Tetsuo Sakurai solo sho @ Kanazawa ash





Hey guys! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today the interview of my hometown gig is appeared on  newspaper of Hokuriku Chunichi Shimbun ,

I appreciate  for their supporting . Thanks!!

If you take newspaper , please check it out ; ) !




And in the evening , I had performance at Tetsuo Sakurai (ex CASIOPEA) ‘s show as a guest musician

He is my bass master . I tool his lessons  for 4 years .

I learned not only how to play the bass guitar from him , but also many things .

Like how to walk , how to groove , how to  feel the rhythm , how necessary English is , how professional musicians do , etc…

After he performed alone , he played with another guest musician called Ken Asada .

Ken-san is also bass guitar player , and also my master !! lol

It’s kinda complicated . I was born and grown up in Ishikawa prefecture and I was here till graduation of high school . I took Ken-san’s bass lesson several times before the entrance  exam of music university .

After their performance , I and Tetsuo Sakurai performed together without backing track .  Only two bass guitars .

We played I WISH by Stevie Wonder.  We both love his songs . It was  such  a great moment .


And after our performance , we all played together !  From the left side on the pic, Juna  / Tetsuo / Ken .

We played Spain by Chick Corea with three bass guitars .

It was unique ! Lol

Someone play the bass line , someone play the cord , someone play the melody or solo etc …

I’m happy to play with my two bass master at a same time ! Lol


Today’s my costume is Tetsuo Sakurai’s original T-shirts !

It’s XS ; )   So cute , isn’t it ; ) ?


See ya !!!!!







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Juna Serita band @ Katamachi jealousguy




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



Today I had my own show at Jealousguy in Katamachi ,Kanazawa city , Ishikawa prefecture .

It’s the first time to have my own show in my hometown .

band member

bass & vocal : Juna Serita

guitar : Yosuke Higashi

sax : 193

drums : Kenshiro Hana


Since the last rehearsal till today , I can tell they prepared a lot . Obviously I felt comfortable to play the bass guitar much more than last time we played together .

I really appreciate for their passion .

As you know , I normally don’t come back to my hometown at all.   So I was not sure whether my old friends still remember me .lol

I was kinda surprised that they remember me and they care about me .

They said they always check on what I’m doing  through my SNS like twitter , instagram , blogs , etc..

I’m so grateful … Thank you all !!

My old friends , my ex band members , my musician friend , my bass master in my hometown , my fans who came see me from far place .

And my family .  My sister and mom also came see my performance .

This is the picture of after party .

Feels like I traveled into the time  I was  junior high school student . !! lol

It was so much fan .  You guys motivated me a lot .



See ya!!!






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TV shooting




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna  Serita!!



Today I was on TV show called “ Tonari No Terekin Chan “ of TV Kanazawa . 


I was there for promotion of this weekend’s shows . 

15th I’ll have my own show in Katamachi  jealousguy,

16th I’ll perform at my bass master Tetsuo Sakurai (ex CASIOPEIA )’s show in Kanazawa public bar ash.


I needed to finish in 30 seconds both talking and bass performance . lol


That was such  a fun moment ; ) !!


It’s on my instagram . Please check it out ; ) !!




See ya!!








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Healthy burrito




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


When I woke up this morning , I got shocked .

I checked my body and it looked much nicer than yesterday . I can tell.

I guess  my miller make my body looks thinner ,but even I know that , I am surprised .



This is yesterday’s picture at B-core Tokyo.

And this picture is this morning .

Well , you shouldn’t compare with legs because I think the miller can show it thinner probably .  What I want you to check is curves . You can see that I have curves this morning ,right ? XD

Wow just one day … and the time I worked out is only an hour . However I already can see the difference ♪♪yey yey


So today also I went to B-core Tokyo studio .

I have HUGE muscle pains on my whole body , so I took only stretch / relax classes .

The first class is teacher Yuma.

Feels like it’s kind of Yoga, I guess . (I’m not familiar with yoga tho)

I could stretch the muscles  which have pains. Comfy .


