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Hey guys!! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!!

This midday I left Ishikawa prefecture . While I was my parents home, we didn’t enough time to talk to each other .

I hope next time I can stay there a little longer and relaxed ; ) 

So I came back Tokyo and I had a gig at Omusubi Lounge ginza, Tokyo.

Today’s member 

vocal : Nagisa Kawamura 

bass vocal : Juna Serita

piano : Nozomi Iwashima 

trampet : kozikozi

It’s actually rare that there are over two musicians on the stage .

Here is kinda small bar so normally only vocalist and pianist perform . Feels like today is such a delax day .: )

Thanks for coming !

My next gig is day after tomorrow. TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI will have performance at Shibuya Terraplane .


See you there !






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