SOS rock night @ Fabulous Guitars





Hey guys !!  I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a performance at  Fabulous Guitars.

The member is

vocal : Kenny

guitar : Isamu Hoda

bass : Juna Serita

keyboard : Harunobu Okubo

Drums :Tetsuya Hoshiyama


We played 70’s ~ 80’s rock songs.

set list

1.A.D. 1928/Rockin’ The Paradise

2.Make Up

3.Crazy little thing called love

4. Tonight I’ll be Staying Here With You

5.You Never Know

6.Free Bird

7.Led Boots

8.Hocus Pocus

9.Nessun Dorma

10.Doing All Right

11.Look At Yourself

12.Carry on wayward son


Thanks for coming everyone !!

It’s been a couple of years since I played with the drummer Hoshiyama-san.

He is an  amazing drummer but also entertainer!!


I actually didn’t know most songs . Good to learn .


See ya!!




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