Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



Today I had a gig of TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI at TERRAPLANE in Shibuya,Tokyo.

It’s sold out, thanks everyone ; )!

Today ‘s featuring musician is a sax player Harumo Imai !!! She is badass !!!!

I feel sorry to the people who missed today’s show because Herumo was too AMAZING!!!!

I wanna let more people see her incredible performance .And I really wanna play with her more often!!

Today’s setlist


Round midnight

Run for cover

Loving You

Mercy Mercy Me



Feel like making Love

Let’s Stay Together

Pick Up The Pieces

What is hip

Our next gig is on March 24th at Motion Blue Yokohama.

TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI is playing with Harumo Imai and a gospel vocalist Tia from New York . I can smell it !!! Please book your schedule.



See ya!!!

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