Type O session @Shimokitazawa RPM


Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita !!


Tifay I was hosting a jam session at Shimokitazawa RPM with the keyboard player Ayu Kang and the drummer Rikako Suzuki.


it was terrible rain. Thanks for coming in spite of the weather.

I’m happy that I still can play with the drummer Rikako even though she quit Tokyo Brass Style .

Our play style is totally different , but I can learn something new from her .


In the end of month , my own band and Rikako’s band will have a gig together at the same venue Shimokitazawa RPM!!

Please come see me ; ) !!!!



See ya!!




〜pick up event 〜

3月24日 TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI @モーションブルー横浜

自由席 4,500 yen 税込/ BOX 18,000 + シートチャージ4,000yen

open_5:00pm / showtime_6:30pm

ご予約は こちら から!


 Juna and The Sauce @下北沢RPM

Sunday Afternoon Show

~ Juna and The Sauce & ごさきりかこtrio 〜

予約3,500yen / 当日4,000 yen

12:30 open 13:00 start




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