Yuru Jam @ Akasaka Jakaz




Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita !




Today I had a meeting with the producer of TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI !

He is the producer called Kaneko-san : )

He is the greatest person . Always being on my side . Feels like he is a part of my family .

I needed to talk to him about some things , like my future , my plan , and the band direction that I considered .

We had some different opinions too but now it got fit .

I’m so excited with TGJ’s future  ^_^☆




And at night , I was hosting a jam session called Yuru-jam in Akasaka Jakaz.

The host member

Guitar: Masahiro Higuchi

Bass : Juna Serita

Drums : Natsumi


Many musicians came to jam with us , thanks !!

I was not only a bass guitar player , but also vocalist .

My vocal song repertory is increasing; ) yey


The next yoru jam takes place in May 23rd but I’ll have another gig, so I need to skip … but I’ll be there in June again .

See ya!!





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