I became a endorser of Sadowsky .




Hey guy!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I’m happy to announce about this .

I became a endorser of Sadowsky !

One day, Okada International which is Japanese distributor of Sadowsky  was looking for a endorser for their new bass model called SLAP MASTER .

The bass guitar is focused on slapping , so they were looking for such a great slapper .

And I really appreciate for the great opportunity . And really thanks to Kayo-san who introduced me to them and showed some of my videos to them . She is also great bass guitar player .

To be honest, I was a little surprised because I like slapping as much as finger picking but   I didn’t mean I’m good at slapping , I didn’t know .

However if they think I’m a great slapper , it makes me  motivated a lot to slap !!

Well …  you know I was looking for something special on my bass play and always wondering what my strength is .

Feels like now I kinda understand that must  be slapping through  this SLAP MASTER . : ) !!!

So I’m so excited to build my career with this gear !!!

I recorded my solo album with this bass guitar too.

Please look forward to listening to it … ; )



See ya!!!!




【Juna Serita Schedule】

2019.9.16 (Mon)

BLUE MOOD @ Shiodome , Tokyo

Open : 18:30 / Start :19:30

予約3,500円 / 当日4,000円出演

Bass & Vocal : Juna Serita / Guitat & Vocal : Takeaki “ Takoyaki” Fukuoka / Keyboard & Vocal : Hideaki “De-Hi” Sugiura / Drum & Vocal : MiMi / Sax : Harumo Imai


TEL : 03-3549–6010



2019.10.26 @  Yokohama paradise cafe .




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  1. I had a custom Sadowsky four string with the Hipshot D-tuner, flame maple neck and fretboard and flame maple top with natural burst and active pickups. Loved that guitar but unfortunately it was stolen and never saw it again. Watching you rip up those bass lines on those Sadowsky four and five string basses makes me want to have Roger at least build me my original four string again. I miss it. Keep on jamming and slapping that bass, princess of funk!

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