Juna Serita & Hideaki Sugiura @ Ginza Omusubi Lounge



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita


Today I had a gig at the bar called Omusubi Lounge in Ginza, Tokyo!

Today’s my partner is Hideki “Dehi” Sugiura .

We often play together at a band, but it’s the first time to play just the two of us . Then I exactly realized how great he is !

The boss of the bar is actually guitar & vocalist ; )

He also sang a couple of songs ; )

Here I normally sing only cover songs but today I sang some of my original songs too !

My fans seemed satisfied ; ) Thanks for coming !

I ate curry there for dinner .  The curry has a big  chicken . yum

I’m gonna perform here one more time this month !


See ya!!







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