I need more opportunities




Hey guys! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a performance at Giga Bar Tokyo


The member is

vocal : Yoshie

guitar : Fuku-chan

keyboard : Harunobu Okubo

bass : Juna Serita

drums : Takeshi Endo


Today was kinda slow . So  we did some rehearsal till people come in .

The vocalist Yoshie told me I should sing at Giga Bar too ! I really appreciate for her sweetness .

Normally there are over two vocalists at Giga Bar Tokyo , so  I thought I have no chance to sing here , just play the bass guitar because I’m hired as a bass guitar player .  But if I can sing here too, that would be great !

We did my vocal song rehearsal . After the audience came , I sang at the stage too.

If I don’t sing for a while, I easily forget how to sing… That’s why I’m trying to sing in public as often as possible . Thanks for the opportunity .

This year’s my target is “being a bass&vocalist “.   Letting people recognize I’m a bass& vocalist .   So I’m working on it ; )


See ya!!





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