TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI @ Yokohama Motion Blue



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI had a show at Yokohama Motion Blue .

The producer hired make-up artists for us ; )

I really appreciate for his sweetness  . We can perform with confidence because of the different looking with usual  : )

And we showed the audience  our new costume too ! ↑ Looks like summer : ) I played Donna Lee with this costume . lol

Anyway thanks for coming everyone !!!!!

We were actually worried whether how many people would come see our show . This is because the venue is great atmosphere but way expensive compared with general live music clubs . And also the location , it’s Yokohama. We had never had a show in Yokohama.  So we were a little afraid but when we got on the stage , we exactly saw how packed it is ! It was full . Thanks for supporting us !


TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI normally feature an vocalist so we don’t sing as a main  vocalist . However today I sang a song as a bass& vocalist !

The song is Boogie Woogie Woogie (The Taste Of Honey )

I do love that bass line . I wanna sing this song next gig too : )


TGJ played with many guest musicians .

The vocalist Tia from New York .

Thanks for the great performance !! We really enjoyed to perform as a backup musician of her .  Played both cover songs and her original songs.  When I saw a video  of her performance on SNS , I got so surprised !! I though “WTF!?This lady is badass !! I’m so proud of the fact she is Japanese !!!!!!” . When the producer was considering for the featuring vocalist , I recommended Tia because I really wanted to play with her ❤️!!


And the tap dancer MIU !

I don’t wanna believe she is still 18 years old .lol   I met her first time when she came to a jam session that I was hosting.  I had no idea what she do . But when she started to dance on a board with music , everyone got shocked ! How great she is. The member for this show (Motion Blue Yokohama) was already fixed then , but I couldn’t stop to offer her to play with us !! lol


And Harumo Imai!!

It’s the second time to play with her !! We well know that she is a killer sax player and fucking sexy !! We hope we will perform with her more often .


And Daichi Hamasaki!!

He also has played with as once . He normally play the drums for Japanese major artists but today he played as a percussionist . He leads us musically . Thanks !

That was a fun night .

With today’s member ; )


Our next gig is April 5th at Shibuya Terraplane !!

Please call the venue to book your seat soon because it’s a small music bar and seats are only 30 .

See ya!!

Photo by Shinji Tanaka


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Sunday Afternoon Show

~ Juna and The Sauce & ごさきりかこtrio 〜

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