biggest typhoon is coming to Japan.  And it got all flight on 10/12 to be cancelled .

We’re gonna fly on the day but we ended up to fly today . Early morning . I went to Haneda airport with the first train .

So our Hokkaido tour started today ! We’re in Monbetsu now.

But you know, it wasn’t planned at all. Then people in Hokkaido made an effort to book something for us  .  As a result we had two performances today .

This is the first venue called Monta No Yu.

There were only few people at first , but when we started to play , people around got interested in us.

And the drummer MiMi sang some Enka.

We all never had like this experience, but it was interesting !

When we have almost done our performance many people were seeing our show.

Thanks !!!




After  that , we had a performance at the another place called Holstein.

The boss of the bar was really beautiful and warm . Thanks for your sweetness.

MiMi played the electric drums but we were allowed to perform with enough  volume .

Getting comfortable to play with this member every single time.

I’m so excited with our rest of your !!!


See ya !




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