Juna and The Sauce @ Shinjuku I Music Bar





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a gig of my own band called Juna and The Sauce at Shinjuku I MUSIC BAR.

This is the event of bass guitar players.


I performed 5 songs .

Actually it’s my first time to meet this  backup musicians!

The owner of the bar introduced them to me; )!!

I sent songs and chart just a week ago, but they did really great. I really appreciate.


1 The Princess of Funk

2 The Tiny Voice

3 Good morning heartache

4 Hanter

5 Lovin’ music

Except 3rd song, these are my original song ; ) !

Thanks for coming everyone !!

I’m so glad people say something good about my original song 😉

Because you know, it’s like my children. I made them. They are pretty . And I wanna proud of them.


At the encore , the 3 bass guitar players played together with chicken.

That was fun ; )


I hope I’m gonna have my own gig often this year .


See ya!!!

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