METAL MATSURI @ 02 Academy , Islington , London , England




Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita !!

This is my breakfast at the hotel .

I alway try to stay healthy especially when I’m on a tour . So I didn’t pick up any bread this time , but I saw many people have so many breads on their plate .

The  I was wondering how derizious it is . So I tried !


Wooooooooow it’s soooooo good !!

I might take it tomorrow too ♪



Today we performed at the metal festival called METAL MATSURI at 02 Academy Islington in London , England .

Today ‘ s setlist is all instrumental songs mostly from Rie’s new album .

Actually the sound checking for us  was quite short and we almost checked nothing … ; ( So we needed to check while we perform on the stage but it got better little bye little .

There were  Rie’s funs who came from Japan too !

We all played a lot of solo .  I really liked today’s my slap sound ; )!

Hope you guys enjoyed our performance !!

We really wanna come back to London soon ; ) !!!

See ya!!!



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