edwards bass guitar was nice



Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita !!

Today I went to try some bass guitars for my student who is going to buy his first bass guitar .

He wants 5 strings . And I played some stuff.

Edwards ‘ s 5 strings bass guitar is actually amazing !! I had no idea about this but it must be so useful .  He is still on the fence but anyway I hope he is going to find nice one that he can love for a long time.  : )


And today I had a performance at Giga Bar Tokyo.

From the beginning till the end , it was packed . Appreciate that.

We did total 4 sets . It was a busy day .


See ya!!






~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pick up event ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


*5月1日 Ba.Vo 芹田珠奈 & Pf.Vo.Ako & Vo.Tb. Sasammy@赤坂おむすびjazz

*5月8日Ba.Vo 芹田珠奈 & Pf.杉浦秀明 @銀座おむすびラウンジ


昼:宇都宮オリオンスクエア / 夜:INDULZ DREAM宇都宮

*5月14日TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI @赤坂クローフィッシュ

*5月20日 Ba.Vo 芹田珠奈 & 久保奈津実 @ 銀座おむすびラウンジ

*6月15日 Juna Serita凱旋ワンマンライブ@石川県片町ジェラスガイ

各詳細は SCHEDULE  からご確認ください。

Juna’s Bass Lesson !!



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