Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita !!



Today I had a performance of TOKYO BRASS STYLE for a party at Washington Hotel in Aidu, Fukushima .

The party is an enterence celemony of the company .

At the biginning of the party , they looked kinda nervous ,  but they got hot little by little!

I took the video for reviewing my performance , but it got deleted by an accident before I check it out …😱😱 I’m so shocked …

But I think the performance was nice because of this member !


And at night , I had a performance at Giga Bar  in Minami-Aoyama , Tokyo.

Today it was packed ! We played tons of songs .

We’re gonna go to Nagoya this week . I’m so excited with it ♪♪


See ya !!



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