Mickie Yoshino (GODIEGO) with AGOLA band @ LDH Kitchen Tokyo Haneda





Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a dinner show at LDH Kitchen in Tokyo Haneda airport .

This restaurant is actually brand new.   Wide ,  clean and gorgeous .  I’m sure people will like here. 


The event is presented by AGOLA label  .   They have genius song writers , and talented singers . 

So when I perform with them , the songs always  make me almost cry .! lol 

The lyrics  , melody  , arrangement , voice, everything is so lovely !!!   That’s the reason I’d love to play with AGOLA people .

Appreciate for involving me . 

I’ll have two more shows here this month . 


・Haruka Kanata & Monique   on the 27 th 

Come up if you are around then ; ) ! 

See ya!!!




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