TOKYO BRASS STYLE @ Wakkanai Sogo Bunka Center


Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita !!!

Today TOKYO BRASS STYKE had a concert in Wakkanai !!

The drummer Rikako and the sax player Megumi , they will graduate from the band today … 😭 So it is the last chance to perform with them as band member .

Today’s set list was kinda agressive 😂

I played bass solo on 2 songs .

In the band , we all have solo parts .

When I hear other instruments solo, it makes me motivated a lot .

Feels like I gotta be great like them!

And we collaborated two songs with students too !!

They looked  a little bit nervous but they did great job !! I’m proud of them .

Thanks for coming everyone !!!


I hope I will come to Wakkanai again soon ..💕

See ya !!

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