And the next lesson  was , we used balls .

We massage our body with this ball .

It’s actually really painful !!!!!!! lol    but also comfortable . My favorite was back . ; )

It was such a nice experience . I really enjoyed it .


After the programs , I was hungry .

I ordered burrito for lunch at the studio . They have coffee menu too ; ) !


This burrito is not normal . It’s produced by Erika Yamaguchi (the boss of the gym ) .  So not only delicious , but also great for our health .

It looked small but it made me full ; ) !! happy ~ ♪ I might order again soon ♡

You can taste it at B-core Tokyo ; )



You even can take the lesson with only 1,080 yen as trial .


See ya!!!






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B-core circuit training special





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I woke up at 7 AM and went to the gym “B-core studio Tokyo”. 

I’ve come here twice already but then I took only massages so far .

Today ’s  lesson is exactly WORKOUT !!!

I was actually not sure what kind of workout it is …

Yesterday Akabane-san (the therapist ) told me the program must be really hard for me .



Uhmnnn ………        




 Really ?   





 You know ….   I’m chubby , but I believe  I’m an athletic chubby lady  .  I used to learn Karate (7 years ) / basketball(3 years ) / baton twiling (4 years ) / hip hop dance (now and then ) / Kyudo (about two years ) / etc…

In fact, I still have muscles and I can move a lot . 

So I actually didn’t  take what she said to me so seriously . 

However ,there was information about each program . So I checked it out .


The page explains how hard program it is . Less fire mark means not hard , more relaxed or stretching .  Many fire means HARD !!!!

And today’s my program is “B-core circuit training special ”. So according to the page…..




…….WTF  !?



it was 5 fire . Which means it’s one of the hardest programs ; ( !!!!  

Oh…. okay ….  Now I can imagine  how hard it is .. And she was right . 

Today’s teacher is Kumi-san. She looks very fit !! 

The program started from stretching ,and moved to WORKOUT .

Yes….  it was absolutely hard for me …… ; ( 

But the teacher was also doing the same thing (actually she was doing with harder way than  ours  ) while she teaching .    How great ,isn’t she ?

After I finish one set ,I even couldn’t t afford to talk to somebody . Just tried to make my breath calm ….; (


For just an hour , we could train whole body .  That ‘s the point I am really surprised . 

Nowadays there are many gyms that people can go anytime , and they can workout with “their pace”.

I also have hit the gym like that and  always wished  to have muscle pain on the following day but it’s really hard to corner  myself  .  And it takes time . 

So I realized how fantastic B-core is .  It was just an hour but I’m pretty sure tomorrow I’ll have muscle pains on my whole body .

That’s DOPE….





Well.. I asked a stuff to take photo of me .

When I checked the pic , I noticed  I’m fatter in the pic  than I expected . ; (

I thought like ” man… Is that me ?  It’s not sexy at all!!  I shouldn’t upload this picture on my blog …”  . lol

I’m so fat in the pic, and I wanna hide .

but now I’m pretty sure I can be much sexier than now through B-core .



I have so much confidence that my body will be changed  .

That’s why  I uploaded the embarrassed photo too . lol





After B-core studio Tokyo, I had a bass lesson as a teacher .

The student gave me a slice of cheese cake !!!

wow it’s so yummmmmmy! I’m over the moon♡



At night I had performance at Giga Bar Tokyo .

Today’s member 

vocal : Mayu / Kenny 

guitar : Takeaki “Takoyaki” Fukuoka

keyboard : Harunobu Okubo

bass : Juna Serita

drums : Takeshi Endo 

Today’s set lit was kinda hard rock ! and some funk ; ) !

Actually next month my schedule is too hectic . I can’t come work to Giga frequency  .  I’ll miss Giga member perhaps . 

P.S.   Between B-core to Giga, I had bass lessons as a teacher .   The cheese cake given by a student was really nice ! yumyum ; )!

See ya!!






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Massage ..




Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita !!

This afternoon I went to B-core Tokyo studio for my body making .(‘cause I wanna have hour grass  figure 💋👙)

I arrived there a little bit early so still there  was another customer .

I enjoyed the green tea and snack while waiting for my turn.  Appreciate for their kindness ☆


Well, last time ( first time ) I experienced whole body massage .

It was kinda painful but also comfy . I do love it !

Today , I chose legs and boobs .

When I start dieting , the biggest  point that I gotta be careful is TO NOT LOSE BOOBS _φ( ̄ー ̄ )

You know … everyone has different type , but for me , just skinny with no boobs no butt is not attractive .

So I wanna lose fat on stomach,back , arms, legs . ( Actually thick legs are alright but NOT FAT anyway ) And keep the size of boobs and butt . That’s my target.

According to the therapist called Akabane-san , the fats on my stomach / back / arms can be moved to boobs .

Which means if you are fat or chubby , it’s the best chance to make hot hour grass figure !! You should take the massage first before you go crazy on a diet . ; )

Anyway you can check the gym named “B-core Tokyo Studio “if you are interested in it .





See ya !!


Mickie Yoshino (GODIEGO) with AGOLA band @ LDH Kitchen Tokyo Haneda





Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a dinner show at LDH Kitchen in Tokyo Haneda airport .

This restaurant is actually brand new.   Wide ,  clean and gorgeous .  I’m sure people will like here. 


The event is presented by AGOLA label  .   They have genius song writers , and talented singers . 

So when I perform with them , the songs always  make me almost cry .! lol 

The lyrics  , melody  , arrangement , voice, everything is so lovely !!!   That’s the reason I’d love to play with AGOLA people .

Appreciate for involving me . 

I’ll have two more shows here this month . 


・Haruka Kanata & Monique   on the 27 th 

Come up if you are around then ; ) ! 

See ya!!!




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Juna, Takashi , Sasammy @ Omusubi Jazz





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a gig at Akasaka Omusubi Jazz.

The member is


Bass&vocal : Juna Serita

Piano : Takashi Yoshida

Trombone&vocal : Sasammy



It was raining today but I appreciate the people who came see our performance.

I sang as main vocal

・  Good morning Heartache

・If I ain’t got you

・ Boogie Oogie Oogie

・ Taisetsu na kimi he (original song)


・Like a virgin

・route 66

・I’m ready



The rice ball I ordered was so nice . It’t sour , but a little bit sweet .

Until next time that I perform at Omusubi Jazz , I’ll try to learn new song ! Which should be the one nobody expects .lol


See ya!








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I have an announcement !!






Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I have an big announcement for you guys and ladies !!


Recently I’m getting chubby to be honest….

And I decided to do diet .

( Well, as you know , I’d love to have thick body . So diet doesn’t mean that  I will be skinny , don’t worry. lol )

So I joined B-core !!!

It’s B-core Tokyo Studio produced by Erika Yamaguchi  .

Do you know what B-Core is ?

There are some programs but all of them are focused  on  increasing body heat . That affects our body incredibly .

This is the Trolox Water that I got at the gym .

This is water , but it has a lift but taste . Kinda sweet . I do love it !


Anyway , I’ll report every single time when I hit to the gym !!

I’m so excited to change my body …💖


See ya!!!







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Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a performance at Tokyo City Keiba as ” Tokyo Twinkle Fanfare feat. TOKYO BRASS STYLE “!!

It was a nice weather to play outside.

TCK gave us a event T-sirts . So it ended up to be our stage costume !

Cute ; ) !


At night we performed on the stage again . I saw some people who are not into horse racing and they came here just for our performance. How sweet , aren’t they ?

We played 3 songs each stage .

When we perform at TCK, there is always a huge break between stages .

Like last time, I and the drummer and the keyboard player went to see a movie on a break . Enough time to go out .


So Today , I went to somewhere kinda special …….I’m gonna write about it on tomorrow ‘ s blog . ; )



See ya!!





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