Sho & Shingo @ Akasaka Cantina





Hey guys!! I’m   a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a gig of Show & Shingo at Akasaka Cantina.

Sho is a producer of Miho Noshita . I performed as a backup musician of her one day too ; )


And Shingo is also a guitar player and also working in a pedal company named VEMURAM. 

VEMURAM is the company which brought me to NAMM show 2017. It was my first visit of the US . And the experience  changed my life . I really appreciate them . Especially , I couldn’t understand English at all then . So Shingo always helped me . Like my hero !!! lol 


We played together several songs . Mostly blues , funk .

According to Shingo, he hasn’t played the guitar for a while because he was busy of work .

But his tone was awesome ! Difenetely he is a blues guitar player !!

Anyway thanks for involving me , that was so much fun .


See ya !!






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