Juna Serita Recording 3





Hey guys!! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today finally double bass came my home !!

It’s actually much bigger than I expected ! lol

But I’m so excited to play it !!

Now I’m stuck on somethings , but after I’ve done them I’ll play . Can’t wait to start my double bass career ; ) !


And afternoon  I had a recording of my vocal !

There are many things I got noticed . I know vocal is my weak point …. but I wanna sing my original songs by myself because it’s my expression of feelings. That’s why I’m trying to be good….

Anyway I really appreciate to the engineer Kato-san.

I asked some people to do vocal direction for me at the recording but nobody is available . I should have asked earlier .  I just tried my best and Kato-san gave me many advices  . How great he is.

I’m just excited to see how it goes …

See ya!!




【Juna new video】

【Juna Serita Schedule】

2019.9.16 (Mon)

BLUE MOOD @ Shiodome , Tokyo

Open : 18:30 / Start :19:30

予約3,500円 / 当日4,000円出演

Bass & Vocal : Juna Serita / Guitat & Vocal : Takeaki “ Takoyaki” Fukuoka / Keyboard & Vocal : Hideaki “De-Hi” Sugiura / Drum & Vocal : MiMi / Sax : Harumo Imai


TEL : 03-3549–6010



2019.10.26 @  Yokohama paradise cafe .




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