DTM lesson




Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita !!


Actually I started to take DTM lesson  .

Both I and the teacher use Logic x .


Today I learned from very basic setting , and how to record bass guitar , etc…

I learned DTM at the University too , but I can say now I understood more details at the details.



At night , I had performance at Giga Bar Tokyo .

The boss got a  watermelon from a customer.

And he shared with us.🍉❤️

It was so tasty ! The people who don’t like watermelon even said it’s great . Yum yum .

Today’s member

vocal : Mayu / Kenny

guitar : takoyaki

keyboard : Harunobu Okubo

bass : Juna Serita

drums : Yuki Hatano

Today I tried to do backing vocal too as much as possible .

The guitar player Takoyaki can do backing vocal almost all song on the list . 250 songs…? wow  Huge respect.


See ya!




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